What the others are saying about BSR’s Won’t-Fall-Out Earbuds


What DAKonians are saying about BSR’s Won’t Fall Out Earbuds


I source, customize and test each DAK product myself. It’s a rigorous strategy to make sure you always end up with a quality product that you’ll find useful in your everyday life. I’ll even see what the experts have to say on a subject to help me solve common tech frustrations that we have. Like when this academic research paper concluded that there’s no correlation between earbud performance and retail cost.

But it’s not about what the experts say. It’s not about what I think, either. What matters is your opinion.

Does it fit the need? Is it better than anything else around?  If it is, please let me know. It it’s not, tell me fast so I can reevaluate and make sure there are no other disappointed DAKonians. Testimonials don’t necessarily reflect the results of all users and the past experience of one customer doesn’t guarantee the results of the next. So, in short, let me know.
– Sol

Still the best earbuds I have ever had!

Ken L.
Frisco, TX


I have been an audiophile for over forty years. I bought these earbuds for the optional small-sized inserts and they are UN-FREAKIN’-BELIEVABLE!! I’m hearing details I never heard with other hi-end headphones!

Preston S.
Roslyn, NY


I love the earbuds. They fit so well and are so comfortable I hardly know that they’re there. The sound quality is really good too. 

Jane P.
Arcadia, CA


Very satisfied with earbud purchase. They arrived super quick and the quality is outstanding. Highly recommend these instead of paying the big bucks for an inferior product! 

Marcel B.
Jennings, FL


The headphones are great! There is something special about DAK’s in-ear headphones – bass, mids and highs, open, dynamic and extremely well balanced, with great clarity and the bass never gets distorted – the flaw in most in-ear headphones. Very sophisticated, highly recommended. 

John B.
York, Ontario


I recently got my BSR Earbuds and I am more than pleased! First thing I did was turn my volume down from 8 to 3, and then I noticed the lyrics to my music. For many years I missed a lot of the exact words the bands were singing. They are a good value!

Tom V.
Hillsboro, MO


I use wireless most of the time, for convenience, but none sound as good as the BSRs. I’m excited to use the BSRs every time I get the chance. They’re the only ones I use for critical listening.

Glenn M.
Lake Stevens, WA


Entirely satisfied, earbuds are wonderful. I use them to help me sleep and they do not ever fall out. The reception was also excellent. Received them promptly.

Gail B.
Clearwater, FL


I use the extra small earbuds for long periods of time without pain. The design of your product provides the sound quality bass which I really like hits that sweet spot. The gold connector a bonus. I had surgery on and in my ear due to an injury and have a shunt in my left ear canal with nerve damage hence the pain. I can dance, headbang, etc without them falling out. The price for the product way beyond my dreams. Keep it up!

Julia D.
San Antonio, TX

BSR’s Won’t Fall Out Earbuds


Earbuds really don’t have to cost a ton to deliver the very best sound. It’s more important that they fit securely in your ear so your music is perfectly aimed every time. Of course, BSR’s massive 13mm speaker transducers also help, but it’s the unique angled design that really makes BSR’s Won’t-Fall-Out Earbuds the absolute best value. You’ll experience your music the way you’re supposed to. Expect dramatic highs, deep, rich bass for a fraction of the price of “premium” brands.