DAK’s Carbon Fiber Record Brush Reviews

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See how DAKonians are reviewing DAK’s Carbon Fiber Record Brush-
It’s your opinion that counts, not mine!


I find and test each DAK product myself. And I often go to unnecessary extremes to test and prove my hypotheses, like putting my vinyl underneath an electron microscope. But, what really counts is: what do you think?

So does it fit the need? Is it better than anything else around?  If it is, please let me know. Otherwise, tell me fast so I can reevaluate and make sure there are no other disappointed DAKonians. Testimonials don’t necessarily reflect the results of all users and the past experience of one customer doesn’t guarantee the results of the next. So, in short, let me know.
– Sol

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I’ve used this brush for several years now. It works very well. For LPs that have been sitting for long periods of time collecting static, dust, even in the sleeves, the brush goes a long way toward cleaning up the disc. I have recordings of 40+ year old LPs that sound as if I just broke the seal on the LP and immediately recorded it. Highly recommended especially in conjunction with the DePopper app.

Robert B.
Jonesboro, GA

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Very happy with products and service. I purchased a DAK 2000 record cleaner. I have never been so impressed by such a simple little thing in my life, no really, I mean it. I have a lot of friends that still listen to vinyl and I have told them all about it and they are now buying them as well. Shipping was faster than I expected as well. I love you guys!

Andy M.
Mattesson, IL

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This is the absolute best vinyl brush on the market… This thing IS SCIENCE!!!!!!!! Thank you Dak!!!!

Paul S.
Fresno, CA

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Using the DAK brush along with anti-static cleaning products has created the best sound I’ve ever heard from my records!

William T.
Fort Collins, CO

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Product is great at cleaning records and eliminating static. LP’s sound better! Product shipped quickly and is exactly as described.

Jesse L.
Knoxville, TN

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I am assembling my old 33 1/3 records to sell to collectors. Your information on how to clean and care for them was extremely valuable. The microfiber brush is the perfect tool, Just great! The few records I used it on sound so good I just may keep them.

Lawrence B.
Rockville, MD

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I was surprised how a simple gadget could make the vinyls sound better. Previous record cleaners did not do as well. The service was very good and will recommend.

Vernon O.
Surprise, AZ

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I received my record brush. I was a little skeptical at first, so I pulled out a Jethro Tull album that was so full of pops and clicks that I couldn’t listen to it. I must say your product well exceeded my expectations. I t sounds like a brand new album. So now I am listening to my record collection and hearing things I never heard before. Thanks for a great product.

John D.
Newfoundland, PA

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The record cleaning brush I got from you is amazing. I’ll never use anything else again. Fantastic product.

James M.
Stratford, CT

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Anti-Static Carbon Fiber Record Brush


Don’t let dust, dirt and grime get in between you and your music. With over 1 million carbon fiber bristles on each record brush, you can finally get deep in to the groove to keep your records in top condition.
There’s a lot more to cleaning and removing static from your LPs than meets the naked eye.


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