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Forget Bluetooth speakers that only pair one at a time

Stream your favorite playlist from your PC or smartphone to two Bluetooth speakers at the same time. Now, you can take advantage of Bluetooth’s reliable, easy to use wireless functionality without compromising your music’s stereo imaging.

Hi, it’s Sol.

If you take your music seriously like I do, you know that stereo imaging is responsible for making it feel spacious, expansive and three dimensional. It breathes life and realism into your favorite songs.

High quality speaker components have something to do with it, too, but if you want to feel the depth of your favorite song vividly permeating throughout the room, you’ve got to have an accurate stereo image.

Too bad for us, Bluetooth speakers have been unable to produce a good stereo image, until now.

What’s Stereo Imaging?

A stereo image is the separation and interaction between audio channels across a stereo field created by two or more speakers.

The stereo image manipulates each sound source, whether voice or instrument, so that it occupies its own distinct space within the stereo field. Read on for an example.

It’s an illusion that works because of the way our brain interprets soundwaves coming into our left and right ears.

Your music is already mixed and designed to be heard in stereo sound. Test this out yourself with a pair of earbuds. Listen to a song you know well, and visualize the location of each sound relative to the others.

For example, you might picture a stage with, say, the bass and drums a bit to your left, backup vocals over to your far right, and the main vocals smack in the middle of the action. Try visualizing the stereo image for all your favorite songs. Audio engineers spend hours in the studio mixing a single song for stereo sound.

The problem with Bluetooth speakers is that both channels, left and right, are squished way too close together. The result is a narrow stereo field with poor stereo imaging.

Without that stereo image, the music all sounds flat and two dimensional.

And that’s what we’ve solved with DAK’s BuddyLink True Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker System. DAK’s BuddyLink for short. (The full name is a mouthful.)

We can now wirelessly widen the stereo field and add depth to our music, using familiar, easy to use Bluetooth technology.

Right Channel, Left Channel: The Catch 22 of Bluetooth Speakers

If you took a tour of the DAK sample room, you might be surprised by how many products simply never made it onto our website. Specifically, Bluetooth speakers. We’ve got tons of them. Various brands, shapes and sizes have been reviewed over the past five years, and, to be frank, I’ve never been impressed.

Here’s why none of them made the cut.

It wasn’t weak sound quality, because many Bluetooth speakers sounded impressive for their size. Loud, clear and bright. They even performed well according to our sound pressure level vs. frequency response testing equipment.

But listening to music in a controlled test lab is not the same as enjoying your music in the real world. The acoustics in a carpeted bedroom are not the same as in a tiled bathroom, and both are different from being out in the backyard.

Music is not a one-size-fits all. Even with the wireless, portable convenience that Bluetooth offers, which I really like a lot, I just couldn’t agree to sacrificing that stereo image. It’s too important to give up.

DAK’s BuddyLink dramatically improves the way you enjoy your music, because now we don’t need to give up the stereo image. Truth is, I think we have an unfair advantage.

With DAK’s BuddyLink you can fully customize your music’s stereo image. Tailor fit your music for your room’s acoustics, without any wires at all.

Without a good stereo image, your music sounds flat and lifeless.
You need to be able to close your eyes, and feel the musicians spread out across your room. That’s the stereo image you need.

We can boast all day about the BuddyLink’s dual 52mm magnetized speaker drivers that can push a combined 20 Watts of RMS sound, a 104mm built in metal plated passive radiator that plays lower frequencies like a subwoofer and enhanced digital sound processing software integrated into the circuitry for improved audio fidelity.

But that’s only half the story. Literally.

You score big with DAK’s BuddyLink Bluetooth Speaker because you can sync two of them together to create a wireless stereo pair. With two units paired together, you’ll get richer, fuller, more gratifying music than from a single $400 Bluetooth speaker.

I want you to try this improvement for yourself. I bet that you’ll agree with me.
More on that bet below.

Again, it’s all about having control over the stereo image. One Bluetooth speaker can’t do that alone. And raw volume won’t compensate for it, either.

DAK’s BuddyLink is the wireless Bluetooth breakthrough we’ve been waiting for.

It’s not about raw volume. Playing your music louder won’t make it sound more realistic. It’s about spreading your music out across the room. Widely dispersing the soundwaves, based on the needs of your particular listening environment.
You won’t believe how much more depth and 3D realism your music will have.

Now you have more control over your music, because you have control over the stereo image. Shape your music based on how it will sound best in your room of choice. You decide.

It’s a 100% wireless premium audio solution. No wires. No compromises.

Oh, and keep reading further down the page to see all the features of DAK’s BuddyLink, inluding the control panel’s heat activated LED Backlight.

Portable, Rechargeable… and a Happier Wife?

OK, so if you like having options as much as I do, you’ll love that DAK’s BuddyLink is just as comfortable sitting pretty on your bookshelf as it is being stuffed into a duffle bag for your next camping trip.

With 10 hours of playtime per charge, you’ll get plenty of use on the road before it’s time to recharge.

Oh, you know how particular I am about finding the room’s sweet spot so my music sounds precisely the way I want it.

Well since DAK’s BuddyLink is rechargeable, I can place both speakers where they sound best, not just wherever they reach the power outlet. It’s convenient.

My wife’s happier that the room stays wire free.
I’m happier that I don’t get complaints about how messy my wires look.

Even better, DAK’s BuddyLink has such a clean, modern feel that it’s become a show piece when we have company over. See how the conversation typically unfolds below.

Centerpiece Bluetooth Speakers

Be prepared for questions about how your cool new toy works.

My father in law uses his pair by the pool.
My cousin bought a pair for her new house.
My 14 year old nephew claims it’s his birthday today.

Truth is, I get a kick out of introducing friends to the latest and greatest.
I suppose that much is obvious…

So, friends and family alike, they’re all blown away by the BuddyLink’s performance.

Then they’ll ask something like:

“So you need to download an app?”

“It only works on WiFi?”

“How much do I owe you for the pair?”

No, no and $240.

You don’t need any special app.
Because it’s a standard Bluetooth connection, there’s no extra installation or setup that you need to do. It’s not WiFi. Simply pair your smartphone to your BuddyLink.

And since it isn’t WiFi, you really can take these anywhere and still get a stereo pair.

If portability, simplicity and versatility are important to you, you’ll be more satisfied using Bluetooth than WiFi. Now that we can create the stereo pair with two speakers, the advantage goes to Bluetooth.

Heat Activated Illuminated Control Panel

I’ll admit it. Maybe this wasn’t the most essential feature. But for the $3.15 it added to the cost, I think it’s worth it.

When you listen to your playlist in bed at night, sometimes you’ll want to reach over and soften the music a bit. Or change the input from Bluetooth to an Aux cable. It happens. You won’t need to turn on the lights, or fumble around guessing which button to press. You also won’t need to worry about a persisting and distracting backlight that won’t shut off.

Like I said, not the most important feature, but you’ll be happy the times you do use it.

Final Thoughts

If you love the wireless flexibility that Bluetooth gives you, but also want to make sure your music sounds its very best, every time, it’s time to upgrade.

DAK’s BuddyLink Bluetooth Speaker will impress you as a standalone speaker. Two of them synced into a stereo pair?

It’s in a league of its own.

And with my guarantee of free return shipping, it’s totally risk free for 30 days.
Nothing to lose, and a new era of Bluetooth audio to gain.


DAK’s BuddyLink has a speaker grill on both the front and back. That’s because it has a rear facing passive radiator. Like a built in subwoofer, low tones get a boost of clarity which makes your music sound richer and rounder.


Listen to your entire music library in complete stereo sound, without a single cable wire or plug. It’s all possible with a stereo pair of DAK’s Buddylink. You won’t find this combination of convenience + sound quality + value elsewhere. Guaranteed.


With a wider stereo field, you can enjoy your music at lower volumes, but still hear all the delicious details. You can spread them out over 30 feet away from each other, but I couldn’t fit them both in a picture that way.


DAK’s BuddyLink Bluetooth Speaker Specs:

Here are the tech specs for each speaker.

Wattage: 20 Watts RMS (10W*2 magnetized speaker drivers)

Freq. Response: 50Hz-22kHz
S/N Ratio: > 95dB

THD: < 0.5%

Rechargeable Battery Type: Li-ion
Battery Capacity: 4400mA
Playing time: ~10 hours per charge at full volume. ~18 hours at half volume.

Charging Voltage: 5V/1A

Integrated DSP Software

Bluetooth Version: CSR Bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth Range: ~50 feet

MaxxBass Technology

NFC Support

High Sensitivity Microphone for handsfree phone calls and Siri support.

Speaker Dimensions: 7.5″ x 2.4″ x 2.8″

Speaker Weight: 2.1 lbs.

Wall Charger and Charging Cable Included

3.5mm to 3.5mm Aux Stereo Cable Included

Stereo imaging adds depth and width to your music. Each sound seems to originate from a different area of the stereo field. Stereo imaging breaks your music free from the confined walls of the speaker box. OK, so I’m picky about which products do make it on to DAK. Sound is not one-size-fits-all, even though most Bluetooth speakers treat it that way.

We really do have an unfair advantage with DAK’s BuddyLink Bluetooth Speaker. Two speakers that automatically split your Bluetooth audio into Left and Right stereo channels will outclass a single Bluetooth speaker almost every time.

I don’t get complaints about messy wires anymore. And the sound really is that good.


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Using the DAK brush along with anti-static cleaning products has created the best sound I've ever heard from my records!
- William Thorne Fort Collins, CO
This is a surprise for my wife who has been chirping about no space on her phone and her cloud is full too. DAK to the rescue!
- P.O. Howell, MI
I thought you might want to hear about my first impressions of the BuddyLink Bluetooth Speaker System. In a word...Great! The online transaction was easy and shipping was fast. The speaker packaging was very good and the speakers themselves are sturdy little beasts! They feel like quality builds.
- Jim S.
I just set up my new DAK Buddy Bluetooth speakers and they are wonderful, great sound and work great with my IPad, thank you.
- Michael B.
I really like these stereo Bluetooth speakers. They are perfect for traveling away from home and still having great stereo sound. P.S. Sometimes they are a little complicated getting them to synch, but when they do synch, it is like having big speakers.
- Greg R.