DAKonian Review: BSR Earbuds vs. [Premium Brand X]

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*Spoiler Alert: Guess who won the DAKonian Review?

– OK, so we didn’t win this time with our BSR Earbuds. But I’m still sharing Ralph’s review because what I really wanted you to read is what he did, not about the fact that we didn’t win.

Oh, and I’ve substituted the $99 earbud brand name with [Brand X], I don’t want to get into a fight with them. Anyway, here’s Ralph.

Just got my BSR earbuds yesterday (order #133256949, Product Number: 3308) and I want to give you my honest evaluation.

I have a pair of [Brand X] earbuds that I’ve had for three years. Yes, they fall out now and then. Yes, you are correct that the sound and bass response is better if they fit IN to the ear! Just so you know, I didn’t want to buy the [Brand X] earbuds (at the encouragement of a friend) because I am not overly impressed by their speakers and systems and at 99 bucks I didn’t want to buy a name. The earbuds that came with my iPod were decent and I figured that was good enough. After all, how much difference could there be? Well, I was wrong. Just to make my friend leave me alone I tried hers and I was blown away. I bought mine the next day and have been happy with them ever since.

I lost one of the eartips, and was looking online to buy replacements when I ran across your site by accident. The BSR earbuds looked interesting, and I figured if I couldn’t find the [Brand X] eartips I would try the BSR earbuds at that great price. Well, I found the [Brand X] eartips and ordered them. Then on a whim, I ordered your BSR earbuds. I received both orders within a day of each other.

After A/B comparisons with my iPhone on various songs and genres, here is my opinion:

The BSR Earbuds are a fantastic buy for 19.95 plus shipping. They are louder than my [Brand X] and have to make volume adjustments when switching between the two. The bass is slightly more present than with the [Brand X] , and the [Brand X] has VERY good bass presence.

The overall clarity of the [Brand X] is better, but I only know that after doing the A/B test. With the [Brand X] , every nuance is clearer. The BSR not as much. To be fair, had I not had the [Brand X ] to compare with, I would have been marveling at the clarity of the BSR and in particular, the bass presence.

Without a doubt, the BSR is the best I have run across besides my [Brand X] and I am keeping them. My son has other various brands of earbuds and they don’t hold a candle to the BSR’s. I would say in the head to head comparison of sound quality (on a scale of zero to one hundred), I would rank the [Brand X] at 99 (since nothing is absolutely perfect) and the BSR at 98. They are that close! I haven’t tried seeing how well they stay in the ears as my main concern is the sound quality. I will assume they will stay put as advertised.

I will be recommending your BSR earbuds to others, especially some of my friends that refuse to pay the [Brand X] price. Bottom line: Dollar for dollar your BSR Earbuds cannot be beat, and darn near rival a brand that cost five times more.”


Thank you for your time.
Ralph M.
St. Clair, MO

I have been a DAK customer since the beginning. All the things I bought from DAK were state of the art and never disappointed. The Earbuds have no equal!

Ken C.
West Palm Beach, FL

The BSR earbuds are superior to any other buds I have used. The sound quality is wonderful and they are extremely comfortable.

Richard N.
Alpharetta, GA

Hey Sol,

Just wanted to add my two cents about those BSR earbuds. I had the standard iPhone earbuds and the sound was okay, but the damn things would not stay in my ears. When they started to fall apart, I bought a highly rated, and highly discounted replacement. The sound was better than the iPod earbuds, but the bass was so big that it hurt my ears. On top of that, the things would not stay in my ears, even with the smallest tips. So I got those BSR earbuds. They take a little getting used to as they are heavier than other buds. For the price, the sound is great. And what do you know, with the smallest tips, those things stay in my ears. I can chew, I can yawn, I can shake my head, and they stay in. Maybe they don’t sound like a $100 or $200 pair of earbuds, but I am not spending the money to find out. They sound good enough to me.

But, if you have any sway with the folks at BSR, I have two suggestions: that cable is a little long, so a clip would be nice. Also a volume control would be great. I’d pay the extra for those features.

-Name withheld by request, but on file