User Review: DAK’s Active Noise Canceling Earbuds

User Review: DAK’s Active Noise Canceling Earbuds

A fellow DAKonian sent me his opinion of his Active Noise Canceling Earbuds, and it was written in such an articulate-yet-comical way that I just had to share it with you. He’s asked me not to reveal his name, but not for the reason you’d think.

Here’s Name withheld by request, Somewhere, USA:


I have been using your BSR earbuds for several years.  I’ve bought two sets of them.  I’ve had to put one new male plug on the oldest set (not too difficult, there are good tutorials on YouTube), but other than that, no complaints.  I like the asymmetrical shape which enables one to find the correct bud for each ear in low-light conditions.  And the sound quality really is excellent.

When I saw the $99.95 noise-canceling earbuds, I was initially not in favor of buying.  Then, my dear mother-in-law announced a visit to our house.  She is one of those old gals with Restless Jaw Syndrome who talks 24-7.  OK, maybe not in her sleep.  But she is loud and strident and constantly endeavors to fill up the silence, while seldom saying anything worth hearing.  So, quite suddenly, I felt a need to order your new earbuds!  I received them on the second day of her visit, timing not too shabby.  You can bet that I immediately charged up my new buds and commenced to torture test them.

After a couple of days, I can report that the earbuds are best at canceling noises like hum, fans, appliances, and so forth.  These sounds really do disappear.  They are also good at canceling normal vocal levels; my wife was standing right next to me and speaking normally as I was watching a Netflix show on the iPad, and I was completely oblivious to her presence, until she waved her hand in front of my face.  Now, as to the mother-in-law prattle, which is a high-volume type of talking that comes from years of practice in making sure that everyone around can hear her.  While it is not completely masked, it is reduced to about 15% of its normal annoyance.  I can still faintly hear her going on and on and on during the quieter parts of the video or music, so, this version of noise-canceling technology isn’t perfect, but it is a great improvement, and well worth the premium price just in terms of my mental health.

And I have to admit, the fidelity of the shows and music I actually DO want to hear is really great, a few steps beyond the BSR buds.

If for some reason you wish to publish any portion of my review, go ahead, but please don’t mention my name or location.  Just credit it to “Name withheld by request, Somewhere, USA.”  Otherwise I could be in a heap of trouble.

Anyway, I just couldn’t help but share such a fun review!


What They’re Saying About
DAK’s Super 36dB Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds

  • I recently bought a set of your noise cancelling earbuds and was extremely impressed. The sound quality of these earbuds exceeds any other pair I have ever owned and the quality of the components far exceeds any of the others. They have nice thick wiring with sturdy connections. The noise cancelling performance was accurately reported in your write up as they eliminate background noise. I do not experience any hiss from the noise cancellation circuit. They have greatly increased my traveling enjoyment and seem to reduced the stress of being on a plane. I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for earbuds. Thanks for a great product.

    Author image

    Randall A.
    Kingsport, TN

  • I’ll compare and contrast with the B*** I previously had before I busted the connector when I dropped my iPad (I am a klutz).

    All the good:
    – I very much like the ANC capabilities, seem a bit more noise reduction than the B***.
    – Earbud shape is perfect for me, fits slightly better than the B***
    – Earbud material is a bit stiffer than the B***, I’ll pass judgement on that when I take my next trans-oceanic flight
    – Battery case is smaller and lighter than the B***

    – The frequency response is noticeably different than the B***. I can’t say better/worse yet, but the overall sound “color” is more brilliant on the DAK ones. Again, not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but it’s definitely noticeable.
    – Slightly less battery life. Only by a tad. Not a big deal.

    And finally, the major plus, factoring all the above in:
    -$200 less! How can you lose! I can bust another set and *still* be ahead of a B*** purchase!

    Author image

    CK H.
    Watsonville, CA

  • Hi Sol,

    I just received these and tried them out. They are awesome just like you said they would be.

    Author image

    Kenneth W.
    New Paltz, NY

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