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DAK’s Perfect Universal Countertop Smartphone Stand

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The most useful product you hadn’t realized you needed. Redefine hands-free.

DAK’s Perfect Universal Countertop Smartphone and Tablet Stand

If you watch Youtube and Netflix as much as I do, well, you may be an insomniac.

Kidding aside, that’s all I had in mind when prototyping this smartphone and tablet stand. Holding my phone up to my nose in the middle of the night is a fast track to cramped hands and carpal tunnel.
Well, I fixed that with my Perfect Universal Countertop Smartphone Stand. The sturdy aluminum base can support 1.1 pounds of weight, and the viewing angle can be adjusted from 1-35 degrees. Plus, the unique design won’t block your charging port whether your phone/tablet is vertical or horizontal. That feature was important to me.

But apparently, the stand way more versatile than that.

How this stand got its name

My wife and I have been trying this awful thing called, “no phones in the bedroom”. Don’t try this at home.

True, you’ll sleep better, but catching up on Game of Thrones will take much longer now.

This was before I decided the stand was “The Perfect Universal Countertop Stand”.
So I left it on the kitchen countertop, because it didn’t have much use to me anymore.

About three days later, I caught my wife using it while cooking dinner. She had a recipe up and the prototype hasn’t left my kitchen countertop since.

It’s rare that DAK develops a product that she really uses on the daily, but we’ve done it.

Your smartphone is sturdy, secure and most importantly, viewable while your hands are otherwise occupied.
FaceTime video chats are much more natural and enjoyable now. Just set the smartphone onto the stand and continue doing what you need to do.
It’s the new way we think about hands-free products.

And as for my flopped mini-TV idea?

I still use the Perfect Countertop Stand to read my news online during breakfast. So life’s good.

Put one of these in your office right by your computer monitor. You’ll enjoy feeling organized with having the auxiliary screen in a designated, accessible spot, without distracting you from what’s happening on your main screen.

Graphic designers love it, too

Funny thing is, when I gave the production sample to our graphic designer, he said how important it was for him to easily test his designs on a mobile screen. So there, it’s not just for couch potatoes. What started out as an idea for a bad habit turned into a real productivity solution powerhouse.

For $19.95 each, you’ll find it’s an easy investment that will quickly find its way into your daily routine.

Wait, you’re still here??
Go on and try it for yourself already!
You’re going to love it, guaranteed.


Kevin from Verona, PA
Shared the following images to show how he used our $19.95 tablet stand to create a computer workstation out of his iPad.
Thanks, Kevin! 😉


And from the back.


DAK’s Perfect Countertop Universal Smartphone Stand is strong and stable enough to support your iPad tablet, too!

Use it with your ddStudio Bluetooth Earbuds for the full cinematic hands-free experience! 😉


Using the DAK brush along with anti-static cleaning products has created the best sound I've ever heard from my records!
- William Thorne Fort Collins, CO
This is a surprise for my wife who has been chirping about no space on her phone and her cloud is full too. DAK to the rescue!
- P.O. Howell, MI