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Super 36dB Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds

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Tune out distracting, unwanted and downright irritating sounds with the flick of a switch.

Better than earplugs.
Better than noise isolating headphones.

DAK’s Super 36dB Active Noise Canceling Earbuds are much, much better at giving you your golden moment of silence.

It’s physics, but it feels more like magic.

Instead of just blocking out sound, they actively counteract the soundwaves that reach your ears, effectively canceling them out.

And if you’re musically inclined like me, you notice those ambient, background noises from machines and appliances. It’s not your favorite soundtrack, either.

You might commute every morning like I do on a crowded, rumbling subway. You arrive at the office to hear the loud construction work outside. You try to relax at home with a movie, but the neighbor is mowing his lawn right where you can hear it.

You never really can catch a break from all the noise.

So imagine my excitement when I tried out our Super 36dB Active Noise Canceling Earbuds for the first time flying home from Asia. And just my luck I was in the window seat right next to the wing.


The noise is so loud that you can talk to yourself aloud without your seatmate noticing.

Truth be told, I was even skeptical that active noise cancellation would be a vast improvement over BSR’s noise isolating earbuds. But as soon as we prepared to take off on this 16 hour sitting marathon, I flicked on the switch and…shhhh.

The world became still. It was beautiful. And I was blown away by how effective 36dB active noise cancellation can be.

Ironically, the silence was music to my ears.

Plus, the earbuds last up to 18 hours on a single charge, which was just what I needed.

What Is Active Noise cancellation?
Okay, so we know they’re great at canceling out ambient noise, but let’s quantify that so you really see what’s going on.

For perspective, a quiet library is 40 decibels.
Ordinary conversation happens at about 60 decibels (enough to get shushed in a library).

A lawn mower measures in at around 90 decibels.

A rock concert tops 110 decibels.

DAK’s Super 36dB Active Noise Canceling Earbuds can eliminate up to 36 decibels of continuous sound, so the 90dB lawn mower hum will sound quieter than a 60dB conversation.

They’re really effective, and WAY above the 23dB industry standard for active noise cancellation.

But here’s the catch: Active noice cancellation has a “sweet spot” for which frequencies it can best cancel out. Sound frequency, measured in Hertz (hz), is how we describe pitch.

For comparison, the general frequency range for a male voice is 100-900hz. The female voice typically ranges 320-3000hz

Our Super 36dB A.N.C. Earbuds eliminate lower pitched frequencies between 25-2000hz that are continuous. Discontinuous noise is harder for the earbuds to process.

The lawn mower is a good example, because like an airplane it’s a constant loud droning sound that’s below 500Hz, which is right in the sweet spot of DAK’s Super 36dB A.N.C. Earbuds.

That’s strictly noise cancellation, without playing your music. And that leads us to our discussion about auditory safety.


Active Noise Cancellation is Safer Than Drowning Out Noise
When you use noise isolating headphones and earbuds in a noisy environment, you might be tempted to turn up your music to drown out the external noise.

You’re competing with the background sounds, and that could be trouble for your hearing.

Ever try watching an inflight movie?
I could never really hear the movie over that roaring jet engine. I crank the volume up to max to drown out the noise, but of course that just gives me a headache.

DAK’s Super 36dB Active Noise Canceling Earbuds don’t compete with other sounds.

You aren’t masking or drowning out background noise, you’re simply canceling it out.

That means you can enjoy your music and movies at way lower, safer volumes.
Each earbud independently detects ambient noise with two onboard microphones. That’s a total of four microphones working for you.


Sound Quality Still Matters Most
With so much to say about active noise cancellation, I almost forgot to tell you about the real star of the show: sound quality.

You know how much we DAKonians are sticklers for sound quality, and our Super 36dB A.N.C. Earbuds are no exception.

I was surprised to hear a subtle vocal on Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody that I hadn’t ever heard before (at around 3:50 into the song), especially since I’ve known the song for most of my life.

You’ll love the warm bass and the well defined highs. It’s an additional benefit to the active noise cancellation circuitry. The extra amplification adds that extra “oomph” to your music.

The result is a clear and present soundstage.

Stay In Ear Webbed Comfort Cushions in S,M,L
Instead of penetrating deep into your ear canal, these earbud cushions use webbed earhooks to ensure all the sound waves (both your music AND the out-of-phase noise cancellation wave) are perfectly and precisely aimed to the right spot.

Precision is of utmost importance for active noise cancellation to work.

These webbed earhooks make our Super 36dB Active Noise Canceling Earbuds easier to wear for extended periods of time. It’s secured into place without putting pressure on your ears.

They may look funny, but I think you’ll agree that it’s a very comfortable fit.

Not just for jetsetters on airplanes:

Reduce all kinds of constant, droning noises from household appliances.

Trying to watch a movie while an appliance is running?

Knock down the ambient noises from:

  • Hair blowers
  • Washing machines
  • Fans
  • Air Conditioners
  • Vacuum cleaners


Easily Play/Pause your music, skip your tracks and change the volume without ever looking at your smartphone.

That’s also where the phone mic is hidden. Answer and hang up with the center button.

Make phone calls while you’re waiting by the flight gate.

You’ll be amazed at how much ambient airport noise is completely eliminated from your conversation.

Want to learn more about frequency?

Drew created a really informative tutorial about frequencies back in 2003. Check it out here

How loud is the plane cabin during your flight?

At cruising altitudes, in-flight cabin noise has been measured at 85 decibels.

On shorter flights, it’s an unwanted disturbance that just wears you out.

On longer flights, it’s causing irreversible damage to your hearing.

Your ears are sensitive organs, and even a little damage to your hearing is permanent.

Hearing loss is unfortunately cumulative, so any damage adds up and worsens over time.

So, protect your hearing!


See the two openings in the case?
Those are hidden microphones that detect ambient background noise, and send them for out-of-phase processing.


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Using the DAK brush along with anti-static cleaning products has created the best sound I've ever heard from my records!
- William Thorne Fort Collins, CO
This is a surprise for my wife who has been chirping about no space on her phone and her cloud is full too. DAK to the rescue!
- P.O. Howell, MI
I recently bought a set of your noise cancelling earbuds and was extremely impressed. The sound quality of these earbuds exceeds any other pair I have ever owned and the quality of the components far exceeds any of the others. They have nice thick wiring with sturdy connections. The noise cancelling performance was accurately reported in your write up as they eliminate background noise. I do not experience any hiss from the noise cancellation circuit. They have greatly increased my traveling enjoyment and seem to reduced the stress of being on a plane. I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for earbuds. Thanks for a great product.
- Randall V.
I wear them whenever I workout. Even when the fitness center has the radio turned up to loud, my earbuds cancel it out just enough so that I can hear just what I want to hear!
- Hosia T.