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High performance Bluetooth earbuds that play your music the way it was meant to be heard.

DAK’s ddStudio Dual Driver Bluetooth Earbuds: Overcoming the Challenges

The best earbuds aren’t about your earbuds at all.
It’s about enjoying your music for all it’s texture, depth and subtleties.
It’s about forgetting that you’re using earbuds.

What you want is to be fully immersed in your music with no outside distraction.

So when it comes to your earbuds, and particularly wireless Bluetooth earbuds, there’s a lot that other companies are getting wrong.

Here’s what gets in between you and your music:

  • -Bad fit. Earbuds that don’t fit right fall out and don’t aim your music into your auditory sweet-spot
  • -Reproducing dynamic frequency ranges with a 6-9 mm speaker driver
  • -Bluetooth codecs that compress your music

Dual Drivers, does it do anything?

Honestly, I thought it was a gimmick at first.

DAK was overdue to debut a fresh take on Bluetooth earbuds for way too long. But I immediately shot down just about every prototype and engineer’s sample that came across my desk.

Call me an audio snob, but I don’t give Bluetooth earbuds a pass just because they’re more convenient. If I can’t surround myself with the nuances and subtle textures in my music, then I’m not interested. Period.

So when our audio engineer, Helen, proposed these dual driver Bluetooth earbuds, I couldn’t even even pretend to be interested.
I’m smarter than that (so I thought…turns out I’m not).

Let’s cut to the chase, Helen. How does an extra speaker driver in each ear make my music sound better?

Before we answer that, we’ve got to talk about Bluetooth music for a minute.



All Bluetooth codecs compress your music.
But the best ones make it imperceptible and unnoticeacble.

Bluetooth Codecs and Audio Compression

Our digital music libraries are a heavily compressed shadow of the analog counterparts that most people don’t listen to anymore. But if you compare an mp3 track to the same song played on vinyl, you’ll likely notice the difference. You might say the digital version lacks an expansive, warm texture that’s present in the vinyl recording. True, you can find high quality 24 bit digital versions for many songs today, but not all of them.

On top of that, Bluetooth further compresses your audio so it can blast it wirelessly through the air at rapid speed in small data packets. That coding-decoding algorithm is aptly called a codec, and not all codecs are created the same. The best codecs are designed to preserve as much audio frequency as possible so that it’s virtually as good as CD quality. Regardless, even the best codecs are compressing your music. So by the time your digital music reaches your Bluetooth earbuds, it’s been taken apart and reassembled a few times. Yeah, it’s the same song alright, but it might not feel the same…think dull, flat and maybe a touch inorganic.

Ok, so back to Helen’s dual driver Bluetooth earbuds proposal and my previous question:
What do you gain by having an extra speaker driver in each ear?


Sound Signatures and Frequency Response

Different speaker drivers have different voices. That’s to say, they reproduce sound frequencies based on how they’re tuned. That’s what we call the speaker’s signature. Some speakers will emphasize the lower end of the frequency spectrum, giving you a warm, deep, bassy sound. Brighter speakers will emphasize the treble high end frequencies. Neutral signatures attempt to treat all frequencies the same, and let the audio’s original mix sing for itself. But every speaker you ever come across will be better at reproducing one frequency range over another. Think of it like a built in EQ preset for any speaker. That’s already a major clue as to the problem that Helen’s dual driver Bluetooth earbuds help solve.

DAK’s ddStudio Bluetooth Earbuds put the color back into your music.
Here’s how:


They’re not tuned identically

Remember how compressed Bluetooth audio can strip the textured richness out of your  music?

Well, DAK’s ddStudio Bluetooth Earbuds add the nuance back in. The secret isn’t that they’re dual driver earbuds. The secret is that each speaker driver is engineered to emphasize different frequencies of your music, each speaker has its own sweet spot. So when the two speaker drivers work together with complementing sound signatures to adds that full, well-rounded, 3D sound quality back into your favorite tracks. It’s remarkable, and you really do hear the difference.

It’s just like hifi speakers using woofers and tweeters to infuse your music with a higher degree of dynamic and realism. You need the specialized drivers. Imagine listening to a full length album using just a pair of subwoofers. Well then again, it sometimes seems that all the other brands care about is bass, so it wouldn’t be surprising!


Angled fit for sweet spot sound

And of course, a secure fit isn’t just about comfort, nor is it about earbuds not falling out of your ear. Great sounding music starts with the best fitting earbuds. We’ve discussed it previously in this blog post here. Main point is that you don’t need to get the most premium product to get premium sound. DAK’s ddStudio Bluetooth Earbuds seal into your ear for comfortable extended listening sessions that’ll put you right at center stage. It’s the angled aperture that lets us fit two beefy drivers into each earbud while still being comfortable enough to wear for hours on end.

Oh, and speaking about how comfortable they are. The jury is out on whether earhooks help keep a comfortable, secure seal or not. Personally, I’ve been listening extensively to these ddStudio Dual Driver Bluetooth Earbuds both with and without the earhooks. I don’t notice a significant improvement using the hooks, so I prefer to leave them off my earbuds.

But it’s a matter of taste (and ear size too, I suppose) so you get them included in the box either way. Your choice.



Phone and volume control

This is a standard feature today, but I’d be remiss not to let you know that you can pickup/hangup phone calls, skip tracks and adjust volume all from the built in remote.

Expect about 5-7 hours of continuous music playing time per charge. Personally, I’d like to see this get better in future versions.
Micro USB charging cable is included in the box.

All in all, I’ve gotta say that even as an audio purist, you can’t deny the convenience of going wireless. It’s just as easy to use as wired earbuds, maybe even easier.

When you power on and it auto-connects to the previously paired device. I’ll continue to use my wired BSR earbuds for critical listening, but I really do enjoy having the wireless Bluetooth option available to me.

Try ’em out. I think you’ll be impressed by the quality of build, comfort and most importantly, the depth of your music using DAK’s ddStudio Dual Driver Bluetooth Earbuds.
And as always, even if you disagree with me and aren’t convinced that these are the best Bluetooth Earbuds and not what you’re looking for, that’s OK. You’re covered with the 30 day money back guarantee.

Using the DAK brush along with anti-static cleaning products has created the best sound I've ever heard from my records!
- William Thorne Fort Collins, CO
This is a surprise for my wife who has been chirping about no space on her phone and her cloud is full too. DAK to the rescue!
- P.O. Howell, MI
I have several earphones and a great headset. I found this page on youtube and tested everything I own, including my car speakers via the Bluetooth. My DAK earphones came out on top. They out preformed even my Bose speakers. Have a great DAK, Sol, you nailed it.
- Joe H, Dubuque IA