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Analog Audio To USB Adapter Soundcard

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Below, I’ve shown you in pictures just what it all looks like so you can see it for yourself. And you can add this Audio USB adapter for just $39 along to our LPs and Cassettes to CD and MP3 system and you’ll be all set to make your flawless digital copies of your records and tapes.

How To Use DAK’s Analog Audio to USB Adapter With Your Laptop Computer

Here’s the Problem:

DAK Audio to USB

Most laptop PCs don’t have a line in jack. If yours is like mine and most others, you’ll have two jacks like these I’m showing you above.
Arrow 1- This is a Mic Jack. It’s mono and the wrong impedance.
Arrow 2- This is a headphone jack. It’s an output, not an input.

Here’s the Solution:

This is your USB PRO audio adapter. Just plug it into your USB jack and you’ll instantly have a great stereo Line In jack. That’s all it does. It’s actually an external sound card. It gives you a Line In Jack so you can use your laptop or Mac just like a desktop. There’s no special software or anything you need to do as long as you are running Windows XP and newer (we’re up to Windows 10 now) or Mac OS X 10.7 and newer. Just plug it in and it will become your computer’s sound card until you unplug it.

Once You Have The Adapter, Here’s What You’ll Do

1. Just Plug It In

DAK Audio to USB

Yep. That’s it. As long as you are running Windows 10, Win 8, Win 7, Vista, Windows XP, or Mac OS X 10.7 and later, there’s nothing to do. Just plug it in and your computer will automatically recognize it because it’s plug and play. Here I’m plugging it into one of my USB Ports. And remember, unplug it and your computer goes back to its own sound card instantly. There’s nothing you ever have to worry about.

2. Just Plug It In

DAK Audio to USBDAK Audio to USB

Here are the 2 standard Left/Right Channel RCA Plugs (Top) that you’ll find at the end of the USB adapter’s cable. Just plug them into DAK’s PC Mixer Interface’s Sound Card Out Jacks (Bottom).

That’s it, you’re hooked up.

It’s just this easy to do. And you’ll be recording all your LPs, 45s, 78s and cassettes in no time at all. Just wait till you convert them all to MP3s and can take your music with you wherever you go.


Note: Whenever you unplug DAK’s PRO USB Audio Adapter, your PC will instantly and completely return to its normal state as if DAK’s sound card had never been plugged in. So it’s totally hassle free.

You’ll get the same great sound. You’ll make Wave Files to burn to CDs or MP3 files to take with you in your iPod or another MP3 player.

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Using the DAK brush along with anti-static cleaning products has created the best sound I've ever heard from my records!
- William Thorne Fort Collins, CO
This is a surprise for my wife who has been chirping about no space on her phone and her cloud is full too. DAK to the rescue!
- P.O. Howell, MI
Received the Audio To USB Notebook Adapter Solution on 10/16. Connected my turntable to the interface mixer and the mixer to this USB adapter. I've been recording by taking the output of my receiver to the MIC in on my laptop. I thought the recordings were good. After recording with the Line In last night and comparing the two WAV files, what a difference. This new device made all the difference in the world, PLUS I can now hear what I'm recording by using the Headphone jack on the mixer. With this new device, along with the Turntable, Wave Editor & Click & Pop software, I'm having a ball recording my old LPs & 45s. Will try recording from cassettes next. You guys put out great equipment & software. Thanks for your quick response on all my orders. I will continue to check for other software & hardware devices in the future.
- Barry D.