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The Story So Far: The End of Internet Recording?
Conspiracy theories are all around. But, whatever it is, lots of PC users have reported that they can no longer record any audio playing through their PC’s soundcard.

Now we can no longer record the great digital music that we listen to on the Internet. Now we can’t record podcasts, speeches, how-tos and so much that as PC owners we’ve learned to depend on.

Recording from the Internet used to be easy, and one of our favorite things about the Internet. And, it was one of the best ways to add to your music collection and grab those songs you love.

And music lovers everywhere have had angry reactions. Check the Internet. Just do a Google search for “missing stereo mix, wave out mix or What U Hear on Windows 7”

But regardless of what the real reason is, and honestly, we’ve been unable to find out, most music lovers like you and me are being prevented from recording what we listen to on the Internet.

Why punish all of us for the occasional sins of the few?
With Win 98 and Win XP, we could record just about everything we heard.

But now, if we are using PCs running Windows 7, Win 8 or Windows 10 we are locked out, prevented and many of us feel cheated, because the What U Hear, Stereo Mix and Wave Out functionality of our sounds cards is, well, mysteriously missing.

Are we all being punished for the occasional, or perceived occasional, sins of a few?

Frankly, for the past 5 years, the problem has seemed insurmountable. After all, with Windows XP and even 98, virtually every PC could record from the Internet.

And we all loved it, used it and frankly it was often a major reason to even have the Internet. But with Vista, it started to disappear and since Win 7, it’s just about totally gone for everyone and nobody I know knows why.

Well here at DAK, we won’t let being locked out, cheated out of, prevented from recording our music, stand. 

Our clever programmers have looked again and again and over again at how to capture the music stream without access to Stereo Mix, Wave Out Mix or What U Hear.  

Being smart and incredibly persistent (He who’s on the treadmill last, wins), they observed that Windows Media Player picked up the audio stream and played it. Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome all picked up the stream and played it. So, it had to be there.

And while none of these players recorded it, they figured that if the stream was there to play, why couldn’t it be recorded?

Plus, we did find a risky trick of using a few old XP sound card drivers that sort of played the stream with Win 10, but often didn’t work for the rest of the PC’s sound.

Finally, Problem Solved: Don’t Be Cheated Out of Your Music

We’d found the loophole. We still don’t know if there’s a conspiracy against recording or if there’s pressure from the RIAA, Microsoft, Pandora or Spotify. And we don’t know if someone’s going to knock on our door and order us to stop.

But we did find, connect to and harness the digital audio stream so now you can grab the pure incredibly clear 100% digital sound streaming into your Windows Vista, Win 7 and Win 8 PCs and record it to WAV, MP3, WMA or OGG. Now again, you can grab every song, every speech, every podcast. In short, anything you hear.

And, like I said, unless and until the Men In Black, or some other mysterious government agency shows up on our doorstep, we’re going to supply DAK’s all new problem solving breakthrough Forbidden Song Grabber Recorder so you can record anything you like, whenever you like, live from the Internet.

Of course, if it’s illegal to copy any particular program or song, don’t, but if it’s legal, why all the mystery?

Why can’t we do it? And who’s caused this problem, that’s taken us years to solve? We don’t believe in illegal recording.

But, for the few people who would record things that may be illegal to record, why punish all of us? Why don’t they protect just what needs protecting instead of punishing all of us all the time.

Easier Internet Recording Than Ever Before. Let’s explore just how easy it is to record anything you hear live from the Internet. The truth is, that with DAK’s all new breakthrough Forbidden Song Grabber Recorder, it’s much easier to record from the Internet than it ever was before.

Everything you need to record is coded into the Forbidden Recorder for you. You don’t need to find Stereo Mix, Wave Out, What U Hear, or anything. Just click record and you’re recording. You don’t need to find your sound card. You don’t need to set your sound card. There’s nothing for you to check to see if your PC has, nothing you need to do. It really is the easiest Internet recording ever.

OK, So How Does It Work? The Best Part:
DAK’s Forbidden Song Grabber Recorder is the easiest recorder ever. Forget opening your sound card interface. Forget setting your sound card for Stereo Mix, Wave Out Mix or What U Hear. In fact, forget your sound card completely. There’s nothing that you need to do and the recording is actually accomplished within the Forbidden Song Grabber program itself. So, no input is selected at all.

Whatever is playing on your PC will be recorded. It can be the Internet, a Player like iTunes, it can be just about any other player. It can be a microphone. It can be Line In. In short. There’s nothing you need to do at all.

What about setting your volume?
Forget volume controls too. With stereo mix and What U Hear, you had to turn up your PC’s speakers and any adjustment would adversely affect the recording. Well, with DAK’s Forbidden Song Grabber, there’s no volume control at all.

The volume that you set for your player or whatever is playing, is the same volume that you use for recording. So, you can mute the speakers, you can turn them louder or softer. It doesn’t matter at all. If you want to change the volume change it on the player or in the Windows mixer in Win 7 and 8 that gives you a separate slider for each application. No more hassles when the phone rings. No more loud volume to your speakers needed. The Forbidden Song Grabber does it all.

  1. Where do you want to store your recordings?You simply select any folder on your PC. I like to make one called Internet Recordings, but you can save your recordings anywhere you choose, even your desktop, music folder, or even the C: drive, or any USB extension drive.
  2. What do you call your recordings?This is great. By default, the Forbidden Recorder saves each file with the date and a unique number. So you can save 1 or 1000 files and there’s never a problem identifying them or overwriting them.Plus, when you save a file, you have the option to use the default date and number, or you can name the file anything you like. A quick popup interface lets you choose.
  3. Can you add MP3 Tags? Sure when you click save, you have the option right then if you’re saving in MP3 to add all the tags including adding an image. Or add nothing. It’s all up to you.
  4. What kind of files can you save? It’s up to you. You can save WAV, MP3, OGG or WMA files. By default, DAK’s Forbidden Song Grabber saves MP3 files at 128Kbps. But you have complete control of both the format and the quality of what you save.For example, in MP3, you can save at 64kbps (Medium), 128kbps (Standard), 192kbps (Extreme) or 320kbps (Insane). And, it’s the same for the other formats too. But mostly you’ll use the defaults for whichever format you like.And that’s really all you need to know to make flawless sounding digital recordings of anything you hear on the Internet or any other source into your PC. It took 3 years to find the loophole. But once we did, it’s easy as pie for you from now on.

It Comes In 2 Flavors
We’ve created the Forbidden Song Grabber in 2 flavors to suit your needs. If you simply don’t want to be cheated out of your music, phone numbers, URLs, speeches and interviews, The Forbidden Song Grabber is what you need.

It’s super small. You can simply choose Wav, MP3, OGG or WMA and you’re all set. By default it saves in MP3 at 128kbps. But you can change that whenever you like. Just hit Record when you want to record and stop when you want to save what you’ve been recording. It couldn’t be easier to use. And it’s just $12.95.

To Wrap It Up
Don’t be cheated out of the ability to record songs you love from the Internet, plus phone numbers, URLs, interviews, and so much more. You could do it in Win 98 and Win XP; how frustrating it’s been to lose your ability to record when you get a new PC with Win 7 or Win 8. Don’t be locked out of your ability to record your music any more.

DAK’s Forbidden Song Grabber PRO adds our I Wish Recorder Technology to the recorder. You can turn it on so it’s recording all the time. If you hear a song, a phone number a URL that you want to save, just hit the “Save Selected Duration” Button and it will save your choice of 1, 3, 5, 10 or since you hit record.

The PRO version gives you the power to just save the selected amount. Or if you hit the Stop button, like the Basic Song Grabber, you can save everything that’s been recorded since you hit record. So, you have 2 choices of how much you are saving. You have all the same capabilities of the basic program. The PRO version is just $16.95.

No Stereo Mix? No What-U-Hear? Forget Them. They’re Not Needed:
Stereo Mix, Wave Out Mix and What U Hear are gone in Win 7 and Win 8.

DAK’s new Forbidden Song Grabber gives you back the power, like you had in 98 and XP, to record anything you hear on the Internet, from any music Player like iTunes or any input on your PC.

Don’t be cheated, frustrated, and locked out of your recording capability on your new PCs.

It may look like an ordinary recorder, but, conspiracy or not, it penetrates the Win 7, 8 and Win 10 loophole and gives you back the recording power you had in Win 98 and XP. Your sound card is bypassed and you’ve got music again.

DAK’s PRO Forbidden Song Recorder adds DAK’s I Wish Recorder Functionality. You can record everything since you started recording, or just choose the last 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, or the last 10 minutes.

It’s an awesome capability that lets you save just the songs, telephone numbers, URLs, or interviews that you’ve been listening to.

Don’t be locked out. Finally after 3 years of work, we’ve given you back your ability to record live from the Internet, or anywhere else.

Click “Toggle” and this powerful conspiracy breaker takes up just a small amount of real estate on your desktop.

Click the “-“ and all you’ll see is the icon on your taskbar as you unlock the frustrating lack of Internet recording capability you get in Win 7, 8, and 10. The good times roll again.

Windows 10 has lots of neat new things you’ll love. Too bad it’s taken us 3 years to break the locked-out Internet Recording. Now you can upgrade to a new PC and keep all the recording capabilities you’ve come to love.

Don’t be locked out. Here are some recordings I’ve made. It’s great to grab the songs we want again.

Using the DAK brush along with anti-static cleaning products has created the best sound I've ever heard from my records!
- William Thorne Fort Collins, CO
This is a surprise for my wife who has been chirping about no space on her phone and her cloud is full too. DAK to the rescue!
- P.O. Howell, MI