APR. 3 2020

Save more than half the time, definitely more than half the effort
and save even more than half the price too.

You can be listening to your newly converted LPs & cassettes
in less than an hour from right now.

Nothing to ship—You already own all the equipment.

Let me explain.

When you bought your LP and cassettes to CD & MP3 system maybe you were working or traveling and didn’t have time to copy your LPs and cassettes.

Maybe you only had time to copy your very favorites because of the time and effort it took.

Well, you already own all the hardware you need.

So there’s nothing to ship. But when we introduced the Audio Workshop for Windows 7 thru 10 (and a Mac version too), it was a sea-change in conversion process.

Now it took minutes where it took hours. Now it was almost effortless. Now you don’t have to sit at your PC as it copies. And with just a little touchup on the tracks (Most are 100%, but honestly occasionally you might need to drag a cursor, which is all you do to set a track.)

It’s so easy

And this isn’t some sort of advertising gimmick. This isn’t a limited time you need to order today to save more than half. As a DAKonian stuck at home, I’ll keep this open until we are all released from lock-down.

What prompted this?

Well, I was reading an article about how important music is to humans (yes that’s us) and how it can really make us happy. And can’t we all use that right now?

So I thought, what about everyone who had the system, but hadn’t ever finished saving their music, and this email is the result. We’re all in this together.

If there’s anything I can do to help get your music going, just ask. We can’t leave our houses either.