3 Must Haves for your Remote Workstation Setup

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#1. DAK’s Universal Smartphone and Tablet Stand

So Simple
But So Useful

Whether you’re holding virtual meetings, Facetiming with your family, or just obsessively checking your phone for updates minute by minute (…I’m guilty of that), using our Smartphone Stand is a critical step one to any remote workstation. You’ll quickly realize how valuable it is to prop up your smartphone as an auxiliary screen to your main desktop or laptop.

Bonus— it even holds your Kindle tablet nicely if you plan on reading a whole bunch.

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#2. DAK’s ddStudio Dual Driver Earbuds

Incredible Audio
Easier Phone Calls

Same as above—Any form of video communication is greatly enhanced with a set of Bluetooth Earbuds. When a call comes in, your music will auto-pause when you answer it and auto-resume when you hang up. And the privacy afforded by earbuds sure beats the built-in phone speaker.

Oh, and your music will actually sound great! 😉

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#3 DAK’s OctoGrip Wireless Charging Powerbank

Keep Up With Today’s
Heavy Power Demands

All that video chat takes a toll on your device’s battery life. You can keep it plugged in, but it simply isn’t nearly as convenient as a powerbank when you’re getting up to take your lunch break. And no powerbank is as convenient as DAK’s OctoGrip Wireless Charging Powerbank. Keep this slim profile suctioned onto the back of your smartphone and you’ll hardly notice it’s there.

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