Goldilocks Power Bank

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Goldilocks Power Bank

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You get at least two full charges on your smartphone, while continuing to use it normally. (15% battery life charged to 100% is a full charge.)


And of course it comes with DAK’s Satisfaction Guarantee. 30 days to try it out, risk free. You don’t like it, you don’t keep it. And you’re covered with a full 1 year warranty.


Included in the box is a USB charging cable. It’s about 3 inches long.


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Remember that time your phone battery just died out at the worst possible time?

How about that time you planned on charging up at the airport, only to find that the only two outlets were occupied by other people?

You can’t always be near an electrical outlet, so it’s smart to always keep some extra power up your sleeve. Or in your back pocket.

For that, you need a power bank. It’s a universal external backup battery to charge any USB powered device.

Here’s the problem: a single search brings up thousands of universal external backup batteries. Forget colors, shapes and sizes. You’ll see all different kinds of rated storage capacities and voltage specifications.

It’s confusing and it’s time consuming, even for geeks like me.

So instead of doing all your own research and guesswork on battery power bank specifications, you can just read about my experience and learn what you’ll love about the Goldilocks Power Bank.

It’s no secret that Lithium based batteries don’t age well. Your smartphone’s battery life just gets worse and worse as the days go by.

So how much power do you need to keep your devices going through the day?

I experimented with power banks that only gave me a half of a single charge, and I experimented with power banks that have so much juice they could practically jumpstart your car.

If you’re a moderate to heavy phone user, then you’re like me.
Several text message conversations, a phone call or two, casual internet browsing and weather checking. And also some coffee break game playing.

My phone is almost two years old, so my battery won’t last more than four hours with that kind of use.

An extra two charges is perfect for getting me through the day without worrying about a power source. You can read your ebook on the train ride home without any low battery warnings. Use your smartphone’s GPS navigation and still have extra battery life for the way home. You really shouldn’t need more than that in a single day.

I even use it to watch Netflix movies in bed. It’s much more enjoyable when my iPad isn’t tethered to the wall.

That’s why it’s called the Goldilocks Power Bank:
Not too much power, not too little, but just the right amount for daily use.

Our Goldilocks Power Bank is built to handle some rough and tumble play.

Toss it into the car or your backpack. Its ridged plastic shell won’t scratch as easily as other aluminum type finishes.

Just don’t drop it off a cliff. Someone could get hurt that way.

Goldilocks Powerbank


You get two USB output ports on your Goldilocks Power Bank, so you can recharge 2 devices at the same time.

One output sends a 2 Amp charge and the other sends a 1 Amp charge.
You’ll use the 2A output for devices with higher energy consumption, like your tablet or smartphone, because it’ll charge it up quicker than the 1A. The 1A output is great for lower consumption devices, like your DAK Cam or your Bluetooth to Stereo Upgrade.

The only downside of charging two devices at once is that it’ll take longer to completely charge your devices. They’ll both charge fine, it just isn’t as fast.


Goldilocks Powerbank

What’s mAh? Should you care?

Well, what you really care about is charging up your equipment.

A battery’s mAh rating tells us how much energy a battery stores for consumption before needing a recharge.

It stands for milliamp hours.

As a general rule:

More mAh= longer battery life

But the reason why you shouldn’t run out and buy the highst rated mAh you find is because:

More mAh= longer charging time

And you won’t always have the time to fully recharge a massive battery, so you’ll ultimately wear out the battery faster by charging it more frequently.

That’s why it’s called the Goldilocks Power Bank.

At 8,000 mAh, it’ll fully charge overnight (needs about 6 hours), and it’ll keep your devices powered up all day long.

Goldilocks PowerbankYou also get a built in flash light. It isn’t the brightest, but it has an SOS mode. I hope you’ll never need to use it. Amen.