BIG and BOLD Keyboard

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BIG and BOLD Keyboard

0 out of 5

Main Features

  • The USB cable connection gives you full Windows compatibility, even for Windows 10.
  • 5 foot long cable is perfect for most desktop setups.
  • *Not for MAC Computers, Windows Only


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My dad stares down at the keyboard as his index fingers float around searching for each letter. He’s been using computers for fifteen years, why is he still so unfamiliar with the keyboard? It’s not his fault. It’s his eyesight that’s the problem. For me, just a quick glance and the occasional peek is enough to know I’m typing accurately. But for dad, well, the keyboard letters are too small for his eyes to process quickly. It takes him longer to read the letter on each key. Every moment of eye strain adds up and really slows down his typing. That’s where this keyboard shines out from the rest of the pack. Literally.

If you’re like my dad and have trouble making out the keyboard letters, you’ll love typing on this keyboard. The big, bold, black lettering that contrast sharply against bright yellow keys will dramatically improve your typing experience. You’ll even be able to continue working in low light environments.

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