7 Reasons Why Music Lovers are Upgrading to BSR Earbuds

When it comes to choosing earbuds, you’ve got options. From $500+ for the biggest brand names down to $4.99 cheapies on the supermarket checkout line, the selection can be overwhelming, especially if you care about sound quality.
So what makes BSR Earbuds stand out from the rest of ‘em, and why do audiophiles keep coming back for more?

Read on to learn the top 7 reasons why music lovers are ditching their old earbuds and upgrading to BSR Earbuds.

1. Their design is optimized to make your music sound great.

BSR Earbuds house massive 13mm precision speaker drivers so that no frequencies get left behind. It’s a difference you can really hear. But there’s more to this story than size alone. Next, see the secret to the best sounding music.

2. They’re engineered to fit better and stay put in your ear.

The best fitting earbuds create a seal so that your tunes don’t leak out of your ears. The audio is aimed just right giving you the maximum depth, detail and clarity out of your music. The included four cushion sizes aren’t just for a comfortable fit, they’re the secret to getting the best sound.

3. They have a won’t fall out of your ears guarantee.

If you have trouble keeping earbuds in your ears (like I did- I thought my ears were the smallest in the world), you’ll appreciate the won’t fall out guarantee. Isn’t love at first sight? You get a full refund with no return required. The BSR Earbuds really are that good.

4. New customers are impressed

Maybe it’s the affordable price tag, but new customers are shocked by just how well they perform. Check out the comments on the right to see what I mean.

One customer went so far to measure his BSR Earbuds side by side against a premium brand that costs 5x as much as the BSRs. (See his results here)

5. Research can’t find a correlation between sound quality and retail price.

Surprising but true. A 2017 study published in The Journal of Acoustical Society of America concluded that there’s no connection between how good headphones and earbuds sound and how much we pay to own them. Kudos to the genius marketing teams behind all the premium brands.

6. They’re under $20.

At $19.95 for a guaranteed improvement, it’s a no brainer. Still think “they can’t be that good for that price”

7. Time to upgrade your listening experience


If you made it to #7, you need a better earbuds experience. You might be fine with the ones you already use, but you could be enjoying your music a whole lot more with BSR Earbuds.