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Ringtones From Your LPs, Cassettes & CDs Too
Drew's Tutorial.
Turn Your Converted LPs, Cassettes & CDs Too Into MP3 Ringtones.
Plus Use Your 169 Sound Effects Into MP3 Ringtones Too.

(Main Ringtone Tutorial Index)
Click To Hear My Outrageous Easy To Make Ringtones
You can make Ringtones like these and better fast and easy.
If you've never thought about making your own personalized dramatic sounding ringtones for your cell phone, this is the time.

Most of today's new cell phones use MP3 ringtones and that means you can use a measure, chorus or just a few words or beats from the records and cassettes you've converted, music you hear streaming on the Internet, or from CDs you own to make totally awesome personalized ringtones.

Now you'll have the most exciting, standout, enjoyable musical ringtones (or sound effects ringtones) whenever your phone rings. Or how about using your college fight song? Christmas Music? Or Seasonal Musical Ringtones? And I've included a step-by-step tutorial to show you how.

Will you pull a favorite section from a symphony you love, a song you love, or maybe something about phones like, "Wichita Lineman", "Memphis", "Operator" or the opening to Bye Bye Birdie, "Hi Mary, What's the story morning glory?" Or maybe "Wait a minute Mr. Postman? Or how about "Amazing Grace" for church?

It's all up to you. It's all fast and easy. And once you have your ringtones, you can change them in seconds. Make a default ringtone for all your calls, or use a different ringtone for each person who calls you.

And best of all, since you already have DAK's Wave & MP3 Editor PRO, you have everything you need to make the word's most standout, enjoyable, crowd-pleasing ringtones ever. And join the fad. It's really hot. People are using the most outrageous, no holds barred ringtones ever. Now you can too. And it's easy.

Plus you've got 169 pro digital sound effects that come with DAK's PRO Editor version to make drop dead exciting, out of this world, ringtones. I've made 10 14 special combined sound effects ringtones to get you started. Use mine plus make your own too. It's super easy. And, you'll be really glad you did.

Here Are just 3 Of My Free For You 10 14 Sound Effects Ringtones.

Mother-In-Law Fun Ringtone
Baby-Sitter Blues Ringtone
Dog & Cat Arguing Ringtone (Fun With Dogs & Cats)

Plus you get 7 11more ringtones from me
, You'll make hundreds more knock-m-dead, get attention anywhere MP3 ringtones fast, yourself. Will you use a favorite Scarlatti Sonata or a Mozart Concerto? "Circle" or "Let's Have A Good Time", from the Limeliters? Or something from the Beatles, The Oakridge Boys or the Grateful Dead?

First It Was Hard. Now It's Easy. You see a few years ago it was hard. You had to just about do mental and physical gymnastics to figure out how to make MIDI and other odd format proprietary ringtones. And then it was even more trouble to get them into your phone. Some ringtones you had to hand-key in on the touch-pad. Now just make your ringtones in DAK's editor and drag them into your phone.

Now just plug the USB cable from your cell phone into your computer or email the ringtone to yourself (they're just about 200K so you can have lots of them without taking up much room.) and you're all set. I've even given you step-by-step pictorial help for 3 really popular smart cell phones.

Below I show you how to make drop dead shake-m-up dramatic ringtones for any current MP3 compatible smart cell phone.

I've made 3 specific how-to mini-tutorials on how to handle ringtones which you can use as generic how to load the ringtones tutorials for just about any Smart Phone

First, I show you how to easily make the ringtones.
Then below that, I've created pictorial mini tutorials for these 3 phones:
Blackberry Curve
Samsung Blackjack 2

Almost any smart phone works just about the same way, so I've really got you covered. And there's nothing else you need to buy. You have DAK's top of the line Editor PRO and all the sound effects too.

Here are 4 really great reasons to make your own ringtones.

Plus it's more fun than a barrel of fish.

1. Because you can.
Hey, you've got the music. Your phone rings all the time. Why not have it ring with your best songs and effects? This really is a gas.

2. Because they make you feel good or tickle your fancy. Certain songs really make me feel good when I hear them. Brahms, "Hungarian Dance No. 5" does it for me. 'Circles' from the Limeliters, "The Marvelous Toy", from the Chad Mitchell Trio and lots more. Now I can the melodies that I love tied to my favorite callers too.

3. So you'll know who's calling.
Just assign a song Ringtone to each of your frequent callers and you'll know exactly who's calling. This is the best. It's musical Caller ID. You'll know who's calling just buy their ring. Cool.

4. So you won’t confuse your ring with someone everyone else's. No chance of that with these ring tones. You'll stand out from the crowd. Nobody will have the same ringtones you have. When your phone rings, you'll know it's your phone, even if it's across the room.

You'll stand out from the crowd. Everyone will notice. Now your ringtones can be totally you. In fact, why don't you record one for your kids that says,

"Hey, this is your father calling, pick up now, right now."

You'll personalize like never before. Use a few measures of your college fight song. Your favorite musical or your favorite singer. Now you can do it all.

Here are the included 10 14 Try-It-Out Ringtones. They're yours free. Or better yet, make your own. You love your music, use a different ringtone for each person who calls. Use Christmas classics or party favorites. What song is special to you? Is it a high school or college favorite? How about special songs for the kids or grandchildren?

Here are your 10 14
Free Drew's Effects Ringtones.
You'll Get When You Order.
You'll make even better, more meaningful to you Ringtones from your favorite music and the 169 pro digital sound effects I've included for you to use.
No. Your Ringtone Name You Get Them All Free When You Order
1. Baby-Sitter_Blues
2. Cartoon_Fun
3. Christmas-Joy
4. Cuckoo_Kisses
5. Fun_with_Cats_And_Dogs
6. I_Cant_Come_to_Work
6.a I_Cant_Come_to_Work - Passed on
7. Just_Trucking
8. Laughing_Champagne
9. Laughing_Kisses
10. Mother_in_law_Fun
11. Outdoor_Wedding
12. Racetrack_Fun
13. Ticking_Time_Bomb
14. USA_We_Are_Number_One

Quick 5-Minute Guide Index
Major Tutorial Sections
How Do I Make My MP3 Ringtones?
How Do I Save ringtones I've made?
How Do I Use ringtones on a Blackberry Curve?
How Do I Use ringtones a Blackjack 2 Cell Phone?
How Do I Use ringtones on an iPhone?
How Do I Search My Computer for ringtones or anything?
How Do I Navigate through folders on my computer?

OK, Let's Make Some Ringtones!
Making Ringtones Is As Easy As 1-2 -3. Just Load The Song You Want To Use In DAK's Editor.
OK let's make a ringtone. There are just a few steps. But I've added a lot of information about how to search your computer, change file types and more. But the actually process really is super fast and super easy.

All you need to do is choose the song you want to use for your ringtone. You won't use the whole song, just 10-15 seconds of it. So first thing, load the song.

Select The Part You Want -
Here's A Trick, Select A Bit More.

OK the song is loaded. Now you just need to play the song and choose the part you want. You should choose a measure, a stanza or a chorus that's between about 10-15 seconds. So play the song.

Arrow 1.) Highlight the part you want to keep by dragging your mouse.

Arrow 2.) Here's the trick. Grab a bit more at the beginning than you want and a bit more at the end. And extra 5-20 seconds is great on both sides.

Arrow 3.) Play the part you want to make sure you have at least what you want selected.

Note: You don't need to grab extra, it's just a way to make it easier to edit and I find this way faster. If you like, you can simply select exactly what you want right here and you'll be all set.

Copy The Part You Want.
OK so you've chosen the part you want and a bit more.

Arrow 1.) Just click the Copy Button and the section will be put into your computer's memory. You won't see anything. But it's there. Trust me.

Clear The Editor - It's Faster & Easier
Now we're going to clear the whole song from the editor so we can paste back in just the part we want to work with.

Arrow 1.) Click the New/Clear button to clear everything from the Editor. Don't worry, it won't clear the part you have in memory.

Arrow 2.) Click OK on the alert that warns you that you are clearing everything.

Paste In Just The Part You Want-
Ah, Now I can See It.

Now just paste the part you had in memory back into the editor. Now you can see really fine detail so it's much easier to make the exact edits that you want. Of course you could have simply zoomed in, but I like this method and I think you will too. If you have a 3 minute song, then this isn't needed. But if you have a 30 minute section, then it's much faster to use this method.

Arrow 1.) Just Click Paste.

Now Select Exactly The Part You Want - Easy
Now it's easy to see just the part you want and easily choose the 10-15 seconds that you'll want for your ringtone. Frankly like I said, if you have just a 3 minute song you can do your edit in the original song. But if you have a long file you're choosing the ringtone from, this method really is the easiest. Oh, and of course you can still zoom in if you like.

Arrow 1.) You can grab the gold triangle and move it forward or back to adjust the exact beginning of your ringtone.

Arrow 2.) Same with the ending. Just grab the gold triangle at the right and move the selection till it's exactly what you want.

Adjusting the beginning and end points is super easy. Just slide them. It's really no problem to get just want you want.

Save Your Ringtone Part - Save Selected As.
OK we're really finished with choosing our ringtone. Now let's just save it and we're ready to do another.

Arrow 1.) Click on Save Selected As to save the red highlighted part of the file that you've marked as your ringtone. If you choose save or save as, you'd save the whole file which isn't what we want. Save Selected as saves just the part that you've marked.

Note: Oh and just so you know, using Save Select As doesn't hurt or alter the original file at all. In this case it doesn't matter, but if it's a track you care about, doing this won't hurt it or change it at all.

Name Your Ringtone & Choose MP3 Or WMA.
This is just the normal save function of the DAK Wave Editor.

Arrow 1.) Give your ringtone masterpiece a name. I like to use the same name as the song I've converted so I know what it is.

Tip: While I like to use the same name as the track, I like to add an R to the end to remind myself it's a ringtone and not the full song. That way I don't get confused when I click a track to play on my computer or in my phone.

Arrow 2.) Choose MP3 or WMA depending on what format your phone uses. Just about all modern phones take MP3 Ringtones now, so I just use MP3.

Arrow 3.) After I've named the track, this arrow is just showing you that the R at the end lets me see it's a ringtone. The R doesn't mean anything or change anything on my computer or in my phones, it's just a memory thing for me.

Arrow 4.) I've inset the save dialog box section here again below the full picture. I did it because a few phones prefer WMA files rather than MP3 and since it's the same for you, I wanted you to see how to save WMA. As you can see, saving WMA is the same as saving MP3. Just choose it. Most phones will take either, so use whichever you prefer.

Just Say OK - Or. . .

OK remember when you save anything in the MP3 format using the DAK Wave Editor, you have the option to choose the MP3 bitrate. Normally CD quality is 128kbps and by default you don't have to do anything to save at that bitrate.

But. . . Some phones have a limit of 200K for a ringtone. And if you have ringtone that runs a bit on the long side it can exceed the phone's limit. So, just slide the bitrate to the left and change it to 96 or even 64kbps. For ringtones, that's more than you really need. They'll still sound great.

MP3 Section
Arrow 1.) If you're not changing the bitrate, just click OK. That's what you'll do most of the time.

Arrow 2.) Just slide the bitrate slider to the left to reduce the file size. If you have a memory limit, do it all the time. It won't matter. Then Click OK.

WMA Section
Arrow 1a.) If you're not changing the quality, just click OK. That's what you'll do most of the time.

Arrow 2a.) Just open the pull down box and choose a quality to reduce the file size. If you have a memory limit, do it all the time. It won't matter. Then Click OK.

You really are ready to load your saved MP3 or WMA ringtone into your phone right now.

But What If Your Song is On A CD?
No Problem. We've Got You Covered.

Let's say you have the songs that you want to use for your ringtones on a CD. No problem at all. Just use the CD Ripper included with the editor to rip the track(s) you want to your hard drive, then choose the part you want as I just showed you above.

Arrow 1.) After you Open the Tools Menu, choose the DAK CD Ripper (there are 2 and you can use either one) to effortlessly rip the tracks you want to your hard drive. Just check the main tutorial if you need step by-step-help for using the ripper. Then after you've ripped the track to your hard drive, just treat it as we did above to turn it into a ringtone.

Let's Put MP3 Tags In Your Ringtone Masterpiece
You don't have to put in MP3 ID3 tags, but it just takes a second and it's worth doing. Then you'll see the title and artist on most phones and of course on your computer.

Arrow 1.) Just Open the Tools Menu again and this time Choose Mp3 ID Tag Editor.

See everything you need to do lots of projects is built into the Editor. So when you have time, try out all 20 tools. You'll find lots of fun things you can do.

Just Load Your New Ringtone
Once the Tag Editor is open we'll just load the ringtones and put in the tags.

Arrow 1.) Choose Add Files and load the ring tones by navigating to them and clicking on them. If you have a bunch, you can use the add folder to load them all at once.

Arrow 2.) Click On the ringtone you want to edit.

Click Edit Tag
OK, once the ringtone is highlighted we can edit it.

Arrow 1.) Your Ringtone is highlighted.

Arrow 2.) Click the Edit Tag Button.

Name Your Ringtone Tags - And A Trick
OK so this is the main ID3v1 tag editing screen. We'll just add the info so that you'll be able to see all about the track when it's loaded in your phone or in your computer.

Arrow 1.) Check the ID3v1 box

Arrow 2.) Type in the Artist.

Arrow 3.) Type in the Album name

Trick. I like to type ringtone as the album name. This is neat because I will always know it's a ringtone and in some programs like iTunes when you import them they'll make a folder for each album and in this case iTunes will make a ringtone folder so it's super easy to find.

Arrow 4.) You can put in the year and genre or the rest of the information. For ringtones I usually don't bother.

Arrow 5.) Click Write/Save Tags and all the data you entered will become a permanent part of your MP3 Ringtone File.

Wow, You've Done It. Now Just Load It In Your Phone.
This is it. You've finished your ringtone and all you need to do is move it into your phone. Most phones let you assign your ringtones to specific callers. You'll have lots of fun using these ringtones. And it was super easy to do. I've tried 5 or 6 of the DAK guys' phones here and it was easy to put them or email them to them. All it takes is just about any newer phone that uses MP3 ringtones and that connects to your computer or gets emails with attachments.

Arrow 1.) I'm just showing you as I mouse over the finished ringtone that all the data is there and you're ready to start answering phone calls with panache.

Enjoy. . Drew

Phone Examples & How To Put In & Use Ringtones.

How To Put MP3 Ringtones Into
The Samsung Blackjack 2

I've set up 8-10 phones and they were all easy. Virtually any smart phone that's been made in the last year or 2 is easy as pie to do. This is the Samsung Blackjack 2, Just plug it into your computer's USB port and drag your ring tones to it using it as a remote RAM disc. Most phones work this way and if there are folders choose the one that says music or ringtones or my sounds. Just check your manual to see for sure.

Super Easy Ring Tone Input.
Once you've dragged the files into the My Sounds Folder, you're just a click away from your personalized ringtones.
Arrow 1.) I'm just highlighting the ringtone I want to use.

In this case we choose 3_Jolly_RoguesR2.wma (ringtones can be MP3 or WMA, we make them both) from my favorite Irish group, the Irish Rovers. I see them every year during their Saint Patrick's day tour. We've already got our tickets for 09. Anyway. . .

And Your Ringtone is Set.
Arrow 1.) Just Click on Set As from the menu that appears when you click on the ringtone in the prior picture.

Arrow 2.) Then choose Ringtone from the pull down menu.

That's it. Now you have a ringtone ready to use. From here, just choose which of your contact list you'd like to have 3 Jolly rogues play for when they call you. Or you can set it as your default ringtone. Either way, it's your ringtone and nobody else will have one just like you do.

How To Put MP3 Ringtones Into
The Blackberry Curve

I wanted to give you another easy example to follow. And so many people have a Blackberry I thought I'd show you how to use Ringtones on the Curve. It couldn't be easier.

Plug The Blackberry Into Your USB Port.
After you plug in your Blackberry, you'll see it says mass storage. Just open the folder and you'll see something like these folders.

Arrow 1.) Just open the ringtone folder or drag your ringtone into it and you're all set.

Was that easy or what?

You See All your Ringtones
Here I've just opened the Ringtone folder so you can see what's in it.

Arrow 1.) This is the ringtone folder.

Arrow 2.) I'm just pointing to the 3 Jolly RoguesR file for you to see.

Setting Your Ringtones In Your Blackberry
First The Default Ringtone.

So if you want to have your Blackberry ring with your new ringtone for your profile or whenever another ringtone isn't specified, here's how to set a default ringtone.

Arrow 1.) Click The ringtone icon.

Arrow 2.) From the list of all your ringtones, choose the ringtone you want. In this case it's my new Three Jolly Rogues. So, highlight it.

Set The Ringtone You Want.
When you click on the ringtone, you'll get this menu.

Arrow 1.) Choose Set As Phone Tune and just Click.

Now you've set your default ringtone. It's super easy.

Let's Assign Custom Different Ringtones for Each Caller
First go to your phonebook of contacts. I'm not showing you that screen here because this isn't my Blackberry, but it's just the list of people in your Blackberry.

Highlight the name of the person you want to assign the custom ringtone to. Then click on the menu key and you'll get this menu.

Arrow 1.) Scroll to the Add Custom Phone Tune and click.

Choose Your Ringtone
Next you'll see a list of all your ringtones.

Arrow 1.) Just choose the ringtone you want to ring when this person calls and click on it.

Confirm Your Action.
Arrow 1.) Click OK

Viola- You Have A Custom Ringtone Assigned, Well To Me :).
That's it. Now anytime DAK calls, 3 Jolly RoguesR will play. It's just that easy.

Arrow 1.) I'm just showing you that you can see which custom ringtone is assigned to this person.

And now you know how to assign a custom default ringtone to your Blackberry and how to assign a custom ringtone to each person in your phonebook. Enjoy. . .Drew

Special How To Make Ringtones For Your iPhone.
Here's my iPhone 3G. It really works great. And Now I have lots of really great, dramatic ringtones in it. Well, of course, I put in all the ones I've made for you. :)

And it was getting my new 3G iPhone that made me think that it was time for me to show you how to put ringtones in your phones. So it's a double great deal.

Drew's Special iPhone Section.
It's Apple, It's Different Of Course.
First Import Your Ringtone into iTunes.

So I love my iPhone. And I just upgraded to the new 3G iPhone and it's great. But like everything else I do with Apple, it's different. So I thought I'd show you how to convert the same MP3 files you can use with every other phone so they also work with your iPhone too.

And again, this tutorial is actually very short, but in case you don't know how, I've taken the space to show you how to search your computer for files and how to manually navigate to your iTunes folders.

Arrow 1.) Just Open iTunes and choose the File Menu.

Arrow 2.) Click import and navigate to your MP3 ringtone and click on it to import it into iTunes.

Go To Recently Added.
So where is your ringtone? Well one neat thing about iTunes is that when you import anything, it immediately goes into your recently added folder.

Arrow 1.) Click Recently Added to open the folder.

Arrow 2.) Here's your ringtone. All tracks you've recently added will show up here.

Right Click & Covert It to AAC.
So now let's convert our ringtone so that iTunes can use it.

Arrow 1.) Right Click on the ringtone to highlight it.

Arrow 2.) Choose Convert Selection to AAC. In a few seconds, you'll have the AAC file you need. That's the standard .Mp4 format that iTunes uses. It looks like .m4a

But you still need to convert it from the standard .m4a to the iTunes ringtone standard which is .m4r.

And here's a bummer. iTunes won't let you convert any tracks to ringtones unless you bought them through the iTunes Music store. So, we'll just have to do it manually. No big deal, just a few extra steps.

OK let's convert it.

Now We Need To Find Your Converted Ringtone In iTunes.

Two Easy Ways To Find Things In Windows.
Way One - Click Start.

If you can't find it, you can't convert it and iTunes is a mystery to many people so I'm going to show you two easy ways to find the track and convert it.

Note: If you already know how to find tracks manually in the iTunes folders, then just skip this section.

Arrow 1.) This is your standard Windows Search/Find. For XP or Vista, it's pretty much the same. Just Click the Start Button at the bottom left of your monitor.

Arrow 2.) Then Click Search in XP and Find in Vista.

Choose (Search) All Files & Folders
You'll get to the Search Results main screen.

Arrow 1.) Click that you want to search "All files and folders".

Ah, There It Is & More.
Enter ringtone in the all or part of the file name box. Now I know that ringtone will be the name of the folder that iTunes made when it imported my ringtone because I used ringtone as the album name. If you didn't do that, then you can search the song title or whatever artist or album name you entered.

Arrow 1.) Enter ringtone or the album or track name.

Arrow 2.) Click Search.

Arrow 3.) Here's the result. It's the folder called ringtone that iTunes made when it converted the MP3 ringtone you imported. Now just hold down the Control Key at the bottom left of your keyboard and drag the folder onto your desktop so you can work on it. If you prefer, you can just open the folder here and make the changes here. It doesn't really matter.

Note: The reason for holding down the Control key while you drag the folder is that if you don't hold down the control key, you'll drag the actual file to your desktop. When you hold down the control key, you'll just drag a copy of the file.

Arrow 4.) If you look at the result, you can see that Windows shows you the full path to your ringtone folder. It's good to know where things are on your computer and Windows is nice enough to draw you a map. Just click each folder in the path and you'll find anything.

Skip To The Next Step- Changing To .m4r
Or check out another way to get to the ringtone you made.

Now We Need To Find Your Converted Ringtone.

Two Easy Ways To Find Things In Windows.
Way Two - Click My Computer. XP & Vista.

So everything in your computer is organized in folders. It's just like a filing cabinet with folders and drawers of folders. All you need to know is how to follow the folder trail and you can find anything on your computer. So, let's go find the ringtone file we just imported into iTunes. Do you know where iTunes is hidden? If not, follow along.

Arrow 1.) On your desktop, look for the My Computer Icon. In Vista, sometimes it's not shown. No problem. You can go to your start menu at the bottom left and look up the column that opens to the right and you'll see My Computer there. By the way, if you right click it and choose send to, you can send a copy to your desktop which is what I always do when I get a new computer.

Arrow 2.) One of the folders you'll see is Drew's Documents. Of course in your case it will be your name or the name of your computer. Anyway, click on it to open it.

Vista Looks Different But It's The Same.
So after you click My Computer, this is what Vista looks like. Just Click the Music folder and then everything is the same as XP again.

Choose 'My Music'.
Arrow 1.) You'll find a 'My Music' Folder. It's part of windows. Click On it.

Choose iTunes
Arrow 1.) Choose your iTunes Folder

Choose iTunes Music.
Arrow 1.) Your iTunes may be different than mine, but likely you'll see a folder named iTunes Music. Click on that.

Choose The Group/Artist You Picked.
Arrow 1.) Now you'll find a number of folders. In the iTunes hierarchy, iTunes creates a folder for each artist. Then for the album. So, since my group is the Limeliters, I look for the Limeliters folder.

Here's My Folder
Arrow 1.) And finally, here is my ringtone folder which iTunes made for me from the album name, ringtone that I used. You can use any name you like. I just did this to make it easy for me. iTunes doesn't need you to call it ringtone. I just like to.

Copy It To Your Desktop
Arrow 1.) I like to work on my desktop, but you can make the changes right here to change the .m4a to .m4r. Just follow along below. Or hold down your Control key at the bottom left of your keyboard and drag it to your desktop. By holding down the Control key, rather than drag the actual file to your desktop, you will drag a copy.

You can also just copy and paste by clicking on the icon. Then holding down the Control Key and the C key at the same time. You won't see anything happen, but your computer will put a copy of our ringtone into its memory.

Then click anywhere on your desktop and hold down the Control Key again and at the same time press down on the V key. That will cause your computer to make a copy of the file and put it where you clicked on your desktop. You don't have to keep holding down the Control key between steps. Just hold it down while you actually make the copy and when you actually paste the copy to the desktop.

Arrow 1.) Click on the icon. Then drag it or copy it to your desktop or change it here if you like.

Arrow 2.) You see the .m4a? This is what we're going to change. If you don't see it, don't worry. I'm going to show you how to see it below.

Here's My File On My Desktop.
Do You See M4a At The End?

So now we have our .m4a file all set. We just need to change it to .m4r

Arrow 1.) Once you have your .m4a file on your desktop, or if you want you can keep it in the folder within iTunes, we're ready to change it.

But Wait. . . Do You See The .m4a extension? Probably not. Most Windows computers come set to hide all file extensions and that's what the info after the "." is called with every file on your computer. So, there's no way to change them.

But don't worry, I know how and I'll show you how now. And it's a good thing to know how to do in general, so, onward.

Windows Is Hiding What You Need.
No Problem.

It's a Windows thing. They think you don't want to see your file extensions like you did in DOS. But they are still there, they are just hidden.

So do this. Open any folder on your desktop, or anywhere.

Arrow 1.) Choose the Tools Menu.

Arrow 2.) Then Choose Folder Options. . .
Choose View.
Once you choose folder options this is the menu you'll get regardless of whether you are using XP or Vista.

Arrow 1.) Click the View Tab

Arrow 2.) Then Scroll down and find the Hide Extensions check box. It's likely to be just below what you'll see when you first open this interface, so scroll down, just a bit.

Imagine That. Windows Hides Extensions.
OK now we can see it.

Arrow 1.) Just uncheck the box and all the extensions for every file on your computer will instantly and magically appear.

That's it. Now you'll see the extensions and you can leave your computer set this way or change it back anytime you like. It makes no difference in how it works, just in what you can see, or not see.

OK, Now We Can See The .m4a Extension.
So now that you can see the .m4a extension, let's change it.

Arrow 1.) Here's the trick to renaming or in this case changing the .m4a extension. Click on the words below the icon of the file. Don't click on the file or it will open it and do whatever it's supposed to do. Just click on the words and they will turn blue. Now if you wanted to change the whole name, click on the blue and it will go away and you can type whatever you like.

But in our case, we're just changing the extension. So, after the name turns blue, just click your cursor just to the right of the a and the blue will go away and you can backspace 1 to get rid of the a.

Onward. . .

Tip. Try this a few times. You can change the name of any file on your computer by doing this. You'll get used to it. It's really easy.

Change The A To An R. You Can Do It.
OK so now you've backspaced to remove the a.

Arrow 1.) Just type r where the a was with no other changes and move your cursor onto the desktop away from the text and click.
The white will go away and the file will be permanently changed.

Arrow 1a.) Alert - Oh, when you click to change the file type, you'll get this alert. Just click OK and your change will take effect, no problem.

Viola - It's a Ringtone For Your iPhone.

And now we have a ringtone for your iPhone

Arrow 1.)
This is super neat. As soon as you click away from the icon and the white goes away, the icon itself changes to Ring and it's ready to use.

Now we just have to put it into iTunes and you're all set.

Let's Put It In iTunes.
You Know How To Get There Now, Right?

OK here's the deal. iTunes is very smart. You could just double click on the new ringtone icon and iTunes will automatically load it into the ringtone folder. And you'd be done.

But don't do that because if you have it on your desktop and you decide to delete it sometime, iTunes won't know where it is and it won't work anymore. So let's load it back into iTunes, then we'll double click it.

Arrow 1.) So you know how to get back to iTunes because we learned how to find it in the section two of finding the file.

Arrow 2.) Now just go back and drag or copy this icon into a folder that I've named Ringtones By Drew but you'll call anything you like. So in short, anywhere in the iTunes main folder, make a folder called Ringtones by Your Name or anything and put the ringtone in that folder.

Just Double Click It And It's In.
Once you've put the ringtone in any folder within iTunes, even just the main iTunes folder itself, just double click it and iTunes will load it for you automatically.

Arrow 1.) I'm just showing you that I've opened the Ringtones By Drew folder.

Arrow 2.) Just double click the icon. It doesn't matter where it is on your computer but like I said I'd put it somewhere in iTunes so I won't delete it some time when I'm cleaning up my computer files. Now you really are all set.

Now You See Your Ringtones.
Arrow 1.) Just click the Ringtones folder in iTunes and you'll see your ringtones. Don't worry if you don't see a Ringtones folder before you start. iTunes will make one for you automatically when you create your first ringtone.

Arrow 2.) You can click on any of your ringtones and then you can right click and choose Get Info to learn about them if you like.

You now have all the personalized knock-m-dead ringtones to enjoy any time your iPhone rings. It's really awesome and sounds great.

A Secret Trick Or It Won't Work 1.

Arrow 1.) OK this is really odd. If you don't add some sorting information, I find that iTunes will still show your ringtone but it won't sync it with your iPhone. So we need to add some information to help iTunes. Right Click on the Ringtone you just made.

Arrow 2.) Then choose the Get Info choice and left click on that.

A Secret Trick Or It Won't Work 2.
Arrow 1.) There's nothing special to do on this tab. But if you look at the bottom you can see the path to where your ringtone is stored. It's a handy thing to know. Most people have no idea where their files are stored. It's good for you to know. And, now you do.

Arrow 2.) Just click on the sort tab so we can enter the data that iTunes needs.

A Secret Trick Or It Won't Work 3.
OK I made you a little animation here to make it really clear. What you see on the 1st screen is what gets loaded into iTunes when you import your file and convert it to AAC. The 2nd screen shows you what you need to add.

Arrow 1.)
This is important. You need to fill in the info in every single one of the boxes that I've marked. The others don't matter. You can do more than you need, but not less.

Arrow 2.) Click OK when you're finished to set the changes.

And that's it. Now you know the secret. Just do it or it won't work.
Cleanup After You Set Your Ringtones.
Arrow 1.) OK so you made your ringtones. Now let's just go to Music, which is your main library and remove the files we don't need.

Arrow 2.) Right click on the name of the ringtone that you made. Actually, here, this is just the m4a file you imported and converted. So, right click on the file. Then Choose Get Info to see if you have selected the original mp3 file or the m4a file you made when you converted it to the m4a. M4a and AAC are the same thing.

Arrow 3.) For sure delete the mp3 file as you don't need it (it's redundant) and unless you want the ringtone length m4a file in your normal library you can delete the .m4a file too. It's already another file as an .m4r ringtone, so you don't really need anything in your library at all.

Quick iPhone Tour 1.
There's really nothing you need to do to import the ringtones into your iPhone. iTunes does it all for you automatically. To look at them, just push Settings.

Arrow 1.) Just click sounds.

Quick iPhone Tour 2.
When you click on sounds, you'll see this screen.

Arrow 1.) Click on the ringtone name that shows to take you to your loaded ringtone library.

Quick iPhone Tour 3.
Now you can see the list of ringtones that are in your phone. From this location, you can choose any one you like as your default ringtone. Then just go to your contact list and assign the specific ringtone you want to ring for each person in your contact list. As long as you see the ringtone here, it means that it's ready for you to use it anywhere you like.

It's easy. It's fast. and you'll know exactly who's calling with your musical Caller ID and you'll stand out from the crowd with your great ringtones. and finally, You'll never, ever have to wonder who's phone is ringing. Now you'll know.

Enjoy all your ringtones. They really are a lot of fun. . . .Drew

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