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Professional Dynamic Microphone
Professional Grade Dynamic Microphone
Supercardioid Polar Pattern
By Sol Harari

A quality dynamic microphone is necessary for getting the most out of your PA system.

Whether you sing, speak or do stand up comedy, if your audience can't hear your voice loud and clear, then you've lost their attention

You need a reliable microphone that you can trust to reproduce your voice's sound waves into crystal clear electronic audio signals.

What is a Dynamic Microphone?

A dynamic microphone is what you see used at live performances, church sermons and most any event that takes place outside of a recording studio.

There's a very good reason for that. Two, actually.

Dynamic microphones are less sensitive to sound, in a good way.

Imagine being at a wedding ceremony and all you can hear is the bride's bawling mother coming through the PA system.

The second reason is that dynamic microphones are way more durable than other types. They can withstand rough handling, and that has to do with the way the diaphragm picks up sound. We'll discuss different microphone types in a future article.

So if you're using your microphone outside of a recording studio, especially in front of an audience, you'll definitely want to be using a dynamic mic.

What you'll love about this Dynamic Mic

Solid, cool to the touch and surprisingly eye-catching, this dynamic microphone is sure to get the job done right, everytime.

Hold the dynamic mic in your hand and you'll feel its weighted, professional grade construction right away. This is not a toy microphone.

The built in windscreen reduces the impact of plosive consonants and wind noise. Plosive consonants, or simply plosives, describes the pushed air that letters p, t, k, b, d and g make when pronounced, and can create a popping noise in some lower end microphones.

You have enough worries when making your presentation or delivering your sermon. Wondering if your voice will heard by everyone should NOT be one of them.

Heavy duty 15 foot TS (1/4") to XLR cable included free

Free TRS to XLR Cable
You'll need a cable to use your wired dynamic microphone.

Maybe you already have one.
Maybe you need a new one.

And if you don't have one of these cables already laying around, this isn't an optional add-on. It's a requirement.

Normally, a gold plated fifteen foot heavy duty TS to XLR cable will cost you about $20.

But you're getting it absolutely free, already included inside your microphone's package. With the male quarter inch end of th cable, you'll plug right into most PA systems and be ready to go.

Nothing extra to buy, no mandatory accessories sold as "optional" add-ons.

Don't own a PA System yet?
Check out our Rechargeable Bluetooth PA Speaker System here
(opens in a new tab)

Perfect for lead vocals and spoken word applications

Get it in Chrome, Rose Gold or Arctic White.
Each color looks great.
Each color will get the job done right.

See the angles of the ridged ring?
It's a creative solution to stop the mic from rolling away from you.

Comfortable Dynamic Microphone
The aluminum mesh casing protects the windscreen, which in turn reduces ambient noise from entering the diaphragm.

Did You Know:
What's a polarity pattern?

A polarity pattern describes how well a microphone will "hear" sound from various directions.
Simply put, it describes the mic's directionality.

You'll choose a polarity pattern based on how you'll be using your microphone. Are you using it for a speaking engagment in a noisy setting, or do you plan on recording podcasts in a quiet room?

The most common patterns are cardioid, supercardioid, and omnidirectional.

I'll make a full write up about this in the future, but for now, just know that the microphone on this page has a supercardioid polar pattern. It offers the narrowest pickup range, and therefore the greatest rejection of ambient sound. They're also feedback resistant.

Dynamic Mic Specs:

Mic Length: 185mm (~7.3 inches)
Mic Weight: 280g (~10 ounces)
Sensitivity: -51 +/- 3db
Frequency Response: 80Hz - 15kHz
Impedance: 620 ohms +/- 30%
Cable Length: 5 meters
Cable Diameter: 6.5mm

Professional Grade Dynamic Microphone

This dynamic microphone is available in three colors: Chrome, Rose Gold and Arctic White. Each of them look great and sound even better.

You get the 15' heavy duty TS to XLR cable included inside your package at no cost to you.

When you have something to say, focus on your content, not on whether your microphone will carry your voice to attentive ears.

Color: Chrome
Chrome Dynamic Microphone
Just $49.95 - ($6.95 Shipping)
DAKonian Subscribers ONLY $24.95
In Stock Now

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Color: Rose Gold
Rose Gold Dynamic Microphone
Just $49.95 - ($6.95 Shipping)
DAKonian Subscribers ONLY $24.95
In Stock Now

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Color: Arctic White
Rose Gold Dynamic Microphone
Just $49.95 - ($6.95 Shipping)
DAKonian Subscribers ONLY $24.95
In Stock Now

Total Items In Your Cart Now: 0

Satisfaction Guarantee:

I only review products that I love to use myself, and I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do.

But, if you don't, you don't keep it. No hard feelings. We can still be friends.

Contact us within 30 days for return authorization. We'll refund the full merchandise cost after we get it back. Associated shipping fees aren't refundable.

Just email and say Refund within 30 days.

Warranty Info:


Dynamic Microphone is warrantied for 1 full year against manufacturing defects.

If it's our fault, we'll fix it. This excludes any damage from improper use.

  Copyrights are the property of their respective owners.

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