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See Your Bonuses - Everyone Loves Cartoons, Especially Of Themselves.
It's in our DNA. When folks see themselves Cartooned or Caricatured everyone has an instant outrageous reaction. DAK's new Cartoonoranamy instantly converts your ordinary digital camera photos into sidesplitting hilarious PERSONALIZED cartoon images of you, your friends, buddies, co-workers and relatives that you can email, print, use on Facebook and more.
By Sol Harari
Cartoon yourself. Cartoon your family, friends, your dog or your 'favorite' politician or movie star. Instantly turn your ordinary digital pictures into hilariously funny cartoons. Add talk and thought bubbles, add Pow, Wham and Ka-Boom graphics and much more.

It's all easy. Use them in emails. Print them. Use them for desktops. Use them on Facebook. If they are on your PC, you can instantly turn them into totally personalized hysterical cartoons.

It's One Click rollicking fun Cartoons from now on. Nothing to learn. Nothing to do. No artistic skills needed. No drawing required. Just open the program. Pick a size. And, choose if you want to turn your friends and family into regular cartoons or dramatic outlined Cartoons.

That's it. You're done. There are no controls. No settings. Nothing to learn. My 4-year old grandson has it totally mastered.

It's the easiest program ever. And, oh you'll have your friends and family laughing so hard they'll be rolling on the ground in tears.

How Easy Is Cartoonoranamy To Use?
Nothing To Do Or Learn.
It's 100% Automated.
Nothing to learn or do. Load your photo. Then choose Normal cartoon or Outlined cartoon. Is this easy or what? Then choose how big you want your final personalized cartoon masterpiece to be. That's it. You're done.
    Send them as emails. Print them and mail them or use them in posters. Use them in a book. Use them for Facebook. Embarrass your kids, buddies, friends and even your dog or cat. Turn your house into a cartoon. Your son's messy room. A failed barbecue. A bad golf swing.

You'll be amazed as will your friends at how hysterically funny your instant nothing to learn or do cartoons really can be. They're simply great for T-shirts and mugs. Oh and they're great for fundraisers.

If it's a picture on your PC, it's great fodder for a cartoon. Try it yourself. It won't hurt your originals and you'll have a blast.
Just 1-Click - Add Bubbles & Embarrass.

Just 1 click turns any of your digital pictures into an outrageous comic masterpiece. You'll turn 100s of pictures into cards, emails, Facebook images and much, much more.

I love my Vette. It's easy to poke good clean fun at anyone or anything. You'll have a blast when you add my FREE BONUS Pow Graphics and Think & Talk Bubbles to your Cartoons.

It's easy instant laughter. Just grab any picture from your digital cameras that's on your PC and you'll blow away your friends.
Plus after you've let the program automatically create your uproariously funny cartoons, I've added a FREE BONUS of over 50 Pow, Vroom, Thud and Crunch graphics plus fill-in-anything-you-like empty thought and talk bubbles.
Click To See Your Bonuses Below.

You can add any of the Free Bonus Bubbles to your cartoons with any graphics program you own.

Don't have one? No problem. I've created a quick tutorial on using a powerful free graphics program so you can add the graphics and bubbles for no additional cost at all.

If you're like me you love taking pictures of your kids and grandkids. Now you can print them or send them your amazing results.

Kids (of all ages) love personalized cartoons with them as the
stars and now you have the instant power to turn any ordinary digital picture just as it comes out of your camera that's on your PC into a sidesplitting, outrageously funny cartoon.

Cartoons make fantastic PERSONALIZED gifts for friends, family and co-workers. Oh, and don't forget golf buddies, dive buddies and fellow club members. Everyone loves to see themselves cartooned.

Outlandish, Unbelievable, Zany, Even
Absurd, laughable And Oh, So Funny
And Oh So Very, Very Easy
It's true. Just load any of your digital pictures. Choose your size and choose normal or outlined cartoons. That's it. You're done. Cartoonoranamy will create your personal cartoon on its own. No settings. Nothing to learn. Nothing to do. Just enjoy.

I'm sorry. But, this is one experience that I can't adequately share with you here in my review.

It's the sheer joy people get when they see themselves cartooned because in my examples, you're seeing people you don't know.

But, everyone just goes apoplectic when they see themselves as a cartoon character. I guess it's in our DNA to react when we see ourselves caricatured. It's so different than what we see in the mirror.

As you'll see, it really does blow people away, especially if it's a picture of yourself. You've probably already experienced this if anyone at a party has ever drawn a caricature of you. Remember how you felt? Now you can instantly create this experience for your friends, family, co-workers and buddies instantly and easily. There's nothing to learn.

Politicians, Movie Stars Famous People
Just grab their pictures off the web. Cartoonize them. Add a few choice bubbles saying what you think and email them off to your friends. A picture says 1000 words. A cartoon with a "what is he thinking" bubble says a whole lot more.

Wouldn't you just love to put a thought bubble above the head of our President or a Member of Congress? How about the Greek Prime minister. How about your favorite movie star? Santa Claus or the Great Pumpkin? It's all quick and easy now.

Just imagine the reaction you'll get when you email your friends cartoons of themselves. It's never been so simple.

As you can see in my 2 pictures of the Pull down Menus. The only thing you do is choose a size and choose whether or not to have your hilarious cartoon images outlined.

Personally I like outline the best, but it's up to you. I guess it depends how many Superman or Batman comic books you've read. Drat, Ka-Pow, Zaap. Either Way, You'll have a blast.

HACKER SAFE certified sites prevent over 99.9% of hacker crime.

You Get 50+
Bonus Graphics.
Your Bonus Graphics can be placed over any single color or all colors at once and as you can see they are 100% totally transparent. Use them on your cartoons or any of your digital pictures and your photos and cartoons will look great.

Cartoonoranamy opens new doors to sidesplitting fun. Send a few. I have. Your friends will be amazed.


What's This About A Graphics Program?
Or, Why Drew's Crazy.
OK I'm certifiable. But cartoon programs create the cartoons. They don’t create the bubbles or add the graphics. And frankly, you don't really need to add the thought and text bubbles or even the Wow, Slurp and Ouch Comic graphics.

But, if you're like me, you want it all. I don't want to leave anything to chance. So, I went out and hired an artist to create all the graphics you see here.

I had him create over 50 of them. And you get them all. I figured everyone has a graphics program so you could simply drop them over the cartoons and make your cartoons even funnier.

But I want to leave nothing to chance. If you've bought either of our Photo Explosion programs with our Water and Morphing programs they will do the job of dropping in the graphics quickly and easily. And frankly, most digital cameras come with a basic photo program that will do it too.

But just in case you don't have a graphics program, no problem. I've been playing with a great, free graphics program I found for you. And I created a little tutorial so there's nothing for you to figure out, that will give you the power to 1. Open any of the cartoons you create.

Drop and position any of the bubbles or Thud, HaHa, Ka-Boom graphics over the cartoons and finally type in the words you want to show in your thought or speech bubbles.

It's quick, it's easy and you'll have a blast. You can size them, turn them or do just about anything you want.

I had all the graphics made to be 100% transparent .PNG files so when they drop onto the cartoons all you see is the graphic part and no edge or white area.

Oh, did I mention that you get all 50 individual graphics included for free. You can use them for the cartoons or for any pictures you like. I give you full permission to do anything you like with them other than sell them separately to anyone else.

That's it. They are all yours. You'll be a big hit as you put your friends in personalized cartoons with or without snide, funny, outrageous comic thought and speech bubbles.

Special FREE Bonus Note: Each of the 50+ Graphics is a completely separate file so you don't have to cut or copy or separate anything to use them.

Just open then and lay them over the cartoons or frankly any picture of your choice. I've made it all super easy for you to create outrageously funny personalized cartoons to email, print use in Facebook and so much more.

Here's More Than You Need To Know. All You Need To Do is Just Use Them. Each graphic is what's called a .PNG Vector Graphic so that you can enlarge it, reduce it, deform it or do anything you like without losing its sharpness. It's an advanced standard graphic format that you can use with virtually any photo program. And aside from its resizeability, it's transparent.

You see, all but the graphic part that you want see is transparent so you don't get a box around your bubbles or Pow Graphics when you lay them over any of your digital photos or cartoons. The white part in the bubbles is white, but everything outside the black line is transparent. Pretty Cool. .PNGs are what I use to create all my web pages like this one.

Try Cartoonoranamy Risk free.
  Cartoon yourself. Cartoon your family, friends, your dog or your 'favorite' politician or movie star. Instantly turn your ordinary digital pictures into hilariously funny cartoons.

Add talk and thought bubbles, add Pow, Wham and Ka-Boom graphics and much more. It's all easy. Use them in emails. Print them. Use them for desktops. Use them on Facebook.

If they are on your PC, you can instantly turn them into totally personalized hysterical cartoons. 

Try the DAK's Cartoonoranamy PRO for 7 full days. If you're not 100% thrilled, just email me and say no deal Drew and we'll refund 100% of your $9.95 investment.

If you don't love it, you don't keep it. But I've been using this program and it's so easy (there's nothing to learn) and so neat, frankly, I'll be surprised if anyone is willing to give it up.

Embarrass a few friends. Astound your co-workers. Print some. Email some. Remember it's in our DNA to react to cartoons and caricatures. I'm 100% sure that everyone will love your masterpieces. Especially once you add all the hilarious thought and speech bubbles and the Pow graphics too.

To order your Cartoonoranamy PRO 2.1 Comic creating program plus get all 50+ of the special added graphics for just $9.95 click the Buy Button below or call toll free to order yours today. It's just $9.95 ($0 P&H). NY residents add sales tax.

Send out a few emails. Print a few cards. Add bubbles and Pow Graphics. You'll be amazed by the outrageous, hilarious results you get of yourself, your friends, family and co-workers. This program is a blast.

DAK's Instant

Instant Fun - Nothing To Learn
Just load your pictures, choose a size and choose outlined or regular cartoons. You'll have a blast.
Turn Any Digital Picture On Your PC
Into Instant Hysterical Fun.
Product Number 3330
Check Here if you'd like a disc with the Cartoonoranamy program & all the bonus graphics sent to you. Adds $6 ($3 P&H)
Special Gift Note: If you buy more than 1 copy on disc, there will be no added P&H for additional discs beyond the 1st disc. You'll see the P&H Credits in your cart after you click the Buy Button.

Minimum System Requirements
CPU 1Ghz Pentium 2, 3, 4, & Celerons and Duos & AMD Equivalents
Win 7, Vista and Windows XP
Desktop, Tower Computer, Laptop, Notebook computer.
Sorry, No MACs.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -




Any picture becomes a hysterical fun adventure. I've been sending them to friends and family and they think I'm crazy. But they do respond and they do love them.

Here Are Your 50+ FREE Resizable
Transparent Bonus Graphics & Bubbles
Actually you get 60 of these great graphics as you'll see below. But I've given you a few of the graphics in multiple colors. So there are 50 totally different graphics and bubbles, but you get 60 in all. Plus each one can be resized using any photo program as you drop them onto your pictures. So make them bigger or make them smaller. Each is a totally separate vector .PNG graphic so each is easy for you to use.

Your Bonus Graphics can be placed over any single color or all colors at once and as you can see they are 100% totally transparent. Use them on your cartoons or any of your digital pictures and they'll look great.
Each graphic is totally transparent outside of/beyond the graphic elements you see. The bubbles are white within the bubble and transparent outside of the bubble. So you can drop any of them onto any photo no matter the color or combination of colors and all you'll see is the graphic with no lines or problems around it at all. These are .PNG files and they are the standard for transparent graphics. .PNG is the format I use to create all the web pages you see and catalogs that I print. Then after the pictures are complete, I convert them to .JPEG or other type. But .PNGs are what I use for all the work I do. And now you can too. They are the best.

Important note about size: Most of use send emails with 360 or even 640 pixels as the height. You can send smaller but, you can't see the cartoon elements as well. Plus I've added the option for same size as original which you'd only use if you wanted to print large-size canvases. The program will handle any size original but is limited by the amount of CPU and RAM you have for these large-size prints. I find that up to about 2500 pixels wide runs on most PCs and even 3500 to 4000 pixel wide pictures run on my faster PCs. I haven't actually tried anything bigger than that. If your PC can't handle the super large sizes, then the program will simply close, no harm no foul. Oh, and any size image can be used as your cartoon source. So load up any image you have.

Once I finished Cartoonoranamy I realized that you'd likely want to add bubbles and graphics like I do. So I hired an artist to create all the wonderful graphics you see below. I paid a bunch, but you get them all for FREE. Use them in any work you like. The only limitation is that you can't sell them as a set. But you can use them for any other legal purpose. Add them to your cartoons or pictures and email them to friends. Sell your pictures with any of these graphics in them. Print your pictures with the graphics. In short. Use and enjoy them. Take a look below. Soon they will all be yours. Enjoy. . . Drew
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