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Super 36dB Active Noise Canceling earbuds!
Great For Running - Now The Biggest Bass Drivers for super bass, fit in the very smallest ears.
Forget earbuds that fall out of your ears every time you move because they simply don't fit in. Forget missing the richest deepest bass because the ear buds don't properly seal and the drivers aren't big enough to produce the super deep rich bass. Fits your iPod, iPad, iPhone & all MP3 Players.
Now BSR's revolutionary new in-ear loudspeaker earbuds use the biggest bass drivers, unique angled ear entry and smallest in-ear silicon cushions to deliver the music quality that will blow you away for just $19.95.

Here's Why BSR's Earbuds Sound So Good.
How Did They Get Them In Your Ear?
It's physics. You can't get great bass from small transducers. That's why woofers are always so big. Above, you can see the difference between standard 9 and 10mm transducers and BSR's revolutionary 13mm super transducers on the right.

Cheap earbuds even use 6mm transducers to save money. BSR's 13mm transducers are unique because of course they cost more but mostly they are unique because of how they can get these monster transducers into your ears.
We'll they've done it. (See my section on how and why they fit below.)
By Sol Harari
They are really small. Each earbud weighs only about 0.15oz. You won't even notice them. But, you will hear them.

I hate wearing earbuds. That is, I used to hate wearing earbuds.
Why? Because the darn things were always falling out. It was such an ongoing pain that I spent more time adjusting my earbuds instead of enjoying my music.

So I stuck to wearing my bulky over-the-ear headphones. You can't fold them up and stuff 'em into your pocket, but at least they stay on your head.
"I LOVE these earbuds. Got 1 pair already and am ordering 2 more because they are so awesome."
T.Z. Clearwater FL

When I asked for permission to use TZ's comments, here's the response I got. DK

"Thanks for your kind words as well. Finding earbuds that actually stay in your ears and sound great is very tricky, time consuming and can be expensive. Your earbuds really do stay in and are really comfortable and sound GREAT. Please feel free to put any of my comments that you would like on your site and thanks for a great product."

T.Z. Clearwater FL

The second most complaint against earbuds is that they reproduces cheap, tinny sound much like the sound put out by those dreadful smartphone speakers.

Funny thing is, with BSR's design for keeping earbuds sealed into your ears, both complaints disappear.

It's not that earbuds can't sound great. It's that if they don't seal, you get poor, weak bass. And until now, the drivers simply weren't big enough to deliver bass that makes you feel great.

You can see the difference that you'll hear. BSR's big 13mm driver above gives you so much more bass than a conventional 9mm driver below. It's massively better, bigger sound from now on.

Think of your ears as speaker cabinets. You need a good seal and walls that don't flex or the super low bass just washes away.

And if earbuds aren't perfectly aimed at the center sweet spot in your ear, you get an awful lack of high-end definition. Highs are very directional.

Just walk off center of your main stereo system's speakers and you'll still have all the bass, but you lose the super clear dramatic highs.
"These earbuds are fantastic. I finally have buds that won't fall out when I'm
walking, and the sound is superb. I'm ordering a second pair for the office.

A.W. Spring, TX

And if you're like me, every time you put regular earbuds into your ears, it takes like five minutes to get them pushed into the sweet spot where you'll get a good seal for great bass and clear distinct highs.

And then, and this is the worst part, as soon as I move, my earbuds used to fall out or come loose. I didn't know if was just me, or if I had small ears or what, but I'm sure that whoever thought up the original earbuds sure didn't have me in mind.

Try your current earbuds. Push on them as you listen to the bass. You'll hear the sound improve. You need the fit. You need the seal of in-ear earbuds.
Problem solved. Now BSR's in-ear earbuds actually put the high-definition transducers sound directly (see why they fit below) into your ear canals for perfect, sealed longwearing comfort.

And because they actually fit into your ear canal they always hit your audio sweet spot for the best deep rich bass plus added clarity and detail.

They also give you significant isolation from outside sounds. So they keep the outside world out. And that's always been the best part of headphones and earbuds. You're alone with your music.

2. Here's Why BSR Earbuds Fit
Even The Smallest Ears Best.
It's all new technology. Why do these earbuds really, really fit? See the 3 part angled design? It's designed that way for a reason. It's designed to accommodate the largest speaker transducer while giving you the most comfortable fit ever, even for super small ears.

Here's how it works.

1.) First, starting at the bottom. The chrome section acts as an easy grab handle for you to put the earbuds in and out. No needing to tug on a cable which can break with these in-ear earbuds. Of course if you look at the picture above, I'm actually holding the long cable strain protector. So you're covered two ways from cable breakage.

On the left is the normal small ear cushion. Do you see that the extra small cushion on the right is much smaller at the top? And that it's longer to better fit in?
2.) This is the unique driver housing. This is where your sound is generated. It's completely sealed and it holds the 13mm super driver. This is how BSR has managed to mount a giant speaker driver to give you the big, powerful bass response because this part of the earbud doesn't actually go into your ear.

3.) The top part is what actually goes into your ear canal. Can you see that it's all the way to the side and that it was created on an angle? This was done to give you the deepest penetration into your ear canal while angling off of the driver housing so you aren't prevented from putting the ear cushion deep into your ear canal.

Here's another view of the extra small cushion. You can see how much smaller it really is. I've never seen one like this before.
3A.) Finally, I took the picture of the earbud with our exclusive smallest, ultra small silicon ear cushion. This smallest cushion fits into even the smallest ears. Most other earbuds come with only 3 earbud sized cushions. Large, Medium and Small. By adding this unique ultra-small cushion, you get a whole new lease on listening pleasure if you have small ears.

If you check out my two pictures to the right, you'll see that not only is the ultra-small silicone ear cushion a bit smaller than the conventional size small, but that it's longer too. This way as you can see to the right, not only is it smaller overall, but it's really smaller at the tip where it fits into your ear canal. I have yet to find anyone who finds these cushions too big.

Oh and one more thing. Because of the design considerations of getting these earbuds into your ears, there's a very definite Left and Right. It's clearly marked on the underside of the driver housing so you see it whenever you put in these amazing new earbuds from BSR.
They slide right into your ear canal and aim the sound perfectly.
3 now 4-Silicon Seal Cushion Sizes Included. Each pair of these sleek good-looking in-ear headphones comes with 4 different sized pairs of silicone seals. Just put the ones on that work best for you.

Personally, I use the small or new super small and they are perfect for me. I'm thrilled
that somebody finally developed earbuds that fit for me and they will for you too. Now your earbuds won't fall out. They won't come loose. So, you won't lose the best sounds of your music.
Of course, the star of the show is the sound quality. These aren't the only headphones with a frequency response from 20Hz to
20,000Hz. But because these high-definition super size 13mm transducers seal into your ear and hit your sweet spot, they can actually deliver these frequencies to your ears, not just to the lab test equipment.
You'll hear exceptional clarity; really rich deep, tight bass; and sound that envelops you like never before. Plus with great noise isolation you won't be bothered by the outside world. Of course, don't wear these while driving, because you'll be locked in your own musical wonderland, which to me, is what listening to your music is all about.

More About The Fit.
In the past, I always used the featherweight headphones with my cassette and portable CD players. And they sounded great. And frankly when I first got my first iPod, I couldn't make their earbuds fit and I went back to using my over-the-head headphones.
No fumbling. Just grab the 'handle' and push them in for great sound.
But I was the only one on the plane, on the beach and in the gym with headphones. I really figured it was me. Maybe for some reason my ears were small. I'm 6'2" tall and I wear size 14 shoes so if my ear canals were small, that was the only part that was.
OK, this is an absolutely true story. I was taking my family to Maui for a dive vacation. I was sitting listening to my iPod switching from song to song. And my earbuds kept falling out.

I asked my son if I was doing something wrong. He said, "no dad, they fall out with everyone. It's not just you". Well, I felt better. As the gadget guru for the past 45 years, I hate to be behind.

So, I began my quest to find earbuds that fit. And finally, I found the in-ear earbuds and that's how the first set was born. Now, we've added the super drivers and the angled form.

So now they don't fall out and frankly, they sound nothing less than amazing. And while that may be a superlative pseudo-advertising word. You've simply got to hear these for yourself. Advertising it may be, but exaggeration, it's not.

Fit Is Important For 2 Reasons,
Well 3 Really.
Reason 1. Having to constantly keep putting the buds back in your ears as you move about is beyond a horrible pain in the . . . Now you put them in and they stay put. Great.
Reason 2. Losing the sweet spot when you move, or worse yet never even finding the sweet spot has a dramatic negative impact on your musical enjoyment.
There's a big argument about connection. Is gold plating worth it or not? Honestly. I'm not sure. But, when in doubt be sure. And while I'm not sure about the musical quality difference, I am sure about noise when you plug into a jack and you hear scratching or static. With gold, you don't.
Heck I hate losing my deep bass and dramatic highs. Where's the fun in that? Now the sweet spot is perfectly aimed every time. And, it stays there.
Reason 3 Isolation. I've always loved headphones. They let me go off in my own musical universe. I'm free from the world and I can play the songs I want without bothering anyone, I can have the music as loud or as soft as I like without bothering anyone. (don't turn it up too loud)
And best of all, nobody bothers me. They're blocked out. I really do love headphones.

But, it's really all about the sound. OK, well not having them fall out all the time is really what got me into the in-ear earbuds. But not having them fall out is really about the sound too.

And these do sound the best I've heard. But, there are creature
comforts and niceties that make your listening experience even better.

Think of these as the top of the heap in comfort. The angled design really does make them more comfortable to wear. Think of them as the best in sound. The 13mm drivers really do produce rich, deep powerful sound that you simply can't get from smaller drivers.

But there's more. There's a big argument about connection conductivity. Is gold plating worth the extra expense or not? Honestly. I'm not sure. But, when in doubt, if it does no harm, just do it to be sure. And while I'm not sure about the musical quality difference, I am sure about noise you often get when you plug into the jack on your MP3 player and you hear scratching or static as the plug goes in. With gold, you don't. Will the music sound better? Hard to say. But I think it's worth the expense to be sure.

Cable length. Does it matter? Well probably not. But the typical 3' cable is fine if you are using your player in your front pocket. But often I put mine on the basket in the front of my bike. Or, just on the desk. A 4' cable is good for me. Does it cost much more? No, it's less than 25 cents. But again, it's nice

Standard Limited Warranty. You get a standard 90-day parts and labor warranty. So, when fidelity really matters and only the best will do, choose these BSR SweetSpot Imaging Sound Isolating In-Ear PRO Studio Headphones. You'll really be glad you did.
Final Thoughts.
If you check around as I have, you'll find that most people have the same problem with earbuds not fitting and staying in that you and I have. And they just live with it. Think of it like 80% of the world is missing out on great sounds and futzing with putting earbuds back in their ears. But you don't have to live with the falling out and loss of great sound any more.
You can see the difference that you'll hear. BSR's massive 13mm driver above gives you so much more bass than a conventional 9mm driver below. It's massively better, bigger sound from now on.
You'll get dramatically increased fidelity and acoustic impact at lower volume levels because you've hit your sweet spot and because of BSR's bigger bass drivers. (Think about it. Normally you have to turn up the sound for the detail to show. Now you won't need to nearly as much volume.)
So get the rich, sweet, deep, deep, deep bass and the ultra-clear detail of your highs at all volume levels. It's really about the fit, the isolation, the super drivers and the sweet spot centering.
DAK's in-ear earbuds come with a standard limited 90 day warranty, a full extra long 4' long audio cable and 3 now 4 sets (including extra small) of different size silicone ear seals to fit your ears perfectly.
These earbuds have a 20-20,000hz wide smooth frequency response. Their oversized 13 millimeter speaker/transducers produce incredible deep rich bass that's unequalled by conventional 6-7 and even 10 millimeter transducers. The New 13mm super transducers give astounding deep rich bass. They have a sensitivity of 101db.

NO One Size Fits All.
Not Even 3 Sizes Fits All.
Especially if you have small ears.
You'll Hear & Feel The Difference.
The extra small is both smaller and taller to really fit in. And it's smaller at the end where it counts. These won't fall out.
It's a complete listening system. They really do fit into your ear canal so they don't fall out when you move, they seal the canal so you get the best possible bass and exclude outside interference and aim the sound precisely.
You really will hear the difference. And it's all about the fit for long all-day wearing comfort and the best sound.
And nobody else gives you 4 different sized silicon ear cushion pairs, including extra small to make sure these earbuds fit your ears, stay in your ears and are super comfortable for all day listening.

Try BSR's
'They Fit' 13mm Deep Bass Earbuds
Risk Free
They are really small. Each earbud weighs only about 0.15oz. You won't even notice them. But, you will hear them.
Plug these in in-ear loudspeaker earbuds into your iPod or iPhone or MP3 player. Choose one of the 4 sizes of silicon ear cushions. Put them in your ears. They fit easy and great. Dance around. Do a few cartwheels and see if you can get them to fall out. I mean if you really work at it you probably can, but it won't be easy.
They want to stay put. Turn on your favorite music. The music you love the best and know the best. And compare the sound. I always recommend you choose your favorite music first so you can really compare what the voices, the brushes on snare drums and the string basses sound like. See if you don't hear phenomenally clearer highs, massively deeper richer bass like I do. You know what the music you love should sound like. I'll bet you agree it sounds better than ever before.
OK, back to the fit. It's really all about the fit and the sweet spot. I think once you listen to the music you love best, you'll be sold on these new 13mm super driver in-ear earbuds just like I am. But if for any reason you're not 100% thrilled with the sound, with the fit or even the sleek good looks, just return them to DAK in their original packaging within 30 days for a courteous merchandise refund to the credit card you used when you bought them. We refund 100% of what you paid for the earbuds, but not P&H.
They come with 3 now 4 sets of in-your-ear-canal different size, small, medium and large (and now extra small added), comfortable silicone ear cushions, extra long 4' audio cable with gold plated 3.5mm stereo connector, 20Hz to 20,000hz high-definition sound from the massive 13 millimeter super transducers.

TO Order the BSR's In-Ear Noise Isolation Super Bass earbuds risk free with your credit card, just click the Buy Button below. They are just $19.95 per pair ($6.95 P&H) Order Number 3308. NY Res add sales tax.

Super Bass, In-Ear Noise, Isolating,
13mm Angled Earbuds That Fit.
'They Fit' - In Ear Headphones
Get Flawless Sound & No Falling Out.

No more messing with earbuds
trying to get them to stay in ever again.
You get the angled fit-in-your-ear earbuds, with the 3 now 4-sizes of silicone comfort-molded ear cushions, the 13mm super bass drivers and a 4' extra long cable with gold plated plug. These earbuds fit your ears, stay in your ears sound awesome and are super comfortable for all day listening. Plus you now get the built in microphone for smartphone use.
Just $19.95 - Order No. 3308 - ($6.95 P&H)
Save Big On P&H. Buy 1 or 5 and pay only $6.95 total.
Grab several pair for family and friends and save. $6.95 is the minimum UPS charge, but we can get 5 pair in the box. Your discount will show in the cart.
In Your Cart Now: 0

Need Extra Ear Cushions?
Did The Dog Eat Your Ear Cushions?
Do You Share Your Earbuds?
Nobody ever stocks extra ear cushions. And between the dog eating them, and sharing your earbuds with others, it's always handy to have spare cushions. And oh yes, truth be told, my 3-year old grandson just loves to pull them off. Sometimes we find them. Sometimes we don't.

So to make it really easy, I've ordered and have in stock sets of the complete set of 4 different sized pairs of silicone earbuds. You get two each of the small, medium and large earbud cushions. Plus you get the new extra small pair too. That's a total of 8 ear cushions.

And I negotiated a price that makes it well, cheap, to keep them. If you order at the same time you are ordering the earbuds, the set of 8 is just $2.95 and $0 P&H because I can put them in the same box when we ship your order. If you order later or if you order them separately, they are $4.95 and $2 P&H. Grab an extra set or two if your grandson is like mine, if you have a dog or if you share with friends. You'll be glad you did.

Extra Ear Cushions ONLY
Need Extra Ear Cushions?
The dog might eat yours, your grandson plays with them or you share? You get all 4 pair (8 ear cushions) Small, Medium Large plus the extra small.
Buy Ear Cushions
At Same Time As You Buy Earbuds
Sorry you can't add these later at this price. Only if you are buying earbuds now so I can put these in the same box. You can add these 8 cushions at my special price.
Just - $2.95 ($0 P&H)
Total Items In Your Cart Now: 0

Buy Ear Cushions
NOT At Same Time As You Buy Earbuds
OK, you didn't buy them when you bought the earbuds. But I've got them in stock and they are still a great price.
Just - $4.95 ($2 P&H)

Here's My Favorite Testimonial from an email.
You guys are kindred spirits, even when you don't agree with me.

Oh, and I've substituted [Brand X ] for the real earbud brand name.
I don't want to get in a fight with the other brand and what I really wanted you to read is what he did, not about the fact that I didn't win.
Just got my earbuds yesterday (order #133256949, Product Number: 3308) and I want to give you my honest evaluation.

I have a pair of [Brand X ] earbuds that I've had for three years. Yes, they fall out now and then. Yes, you are correct that the sound and bass response is better if they fit IN to the ear! Just so you know, I didn't want to buy the [Brand X ] earbuds (at the encouragement of a friend) because I am not overly impressed by their speakers and systems and at 99 bucks I didn't want to buy a name. The earbuds that came with my iPod were decent and I figured that was good enough. After all, how much difference could there be? Well, I was wrong. Just to make my friend leave me alone I tried hers and I was blown away. I bought mine the next day and have been happy with them ever since.

I lost one of the eartips, and was looking online to buy replacements when I ran across your site by accident. The BSR earbuds looked interesting, and I figured if I couldn't find the [Brand X ] eartips I would try the BSR earbuds at that great price. Well, I found the [Brand X ] eartips and ordered them. Then on a whim, I ordered your BSR earbuds. I received both orders within a day of each other.

After A/B comparisons with my iPod on various songs and genres, here is my opinion:

The BSR Earbuds are a fantastic buy for 19.95 plus shipping. They are louder than my [Brand X ] and have to make volume adjustments when switching between the two. The bass is slightly more present than with the [Brand X ] , and the [Brand X ] has VERY good bass presence.

The overall clarity of the [Brand X ] is better, but I only know that after doing the A/B test. With the [Brand X ] , every nuance is clearer. The BSR not as much. To be fair, had I not had the [Brand X ] to compare with, I would have been marveling at the clarity of the BSR and in particular, the bass presence.

Without a doubt, the BSR is the best I have run across besides my [Brand X ] and I am keeping them. My son has other various brands of earbuds and they don't hold a candle to the BSR's. I would say in the head to head comparison of sound quality (on a scale of zero to one hundred), I would rank the [Brand X ] at 99 (since nothing is absolutely perfect) and the BSR at 98. They are that close! I haven't tried seeing how well they stay in the ears as my main concern is the sound quality. I will assume they will stay put as advertised.

I will be recommending your BSR earbuds to others, especially some of my friends that refuse to pay the [Brand X ] price. Bottom line: Dollar for dollar your BSR Earbuds cannot be beat, and darn near rival a brand that cost five times more.

Thank you for your time.

R.M. Saint Clair, MO
Because BSR's in-ear earbuds fit in your ear canal rather than simply in your outer ear, you get a perfect seal. You'll notice a startling improvement in high-end detail and clarity and a real improvement in the deep rich bass, especially with BSR's new 13mm bass driver. Plus they don't fall out, which is the best improvement of all.
HACKER SAFE certified sites prevent over 99.9% of hacker crime.

"These are the most amazing earbuds that I have ever purchased--and the
only ones that fit!"

K.W. Madison, WI
Doesn't Look Comfortable?
It's the angles. I think you'll find that the angles actually make these the most comfortable earbuds you've ever tried for long, all day listening. And they are definitely the easiest ever earbuds to grasp to put in or take out.

Why 3 sections? Most earbuds only have 2 sections. These earbuds are more comfortable than ever and even easier to put in and take out.

The tiny bottom section with BSR's new extra small ear cushion is all that goes in your ear. The middle section has the new improved 13 millimeter speaker driver (most are only 6 or 9 millimeters and can't produce as much deep rich bass).

And the top section is the easy-grip handle. It's much easier to grab, adjust and put in than any other earbud I've ever used.

"Just received my pair and my wife fell in love with them and am ordering a second pair.
They are replacing a pair of $100.00 of the well known brand"

I.P. Troy, MI

Just the tiny extra small silicon ear cushion goes in your ear. And note the angle that it protrudes from the massive bass driver housing that makes it easier for you to push the ear cushion into your ear without hindrance from the massive bass 13mm driver housing.

The chrome back acts as an easy handle when you are putting the earbuds in or taking them out. Also note that I'm holding the cable strain protector so you don't get broken wires like you do with other earbuds if you try to pull them out by the wire.

It's a really interesting design that BSR used to allow you to get maximum penetration of the silicon ear cushion and still allow for the massive 13mm bass drivers. You really can have massive bass that fits into the smallest ear canals.

Why 3 sections? Most earbuds only have 2 sections. These earbuds are more comfortable than ever and even easier to put in and take out.

The tiny bottom section is all that goes in your ear. The middle section has the new improved 13 millimeter speaker driver (most are only 6 or 9 millimeters and can't produce as much deep rich bass).

Note: Oh and did you notice the big "R" on the side? That's so it's super easy for you to put the right earbud in the right and the left in your left ear without needing reading glasses to figure it out.

And the top section is the easy-grab handle. It's much easier to grab, adjust and put in than any other earbud I've ever used.

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