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New 5.5oz Recorder Records Anything Anywhere.
It works like a digital sound camera. Now you can instantly, digitally, capture your brilliant inspirations of the moment where you could never capture them before. Is it a speech through a PA? A microphone? A melody on a keyboard? On an electric guitar? Singing at a Karaoke Bar? Or Karaoke at a friend's house?
Record the tracks from a record at a friend's house? A track from an iPod, MP3 Player or CD player and so much more. Now you can record from just about any Line In, Mic, and Phono outputs from anything anywhere in flawless digital MP3. Save big with DAK's breakthrough price on this ultra-portable palm-sized stereo 5.5 ounce audio recorder for just $69.90.
By Sol Harari
It really works. Now you can make flawless digital mobile field recordings of just about any sound source you encounter. So whether you're a musician, a speaker, a sound effects collector, a journalist, a podcaster or at DAK's price, a music lover, now you can easily capture all the sounds you want to keep by just pushing the Record Button.
You can instantly plug in and record from stereo components, portables iPods and MP3 players and even directly from a turntable. Plus plug in Mics, PAs and more.
LINE IN recording. Just use DAK's included cables to connect to any line out source anywhere. It can be the output from DAK's PA system so you can capture all the sounds you produce to sell, share or keep. Why let those precious pearls of wisdom be lost and vanish forever?
Record from any stereo or mono Line/Aux Out Source. Use DAK's included cable to plug into an iPod, or other MP3 Player, portable CD Player, Walkman cassette player and more. Just press Record and start the player and you'll have a flawless MP3 digitized copy. It couldn’t be easier.
Record from any home stereo. Just plug DAK's included RCA cables into the output of any home CD player, Tuner, preamp out, tape deck or even the audio from TV, DVD or satellite radio.
Here I'm recording every word and every sound from DAK's PA system. Now You can sell, share and keep your presentations.

Are you a musician? Use DAK's included cables to plug right into your Guitar or Bass
Amp, Keyboard Output (or headphone jack), or any instrument with a headphone or line out jack. In fact, if you play an acoustic guitar, violin, cello or bass and use a surface mic, you can plug that into the Mic jack too.
Record from Microphones Too. Just plug any wireless, dynamic or electret condenser mic into the mic jack and record. If you're one of the tens of thousands of DAKonians with DAK's wireless Mics, just plug them in and capture all your ideas so you can later use them for sales, sharing or to keep.
It's so easy to do. You can plug in direct and do narrations or you can use a Y adapter (not included) and plug both into DAK's recorder and whatever PA or other system you're using.
Either way, you're just one button push away from a permanent digital copy of all your ideas. And you can record for hours and hours so you're sure to capture everything you want to keep, share or sell.
You just never know - - -
You may give the same speech, play the same music or broadcast the same show. You might play the same cords on the keyboard or strum the same tune on the guitar.
But one of the times, something really profound will come out and now it will be recorded and not lost. You'll have it. You never know when inspiration will strike. Now it will be captured forever.
Copy Records Too.
Forget preamps and amplifiers. Now you can copy from any turntable with a magnetic cartridge. You'll be digitizing your records as they play with no amps needed. Of course you can plug in from the amp or preamp out too. It's up to you.
If you're like tens of thousands of us DAKonians, you've been copying your LPs, 45s and tapes using DAK's LP and cassette to CD system. But you can't copy what you don't have. And if you're at a relative's or friend's house and there's a record there you want to copy, now you can connect directly to a turntable and copy that record.
A built in phono preamp allows you to copy the record with no need for an amplifier and speakers. Heck, there's even a ground lug for the ground wire from the turntable. Oh, and if the turntable is actively connected to a stereo system, you can just plug into any Line Out/Rec Out and copy it that way too. But either way, you'll have an instantly digitized copy of the record.
I can copy any tracks right off my iPhone or any portable MP3 player or anything with a headphone jack.

If you're a musician, now you can capture your jam sessions or performances and sell, share or keep the results. Just click Record and everything you play will be recorded for longer than you could ever play. Play the guitar, bass, keyboard or any instrument with an output or headphone jack. And, you'll get a flawless digital MP3 recording.

But What The Heck Is It?
And How Dow It Work?
Just click Record. That's all there is to it. You'll hear your digital copy as you record by just plugging in headphones. Hit play to hear what you've recorded when you're finished playing. It's easy.
DAK's new Recorder is super simple to use. It's a tough portable palm-sized stereo MP3 recorder. You simply use DAK's included cables and adapters to plug into whatever source you want to record from.
It gives you 2 input choices. You have stereo line in. That's what you'll use for any Line Level (Aux) type recording. It's the output from stereos, TV sound, headphone jacks and computers.
For recording directly from a turntable without a preamp, there's a switch to kick in the phono preamp. There's a Mono Mic in if you are recording directly from a microphone.
All you need to do is select your source and hit record. As the recording is made, you'll hear the actual digitized sound as it records through any headphones that you plug into the headphone jack.
You have two volume controls. The 1st is the Rec volume (it's on the side) and you set it using the peak reading LED that flashes red if you exceed the maximum recording volume. You set your listening volume by using the up/down buttons to each side of the Record Button.
Above and below the Record Button are the track advance/reverse buttons so you can skip through recorded tracks if you want to play back your recordings. Play/Pause and Stop buttons are to the left of the Record Button area. .
How Long Can You Record? It's up to you. Like a digital camera, DAK's new recorder uses SD memory cards. And here's a super addition. You can also use the standard USB Jump drives or flash discs that have replaced 3.5 floppy discs to record on. You don't even have to have a clean drive. Just push it in and when you hit record, DAK's recorder will create a Record Folder and start numbering all the recordings you make in that folder.
Use any standard jump drives/flash drives or SD cards to hold all your music. I get just about 24 hours on a 4-gig drive. Wow, that's a lot of recording. How easy it is.
I've been using 4 Gig jump drives for my recordings. (I've been paying about $10 for them. Wow has the price come down.) On one 4-gig jump drive I can fit almost 24 hours of recording. It's really great.
And anything you don't want, just hit delete. Now you can record everything without worrying. Digital recording is the best.

But It's The Sound Quality.
I love digital. It's clean, clear and crisp. You'll find that you can broadcast your results. The recording is standard 128 Kbps MP3.
It's the same you get with most downloads and it's the same default DAK's editor creates if you convert to MP3 from Wav.
Of course you can convert MP3 to anything you like. You can put it up online, you can share it with friends. You can email it. You can copy it to anyone's computer and you can burn standard CDs too. It's the perfect format because it takes just about 1 megabyte per minute of space.
DAK's recorder is about 4.09" tall, 2.55" wide and 1.26" deep and weighs about 5.5 ounces. It's covered by a standard 90-day parts and labor limited warranty. It operates on 2 AA batteries or an included AC Adapter. DAK's added a cable assortment to it including 3.5mm stereo to RCA female cable, 3.5mm stereo to RCA Male cable. Mono converter to 1/4" barrel for PAs and Microphone output and a 3.5mm to 3.5mm adapter for the Mic input.
Copy from any portable or any stereo or any PA. There's no limit. Even the cables are included. Now you'll have flawless instantly digitized copies of everything you want.

Try DAK's Portable
Anywhere Anything Digital Recorder.
It's Utterly Unlike Anything Ever Before.
Risk Free
Just plug in a wired or wireless Mic receiver and you'll have a permanent flawless MP3 copy of all your presentations and songs.
Make some recordings. Record from your PA. Record from an iPhone or other MP3 player. Direct connect to a turntable with no preamps needed or plug into your keyboard, guitar, or bass. Listen to your digital results.
As you record or afterward. Now you can take a palm-sized professional field recorder with you wherever you go. Now you can make flawless digital recordings ready to distribute for sale or sharing.
Now you can save those precious pearls of wisdom that would be lost forever. Just take the SD Card or Jump drive out of the recorder and plug it into any PC and you're set.

Try it everywhere you go. Make some great recordings for 30 days risk free. If you're not 100% thrilled with your recording results, and the things you've recorded and saved for posterity, simply return it to DAK within 30 days, in its original packaging for a courteous 100% merchandise refund to your credit card.
To order your DAK Portable Anywhere Anything Digital recorder to record Line In, Mic and Phono to MP3 complete with AC Adapter and DAK cable pack to record anything you want anywhere you are risk free with your credit card, click the buy button below. It's just $69.90 ($8.95 P&H). NY Residents add sales tax.

DAK Record Anything Anywhere
Palm-Size Portable MP3 Recorder
Just $69.90 - Order No. 3301 - ($8.95 P&H)
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Now you really can capture those precious moments from all your speeches and presentations. Now you can capture the music you love from just about any source I've ever seen. And now you can save it all in flawless compressed MP3 files that you can play, email, share and keep and edit any time you like.
Special Bonus Editing Note: Edit what you record. Distribute MP3s. Burn CDs. Extract just the parts you want, fast and easy with DAK's PRO Wav & MP3 Recording and Editing PC Programs.
You can use the MP3 files from this recorder anywhere you like. MP3 is the standard accepted standard everywhere and on just about every PC in the world. If you'd like to edit what you've recorded and extract, mix and compile professional tracks, DAK's Wav & MP3 editor pro is the best way to do it.
It's normally $24.95 but with your purchase of the DAK recorder, you can grab it for just $18.95. You can read all about it here. It includes all you need for editing and recording on your computer as well as $659 of professional sound effects. You order it here.

Add The Special Computer Recording
Order Bonus Just $24.95
You Pay Just $18.95.

Plus Get 169 $659 Value Sound Effects
Included FREE
You Must Order DAK's Recorder On this page
To Get the Special Editor $24.95 for $18.95 Bonus Price & Effects.

Did you know ???
  • 1) Your computer was now the best studio recording system you can get?
  • LIVE Recording & Editing DEMO
    Plug in your Mic. Here's a quick example of removing HALF A WORD from a sentence so you can see how easy ANY recording & Editing can be done.
    Click To See How It's Done
    2) You can BOTH Record & Edit like never before just using the power of your computer and DAK's New Recording & Editing software? If you make a mistake, DON'T START OVER, just edit out the error or paste in the good part.
  • 3) You can just plug our Mics into your Desktop, Tower or Notebook computer. We'll include the 3.5mm plug adapter so our Mics plug right in.

  • All you need is the new DAK Wave & MP3 Recorder & Editor PRO on your computer.
    It's normally $24.95. But, as an order bonus with any of the Mics on this page, it's yours for just $18.95.

    Just place your order for DAK's Recorder on this page and then add the Editor by clicking the Buy Button Below and you'll be all set. The DAK MP3 & Wave Editor PRO Records BOTH Wave Files (standard CD audio) and MP3 files.

    Here's the whole Wave Editor Tutorial.
    Click To See How You Can Record Anything

    No P&H. No Service Charges. No Extra Changes. No come-ons. None.
    Just Order The Recorder On This Page To Get
    The Special Editor Bonus Price & The Effects.

    Get 169 Free Sound Effects - $659 Value
    Not Cheap 1 Bark Wonders!
    Extra – Extra – ADDED Bonus.
    Sound Effects Demo. Hear What You Can Do!

    Personalize your computer's system sounds. It's now super easy with our 169 professional sound effects or use sound effects with your messages, your narrations, your Power Point Presentations and anything you record.
    Get All 169 Effects With DAK's Recording Program.

    You Get All These Sounds And More. See The List.
    Yes, get 169 professional digital royalty free sound effects that I paid $659 for, absolutely free. Not Short 1 bark wonders. These are complete sound effects some over 1 minute long that you can edit, extract and use to personalize your computer's sounds, in your live recordings, your movies, web casts and anything you record many other ways.
    You Get 2 Sound Effects Collections For 169 Effects
    Check it out by Clicking Here For 62 Effects
    Check it out by Clicking Here for 107 Effects.

    DAK MP3 & Wave Recorder & Editor
    Instant Download - Adapter shipped with Mic
    Get The FREE 169 Sound Effect Order Bonus
    With This Recording Program.

    You Must Order The Recorder On This Page
    Get The Special Order Bonus Price
    Just $24.95 $18.95 - Order No. 20509 - ($0 P&H)
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    Record Anything Anywhere Easy
    It fits in the palm of your hand. It runs on 2 AA batteries or an included AC adapter. It captures all those pearls of wisdom at meetings and presentations and your favorite music from just about any source you can imagine. See below.

    Easy controls make it super easy to record and play. It's about 5.5 ounces of pure recording palm-size wonder.

    It goes where you go. At 5.5oz you'll always capture those priceless pearls of wisdom, from presentations and those inspirations when things go just right.

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