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See How To Add 62 Sound Effects - FREE.
Use either the Hand-Held or the Head-Mike. Now your singing, narration and speeches can be totally broadcast quality. Plus, now you can instantly and easily record and edit what you say or sing with DAK's new INCLUDED CD QUALITY digital Wave & MP3 Recorder and Editing Program.
Now there's no need to start over each time you flub. Just paste your efforts together. No muss. No fuss. Easily Take out AHs, UHs, UMs and pauses. Now it's easy to obtain totally professional recordings with far less effort than ever before, all for just $29.90 & $34.50. .
By Sol Harari
Do you sing? Narrate? Give speeches, toasts or tell jokes?
Now you can use one of our pro microphones and harness the digital power of your own computer to create broadcast quality live recordings.
Your computer can now be truly the most powerful recording and editing and post-production studio you can get. Use your desktop at home and your notebook anywhere else.
Get 62 Professional Digital Sound Effects For FREE Added to your Mike with our Computer Recording Program Order Bonus. See Below.
Sound Effects Demo.
Hear What You Can Do!

Recorded With Head-Mike & Editor
You really can do as much on your computer as many professional studios can do with all their fancy dedicated equipment.
And, you can do it all with DAK's new Wave Editor & Recorder PRO and our new microphones.

Just look at the full graphic waveform of your music to the right. You can actually see and instantly select any parts, words or sections you want to edit in the window. Don't worry about starting over when you're recording a song or speech if you make a mistake.
Just start the paragraph, measure or bar over again, NOT THE WHOLE THING.
Or, start from the last pause or you name it.
Then just effortlessly paste the two parts together and nobody will ever be able to tell.
And this is great. You'll have the best parts from all your efforts as your final product. It's all so easy.

Talk whisper or sing. You'll find our Hand-Held microphone to be comfortable in your hand and totally pro in its voice capture. The built-in windscreen minimizes pops and hard Ps. And the 10' Shielded cable gives you plenty of freedom to move around. Click off the switch to 'go private' any time. Plus you'll record it all with DAK's INCLUDED all new Wave & MP3 Editor & Recorder PRO.
Your Questions Answered -
My Say.

Your Questions Asked -
Your Say.


Plus, the Wave Editor gives you full 20-20,000Hz recording with virtually no hum and noise. And there's so much you can do. It's like being in a studio.
Of course you can record. You can overlay your narration over a background music track.
Can You Be a Duet or a Trio?
Be a duet, a trio or a choir. Hear it here.
You can effortlessly create sound on sound (lay tracks over tracks). And you can mix from a file you've already made, or mix live.
You can be a single voice, your own duet, trio or even your own chorus.
It's all easy to do with DAK's new .Wav Editor Recorder and one of our pro mikes.

If you can hear it, you can record it
• Live Streaming Audio from the Internet
• Copy your LPs, Cassettes & Tapes to CD
• Direct-Copy and edit tracks from CDs
• Download and edit MP3s from the Internet.
• Much more. SEE BELOW.

Our mikes plug into PA systems, DAT or cassette recorders AND right into your Desktop or Notebook computer.
The wide frequency response is specifically tailored to singing and narration.
Both mikes are unidirectional so they pick up from the front, so you avoid feedback and noise from the audiences.
Speak or sing. Whisper or shout. Now you can be a star on stage, in a club or at a meeting. Here's the scoop on the microphones.
The Hand-Held Microphone. It's perfect for stage lead and backup vocals. It's unidirectional so it's resistant to audience noise or feedback from the back.
And with its built-in wind filter, it minimizes wind and breath 'pop' noises. It has a 10' long shielded cable with BOTH a 1/4" jack and a 3.5mm computer adapter included.
Change Isn't into Is. Wow think of what you can edit. It's all easy. Click to hear.
There's a built-in on/off switch so you can 'go private' any time. The mike is a comfortable in your hand 9 inches long. If you want the feeling of a mike in your hand or you want to pass it around, then this is the mike for you.
The Head-Mike. It's a fact. Professional Entertainers have switched to head-mikes. It gives them total hands-free freedom, but more important it keeps the mike a precise measured distance from their mouths that doesn't change as they move.
And that's especially important for consistent volume recording. The headset is padded at the head contact points.
And the infinitely adjustable 6-1/4" flexible boom with wind and 'P pop' filtering windscreen can be easily positioned for precise stay-where-it -is perfection no matter how much you move.
And, it's unidirectional so it just picks up from you. Not audience and feedback noises. You can wear the head-mike EITHER over your head or around the back of your head. It has a 32" short cord and an 17' extension shielded cable for a 20' total. So, you can really move around hands-free.
There's an on/off switch on the cable so you can 'go private' any time. There are BOTH a 3.5mm Jack (for your computer) and a 1/4" adapter for pro use.
In short, with the head-mike, your mike will move with you. And stay precisely positioned in front of your face. You'll be a hit at performances, sales meetings, in school or church. And the sound you'll get live or for recording really is terrific from the head-mike.
A note about frequency response. We tend to think of music from 20Hz to 20,000Hz. But the human voice is really centered from about 120-150hz to about 9-11,000Hz.
So, a good voice mike is made to primarily capture these frequencies. If you want to record instruments, then you need an instrument mike, not a voice mike. And an instrument mike isn't the best for recording voice.

It's called a Head-Mike and it gives you total freedom to use your hands and move around with its 20' shielded cable. Plus, once you set it you'll record perfectly because the mike will be precisely maintained at a consistent distance from your mouth. It's very reliable and sounds terrific. Wear it over you head or on from the back of your head. Plus you'll record it all with DAK's INCLUDED all new Wave & MP3 Editor & Recorder PRO.

Recording is easy. Just click Record. But the post-production easy editing is awesome. Here you can see that I've changed the word ISN'T to IS with just one Select and Delete. You can easily edit anything you record just this easily. Paste parts together, take out AHs, UHs, UMs and pauses. Now it's all easy.

So Many Effects. Here I've shown how easy it is to add a Fade Out at the end of your track (or anywhere). Plus the Fade Out Length is infinitely adjustable. Just select the area you want to Fade and Click Fade+ or Fade-. That's it. And all the other effects are just this easy too. Wait till you try them yourself.

Free Step-By-Step Tutorial eBook Guide
Included When You Order.
Download It Now With The Editor.

Click To See The Online Version
Hand-Held Singer's Dream Mike
The Wave Part Is An Instant Download
Just $29.90 - ($4.85 P&H)
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Head-Mike Singer's Dream Mike
The Wave Editor Is An Instant Download
Just $34.50 - ($4.85 P&H)
Total Items In Your Cart Now: 0

These mikes have a 100-12,000Hz frequency response with -76db @ 1,000Hz Sensitivity. They are 600 ohms. They are great for recording singing and speaking in the most demanding situations.

Your Wave Editing Tutorial

Free Step-By-Step Tutorial eBook Guide
Included When You Order.
Download It Now With The Editor.

Click To See The Online Version
So is it hard to do all this recording? No it's really easy and I'll show you how to do it in my step-by-step pictorial tutorial so can get up and running fast and make the most of using DAK's new Wave editor.
After you know how to do something it seems easy. Now you'll see how to record and edit and make the most of all your narration, music and speeches.
Here's are a few of the things I show you how to do:

Join Multiple parts into one perfect recording
Edit out Words, AHs, UMs and Pauses

Fade In, Fade Out.
Mix your voice to make a duet to a choir
Mix your voice over background music.
Separating or Splitting Tracks From LPs
Removing Applause from between Tracks
Lots More

Check It out. You'll see how to do it all, step-by-step. And oh will you love listening to your music once it's digital. Wow! It's a whole new world. Enjoy. And let me know what you think.
. . .Drew

Click To Visit The Recording & Editing Tutorial.


Important Note: It's really easy to use. Just click Record to record and Stop to stop.
But if you want to click a few more buttons, I think you'll fine an unmatched ability to record, mix and enhance your music equal to or exceeding many traditional recording studios. Check out some of what you can do.
  1. Dual Mode Editing Supported - Open 2 copies of the Editor at once. Then you can play and select from one and copy and paste to the other. It's a big time saver to be able to work with two open 'instances' at once. You can even play on one and record on the other if you'd like.

  2. Fade In - Fade Out - Just highlight an area and click Fade In+ or Fade Out-. The selected area will go from whatever volume it was at, to Zero or from Zero to full. Now you can have perfect smooth intros and exits. It's just a click away.

    "Dear Drew,
    It is true, the product is amazing as you have indicated.
    The software takes all the pain out of editing the waveforms; just unbelievable.
    R. B. Dayton, OH           >>> Click for more.

  3. Place Markers - You can place as many markers in a file as you desire. A popup screen lets you record their location for future access and action. So, if you have a good section, just mark it so you can easily find it again later. Even if it's a month from now, your marks will be there.

  4. Infinite Zoom - Click Zoom+ to zoom in. You can zoom in in steps so that you
    Zoom in as deep as you want. Down to 1/100th of a word
    can see even 1/100th of a word, a pause, an UM, AH or UH. You can zoom out in steps just as you zoomed in, or you can click Zoom X and see the entire file in the Wave Windows. You can also scroll through the entire file at any Zoom level. Great for editing.

  5. Unlimited Undo - Don't be afraid to try anything. Just click the undo to go back.
    Undo and Redo make your efforts mistake-proof.
    Even if you've gone 50 steps, you can Undo back to where you were. Plus, if you want to compare, you can click Redo to compare what you've done again.

  6. Effects - Add special effects. Just click Vibrato, Stretch+, Stretch-, Flanger, or more to further adjust the sounds you have recorded. You can Invert the sound or Reverse it and hear it backward. So, you can actually create interesting sound effects just with your voice and the Editor Effects.

  7. Add Silence - Need a few extra seconds of silence between two words? a paragraph? tracks? Want to create a track in a spoken book tape where one didn't exist before? No problem. Click Insert Silence. Each time you do, you'll add 1/2 second.

  8. Sound On Sound Recording - Do you sing? You can be a soloist, a duet, a trio
    It's just 2 steps to easy voice overs and sound on sound recordings
    or a whole choir. Heck you can just about be the Mormon Tabernacle choir if you choose. Just use EITHER the Mix Insert Command to record live onto an existing recording, or the Mix from File Insert Command to mix a new file onto a file you have open. NOTE: With 90-100db signal to noise ratio you really can add layer after layer of sound without annoying background hiss and hum. This is nothing like recording on tape.

  9. Batch Convert MP3 To Wave Or Wave to MP3 Or Both. -
    You can batch convert from MP3 to Wave or from Wave to MP3 and set the frequency too. Covert 1 file or 100 at a time. Now, it's easy.
    It's easy to convert back and forth. You can save any file as a Wave (that's the standard format for audio CDs) or as an MP3. That's easy. Or open the special Batch Converter (It's in the Tools Menu) & convert hundreds of Waves to MP3s or MP3s to Waves. You're just a click away. In short, you'll have perfect recordings and fast, easy conversions every time.

  10. Direct Open CD Music Tracks. OK, this is hot. Up
    Now you can DIRECT OPEN Any Track From Any CD. Just click.
    till now you needed to get a CD Ripper to transfer music tracks from your CDs to your computer so you could copy them or edit them. Now we've added Direct Open So you can simply go to any audio CD and Directly Open, Copy and Edit any track on any CD. I've never seen this in a Wave Editor Before.

    It's easy to add overlays and new content to your music. Read all about it.

  11. Dialog Interview & Narration Mixing - Choose your background music or sound track. Then choose EITHER the Mix Insert Command to record your voice live onto existing background music or effects, or the Mix from File Insert Command to mix your voice that you've already recorded on top of some background music. Or to insert your voice or music without mixing, like a new measure, paragraph or word, choose Paste or Paste From File. It's all instantly easy.

  12. Meeting/Presentations/LP/Cassette LENGTH TIMER. - Yes, it's a SET & FORGET recording timer so you can concentrate on your music or narration, not on getting back to your computer to stop the recording. Just select any time you want. 1 hr for a meeting, 30 minutes for the side of a cassette. Or anything from 2 minutes to 3 hours and your digital recording will automatically stop recording for you. It's great for recording, or if you're running a meeting yourself, now you really can be in 2 places at once.

  13. Meeting/Presentation/Streaming Audio SCHEDULE TIMER - Now you can totally automate the recording process. Want to record a meeting between 8 and 10 tonight? No problem. Want to catch that radio show at noon? A Broadcast at 2AM? No problem again. Just use the SET AND FORGET schedule timer and whatever you want to record will be automatically recorded for you and waiting for you when you get back to your computer. Again, if you have a meeting you're recording from 10 to 11, then just set the Schedule timer and just like a VCR, it will start and stop recording automatically.

  14. Amplify Tracks - What if a track, part of a track or just one channel isn't balanced or isn't loud enough? Easy Click Amplify and it will be digitally amplified by 20% each time you click it. You also have -Amplify to reduce any selected area's volume.

  15. Add Echo - Want to broaden voices with Delay? Click Delay to add fullness.

  16. Normalize Track Volumes - What if you've recorded tracks from different sources and the volume isn't the same. It's such a pain to sit at the volume control of your CD player while you drive constantly turning it up and down. Just click Normalize and all the tracks will be about the same volume Whew that's better.

  17. Paste From File - Copy and Pasting is fully supported. You can Copy and Paste normally from one section of the screen to another. You can copy from one 'instance' of the program to another. And you can Paste from an audio file by placing the cursor where you want to add the file and selecting Paste From File.

  18. Audio Filters - There are high, low and shelf filters and much more. But I'm running out of space here. Check out the Wave Editing Tutorial for more for much more.

  19. Edit/Alter One Channel - You can edit either channel separately or both together. You can apply any of the actions or filters above to one or both channels with a single click.

  20. Repeating Loop - What if you want to learn a foreign language, the notes to a song,
    Here's Infinity Play which lets you repeat any 'select' forever.
    or the lyrics to a song? My wife used this to practice the colors from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Just select the part you want and click the Loop (Play forever) Button. It will repeat with no pause forever. It's like standard repeat, but you can select any section in the file and have it repeat, not just a whole song.

  21. MP3 Info. - Supports and lets you add or edit all the MP3 Informational Text including Track, Album, Artist etc.

"Man this is really great have done a few dozen records and a few old tapes. They actually sound better than the old originals!! All your tutorials are great,they sure make this easy."
E. H. Squires, MO           >>> Click for more.

How Do You Actually Get Your Mike & Wave Editor?

It's easy. Just Click the Buy button below and you'll enter our shopping cart ordering system.
At the end of your purchase, AT THE BOTTOM of Your Final Order Confirmation page you'll see an instant download link.
Just Click Download and The Editor is yours INSTANTLY. You'll have the DAK MP3 & Wave Recorder & Editor to use INSTANTLY. Then, we will ship you your Mike by Priority Mail to get it to you fast.

Free Step-By-Step Tutorial eBook Guide
Included When You Order.
Download It Now With The Editor.

Click To See The Online Version

"Dan, by God, I believe I've got it!

I cut my first baton twirling routine song for next week's new class. I saved it in CD quality and it sounds great on the burned CD.

[Note: Here she needed to remove 45 seconds from a song so it would be the correct length for a competition. It's easy to do with the Wave Editor. DK]

I will let all the other twirling coaches know about your wonderful product.

The customer support is fantastic as opposed to when you buy something more expensive from a store.

Thanks for everything!"

M.E. Southampton, NY             >>> Click for more.

Plug in one of our professional microphones into your PA, Stereo or Computer. Speak or sing. Whisper or shout. Wait till you hear the great sound quality.
Try recording and editing with DAK's new Wave & MP3 Editor/Recorder PRO. It's turns your computer into a remarkable recording studio that's unmatched by many professional conventional studios. If you're not 100% thrilled return it within 30 days for a courteous refund.
To order your Hand-Held Singers Dream Mike or your Head-Mike Singers Dream Mike WITH THE INCLUDED MP3 And Wave Full Featured Recording Studio For Your Computer PLUS get the Tutorial eBook all about How To Do Wave Editing risk free with your credit card, click the Buy Links below. The Hand-Held Mike & Wave Editor is just $29.95. ($4.85 P&H) Order No. 2064. And the Head-Mike & Wave Editor is just $34.50. ($4.85 P&H) Order No. 2066. (NY res. add tax)
It's a whole new world of professional broadcast Singing, Narrating and Speaking with incredible easy and fidelity. Plus now you can easily edit, mix and enhance everything you record. And don't forget you can easily eliminate all those embarrassing AHs, UHs UMs, and pauses from everything your record.
And , you're just a click away from recording anything you can hear. Once this powerful recording and editing studio system is on your computer, you'll be capturing and perfecting everything you hear. The Mike & Wave Editor Recorder Studio is a very powerful sound combination.

Hand-Held Singer's Dream Mike
The Wave Editor Is An Instant Download
Just $29.90 - ($4.85 P&H)
In Your Cart Now: 0

Head-Mike Singer's Dream Mike
The Wave Editor Is An Instant Download
Just $34.50 - ($4.85 P&H)
In Your Cart Now: 0

Special Order Bonus.
Record CD Quality Sound From Our Mikes

Plus Get 62 Sound Effects
Included FREE
Did you know ???
  • 1) Your computer was now the best studio recording system you can get?
  • 2) You can BOTH Record & Edit like never before just using the power of your computer and DAK's New Recording & Editing software? If you make a mistake, DON'T START OVER, just edit out the error or paste in the good part.
  • 3) You can just plug our mikes into your Desktop, Tower or Notebook computer. We'll include the 3.5mm plug adapter so our mikes plug right in.


    OK, you get the Wave Editor with the microphones. If you'd like the Sound Effects too, Just order the UPGRADED DAK MP3 & Wave Editor PRO that includes an integrated CD Burning Program.

    It's just $5 extra. It's a universal high speed Playlist Burner that won't interfer or do anything to your defauilt burner.

    To Get the 62 Royalty Free Professional Digital Sound Effects, with EITHER the Hand or Head Mikes, just use the spcial Buy Buttons below.

    Here's the whole Wave Editor Tutorial.
    Click To See How You Can Record Anything

    No P&H. No Service Charges. No Extra Changes. No come-ons. None.
    Get 62 Free Sound Effects - $194 Value
    Not Cheap 1 Bark Wonders!
    Extra – Extra – ADDED Bonus.
    Sound Effects Demo. Hear What You Can Do!
    Recorded LIVE With The Head-Mike & Editor

    Personalize your computer's system sounds. It's now super easy with our 62 professional sound effects or use sound effects with your messages, your narrations, your Power Point Presentations and anything you record.
    Get All 62 Effects With DAK's Editor Plus Burner.

    You Get All These Sounds And More. See The List.
    Yes, get 62 professional digital royalty free sound effects that I paid $194 for, absolutely free. Not Short 1 bark wonders. These are complete sound effects some over 1 minute long that you can edit, extract and use to personalize your computer's sounds, in your live recordings, your movies, web casts and anything you record many other ways.
    Check it out by Clicking Here.

    Hand-Held Singer's Dream Mike
    The Wave Editor Pro Is An Instant Download
    !!!! Get The FREE 62 Sound Effect Order Bonus
    ADD Just $5 Just $34.90 - ($4.85 P&H)
    In Your Cart Now: 0

    Head-Mike Singer's Dream Mike
    The Wave Editor Pro Is An Instant Download
    !!!! Get The FREE 62 Sound Effect Order Bonus !!!!
    ADD Just $5 Just $39.50 - ($4.85 P&H)
    In Your Cart Now: 0

    The Wave Editor Works On Any Windows Computer
    98, 2000, ME & XP

    Important: DAK's MP3 & Wave Recorder is not intended for use in circumventing copy protection mechanisms or for making illegal copies of copyrighted content. Just because you have the ability to copy anything doesn't mean you should copy everything.

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    Click the link below to take the whole Quiz.

    Q: How much SMALLER are MP3 files than regular CDs?
    Hey Drew - Who Cares?

    Take Your DAK Quiz!

    Drew's Quick Take Review

    At a Glance:
    It's a combination of pro mikes and new recording and editing capability I've never seen outside of a recording studio. Hold the hand-mike or wear the head-mike and record and then edit everything you say or sing. It's remarkable what you can now do.

    •Head-Mike keeps your mouth a precise distance from mike for consistent recordings.
    •One Click Record Grabs everything.
    •Visually seeing exactly what you hear makes it easy to edit.
    •Easy Mix From File
    •Fade+ & Fade- work perfectly for Intros & Exits.
    •Converting Wave to MP3 is really easy.
    •None This Time-Really
    •But, it would be neat to have 6 channel capability for some group masters.

    Quick Conclusion: Or Why This Product
    Recording is easy. But redoing what you say or play used to be a pain if it was possible at all. Now you can eliminate all the errors and AHs, UMs and Pauses really easily. Now you can join all the good parts to make one really professional recording. Now it's easy to capture and edit your songs, narrations and more. It's a winner.

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    Drew, You mean burn like in a campfire?

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