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Live Recording Demo
Drew's Easy How To Turn-
"It Isn't Very Good."
"It Is Very Good."

By the time you follow this short just for fun tutorial, you'll know how to do just about any type of live recording or editing you might ever want to do.

And Doing things like:
Recording Live Streaming Audio From the Internet
Separating Tracks
Copying LPs & Cassettes
Will all be child's play for you.

And this is just a short sample of our main tutorial that you get with the Wave & MP3 Recorder & Editor.

If you can hear it you can Record It and Edit It with the DAK Wave Editor/Recorder.

Here's a quick example of removing HALF A WORD from a sentence so you can see how it's done. With the power of this on your computer, there's really no limit to what you can do. In this case, I've effortlessly changed the meaning of this sentence just for fun.

Your computer is truly the most powerful recording and editing and post-production studio you can get. You really can do as much on your computer as many professional studios can do with all their fancy dedicated equipment and you can do it all with DAK's new Wave Editor/Recorder.
LIVE Recording & Editing DEMO
Hear It Live
Plug in your Mike. Cue up your record. Open any existing music or voice track. Here's a quick example of removing HALF A WORD from a sentence so you can see how it's done.

So while this example is just taking out part of a word, you'll do so much more. Don't worry about starting over when you're recording a song or speech if you make a mistake. Just start the measure or bar over again, NOT THE WHOLE THING. Or, start from the last paragraph or you name it. Then just paste the two parts together and nobody will ever be able to tell. You'll have the best parts from all your efforts as your final product.

And you'll have full 20-20,000Hz recording with no hum and noise. And there's so much you can do. You can effortlessly create sound on sound.

The Wave & MP3 Editor
Just - $19.95 $0 P&H
Instant Download
Mix from a file you already made. You can be a single voice, your own duet, trio or even chorus. It's all easy with DAK's new .Wav Editor/Recorder.

And by following my example below, you'll know virtually all you need to know to make any type of recording and edit anything from now on.

Of course this is just a sample of the FREE INCLUDED TUTORIAL you get when you down load DAK's Wave & MP3 Editor/Recorder for just $19.95.

Think of it this way. If you type a letter on a typewriter, you can type the words but you can't spell check, grammar check or change the words around and add or subtract words and ideas later. That's why a computer is so good. Well, duh.
Help Set DAK's Direction
Q: Please check all of the following that you have used to RECORD Yourself or Someone Else:
A cassette Deck
An open reel deck
A DAT deck
Your desktop computer.
Your notebook computer
Drew I don't record myself.

DAK Is For You!

It's the same with DAK's Wave & MP3 Editor and Recorder. Think of it as a cassette deck on steroids. Just like a cassette deck, you can record your music, your voice or anything you want. But now you can also then edit it, mix it, make it louder or softer, Fade In, Fade out and a hundred other things.

Do instant sound on sound. Mix in a 2nd voice. Mix from one file to another. Oh and add lots of effects too. The list just goes on and on. Be a duet, a trio, a quartet or even a choir. You can have 20-20,000Hz frequency response and 100db signal to noise ratio and dynamic range, you really can make terrific recordings.

Plus, it's really easy to use because you see everything. It uses the power of your computer to allow you access to your sound files like never before outside of a very sophisticated recording studio with lots of expensive equipment and technical expertise.

In short, don't be locked out of your sound files. Now they are as open to you and easy to change as a sentence in a word processor.

OK, Let's Record The Words, "It Isn't Very Good."

OK, it really is easy to record anything. For this quick example which really took me only about 3-1/2 minutes to do, we are going to record a sentence using a microphone. Here is my sentence.

"It isn't Very Good."

Now just for fun, we are going to change the word ISN'T to IS. Here we go. Let's make the recording, Then you'll know 1) how to record, and 2) how to edit.

Help Set DAK's Direction
Q: Please check all of the following that you do:.
Sing by yourself
Sing in a group
Sing in a choir
Give Speeches
Make toasts
Narrate slide shows
Interview people
Record your voice
Record DVDs
Drew I really don't want to record anything

DAK Is For You!

OK, here we go.

Arrow 1) make sure that microphone is selected. You would use Line In for records and cassettes and 'What You Hear' or 'Stereo Mix' to record from the Internet.

Arrow 2) Set the recording Volume. Set it so that as you look at the Wave windows above, about 60% of the vertical space is used. Oh and I'm recording in stereo, but for voice, you might only want to record Mono.

Arrow 3) Click Record and do your thing. THIS IS THE ACTUAL RECORDING PROCESS.

Arrow 4) Click Stop. You're finished with your recording. You can hear it back if you'd like by clicking the Play Arrow to the left of Record.

Wasn't recording just as easy as I said?

Oh, if you look up at the screen you really can see the words as peaks in the waves. I've superimposed the words "It isn't very good" to help you see it for the first time. But this really is how these words look as waves in the wave editor.

OK, Onward.

Let's Save What We've Recorded
This is even easier.
Arrow 1) is to save our work. Just Click Save As and give this file a name. It's always a good idea to save your work along the way.

Arrow 2) you won't be using here, but I wanted to point it out to you. Save Select is one of the real powers of the editor. When you select anything, like a track from a record, a measure from some music or a few words, you can save it as a separate file instantly by just choosing Save Select As.

So Save as saves everything and Save Select saves only what's selected. Easy?

Let's Make A Selection
OK so let's get rid of the N'T from ISN'T. It's really easy. Here's all you do.

Arrow 1) shows you that you want to drag your mouse across the part that you want to delete. Where is it? How do you know?

Arrow 2) is the Play Button. It will play what you have selected so you can be sure that it's exactly what you want to eliminate.

It's really just that easy to find and select what you want to delete. Or if you wanted, you could save the selected part too.

Let's Delete What We've Selected.
You can Click Delete selected Arrow 1) or you could just hit delete on your keyboard. That's it, it's gone.

But what if it wasn't what you wanted to delete? Well 2 things. No problem at all. One, we saved the file, so you could just reopen it. But there's more. Look up at the top of the editor and see the Two Rounded Arrows? Those are the UNLIMITED UNDO And REDO. That way you can do whatever you want with no fear. Pretty neat.

Remember, this is just a sample from your tutorial. I try to cover lots of recording and editing with pictures and descriptions like these.

Let's Just See What It Looks Like AFTER We Delete
If you look at Arrow 1), you'll see that the ISN'T is now gone.

Here's How To Zoom In & Out. Ah Now I See Everything.
What's this? Well my example was really short. So it was really easy to see. But I want you to know that you'll see anything you record or edit, just this easy.
The Wave & MP3 Editor
Just - $19.95 $0 P&H
Instant Download

Arrow 1) shows you the Zoom in Button. In this case I've zoomed in on JUST THE N'T part of ISN'T. Wow, and that's not even close to how far I can zoom in. If you wanted to take out a much smaller part of a file, or if your file is really big, just click to zoom in. YOU CAN ALWAYS see in this detail.

Arrow 2) shows you how to Zoom Out. That's it, just Zoom Back out when you're done.

Arrow 3) is neat. What you see is a screen representation of where you are in the entire music/voice file. Since you can't see it all when you're zoomed in, this instantly shows you where you are in the entire file, how much of the file you are looking at and finally, you can grab this green bar and drag to any other part of the file. It will all be zoomed in for your easy access.

OK, back to our task.

Here's How To Save Your Masterpiece
Arrow 1) is just showing you that before I make the new file I'm going to save this one.

Easy Paste From File Or Live From Your Clipboard.
OK, now this is fun. Now I'm going to paste the original file with the word ISN'T back into this file that says IS so I can create the sample you heard when you clicked the listen arrow in my review.

Arrow 1) Shows you the Paste from File selection that I'm using. Of course if you look lower you see you could mix into the file just as easily. So, if you want to add sound to your file at a specific point, then choose Paste. If you want to mix one sound over another, than choose Mix. Oh, and you can also copy and paste right into the window. So you can select and then copy without saving it to a file. Then just put your cursor where you want to paste and presto. It's pasted right there.

Arrow 2) gives you another whole level of very powerful control. Do you see the Dotted Yellow Line? Whenever the program is open, the dotted yellow line shows you where your cursor is and therefore your paste or mix point. Just set this Yellow Line where you want to add the music and then click Paste. It will be exactly where you want it regardless of whether it's at the beginning, middle or end. It's totally up to you.

Arrow 3) One more thing you might not have noticed. What you see here is the real time display. It shows hours, minutes, seconds and parts of seconds. In this case we are looking at the .75 second mark. It's great to see. You'll always know how long a recording is and exactly where you are in the recording you've made or opened.

Let's Admire Our Work. Both Versions With Isn't and WITHOUT Isn't
OK we are finished. Arrow 1) shows you the original WITH ISN'T and Arrow 2) shows you our 'corrected' version with IS.

With our powerful Wave & MP3 Editor/Recorder, you'll have all the power you can dream of for recording and editing all your audio from now on.

Easy Sound On Sound Too. Be A Duet, Trio Or Choir. It's Easy. Here's How.

You can be a Duet, a Trio Or a whole Choir. It's easy and here's how easy it is to do. Take your first recording. In this case I recorded myself singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat. But you can record anything and harmonize or sing counterpoint as many times as you want. You can be 100 voices if that's what you choose to do.

Can You Be a Duet or a Trio?
Be a duet, a trio or a choir. Hear it here.

Anyway here's what to do. Record your first voice, song or melody. Then put your cursor exactly where you want the 2nd voice to start. See where Arrow 1 is? That's where you've put your cursor.

Now The choice is yours. If you've already recorded your 2nd voice, then just go to the Edit Menu (Arrow 2a) and Choose Mix From File. Whatever you have recorded will be mixed in from the cursor onward. That's it. You're done. Remember I did tell you it was easy.

OK that's just how simple it is and you are finished. Just save your new file using Save As and give it a New Name so that if you want to make changes, your originals are still available.

OK, anyone can sing better than I can. So I'm sure your results will be much more pleasing than mine.

But, I wanted to take a minute so you'd see just how easy it is to perform really powerful recording and post production editing that before now couldn't be done outside of the recording studio. And you can do it all with DAK's New Wave & MP3 Editor/Recorder PRO v3.1 for just $19.95.

Extra Windows Info.
Here's How & Where To Save Plus How To Choose Wave Or MP3
One more thing. This is more from the tutorial. When you are recording and saving, I always recommend that you save your interim work to your desktop. That way you don't have to go looking for it. Arrows 1) show you 2 ways you can save to your desktop. You can open the dropdown window and choose desktop. Or in XP, just click the Icon on the left.

Arrow 2 shows you where you will name your wonderful recording.
The Wave & MP3 Editor
Just - $19.95 $0 P&H
Instant Download

Arrow 3 shows you that you can save your recording as EITHER a Wave (for regular CDs) or an MP3 file for your iPod or other MP3 player. PLUS, you can open any wave file and convert it to MP3 just by saving it as an MP3 file. Or open any MP3 file and save it as a Wave File (to make audio CDs). It's all easy with DAK's new Wave & MP3 Editor Recorder Pro v3.1

I hope you enjoy the power of recording on your computer as much as I do. It used to require thousand of dollars in recording equipment. Now it's just your computer and our DAK MP3 & Wave Editor Recorder and you're all set.


One Click lets you Record and Edit your music.
Here are your one click buttons. Most are self explanatory. But I'd like to detail a few.
Note the Undo and Redo Buttons. You'll have up to 99 Undo Redo Steps. So, you can experiment all you want when you're editing and you can always go back to where you started or anywhere in between.

The Zoom In and Zoom Out Buttons are very powerful in this program. You can keep zooming in till you have identified even a single word or frankly even part of a single word. All you do is select an area and then click Zoom. Then Select again and you'll zoom in again. I've Zoomed in so that the whole screen is less than a second. So there's really no limit to how precise your editing can be. Of course you probably don't need this power but if you do it's here for you. Finally, you can zoom out in steps just like you zoomed in, or you can hit the Zoom X and it takes you back to the totally zoomed out state showing the entire recording in the window.

Loop Play is unique. You can select any area and then click the Loop Play button. When you do it will play that area without stopping forever. This is great if you want to memorize a section of a song, learn the notes, or even learn or practice a foreign language. It's really just repeat play, but it lets you select exactly what you want to repeat, even if it's only a 1/2 second long.

Segment Record is unique to the program. (I think) Here's what you do. Assign a folder name to store your tracks and a prefix for the name of each track you want to save. Then start your music and click record. Then at the end of each track, click the SR Segment Record Button instead of stop and the program will AUTOMATICALLY save the track to the folder you picked and name the track with the Prefix you chose plus add a time code so that the tracks are differentiated. So, when you're done whether you have 5 tracks or 100 tracks, they'll all be in one folder with the Prefix_time name of each. Then just listen to them and rename the ones you want to keep. This is an unbelievably powerful tool that you have. Note: You can't just click the button between tracks without stopping the music because most computers don't save big audio files fast enough before the next track. So, lift the stylus from the record or pause your tape as you go.
The Wave & MP3 Editor
Just - $19.95 $0 P&H
Instant Download

There are tool tips that appear when you place your cursor over each button, so you won't have any trouble understanding the rest of the buttons.

The Pull Down File Menu
Most of this is self evident. But, you should know that the 'Save Select as' is what you use when you're separating tracks. This is a simply great feature that lets you directly save without pasting and opening another screen anything you have selected.

The Save wave image as a graphic is neat. Click this and you'll have a .bmp picture of the waveform image you can save or share.

The Covert Sample Type you probably won't use. It let's you save a stereo file as mono or a mono file to both tracks. You can also change the sampling rate of whatever is open. But we are already saving at 44,100Khz, so I think you're all set.

Finally, and this is IMPORTANT, always try to use the SAVE AS instead of save. The reason for this is that as you're editing, you might make changes that you really don't want to keep. Maybe you liked the original better. Who knows. Here's the trick I use. I just add a number to the end so if I'm editing Limeliters, This Land, When I Save As, I'd use ThisLand2. It's easy. I always know that the highest number is the last one I worked on. Try it.

The Pull Down Operation File Menu
Here's a list and description of all the 'Operations' you can perform. Try each one so you get a good feeling of what they do. Some you'll use every day and some, well in my opinion are basically useless. But, they are all here for you.

78 RPM Converter- I've covered this in its own section, but all you do is Record your 78 at 45 RPM, then Click this converter and your 78 will be corrected from 45 RPM to 78 RPM sound perfectly. It's amazing. And it sounds is nothing less than perfect.
Amplify+ - This Amplifies the selected part (or all) of an audio file by +20% each time applied. Amplify - -This Decreases the volume of the selected part (or all) of an audio file by -20% each time applied.
Fade+ - This Creates a fading out (loud to soft) effect in the selected part of the file.
Fade- - This Creates a fading in (soft to loud) effect in the selected part of the file.
Delay - This Creates a Delay effect in a selected part of the file. Delay is an echo effect that replays what you have played one or more times after a period of time.
Flanger - This is an odd sound that many people refer to as a "whooshing" sound, or a sound similar to the sound of a jet plane flying overhead. Flanging creates a set of equally spaced notches in the audio spectrum. Flanging is created by mixing a signal with a slightly delayed copy of itself.
Invert - This Inverts the selected part of a file.
Normalize - This Normalizes the selected part of a file. It amplifies the selection part to within the specified percentage, 80%, of the maximum level.
Vibrato - This causes a slight variation of pitch. Vibrato equals a cyclical changing of certain frequencies up and down like trembling .
Reverse - This reverses the file. It plays it backwards.
Stretch+ - You can stretch a selected part of a file by a time of +20%. Speech is increased without frequency changing.
Stretch- - you can stretch a selected part of a file by time of -20%. Speech is decreased without frequency changing.

The Wave & MP3 Editor
Just - $19.95 $0 P&H
Instant Download
OK, If you're getting the idea that this is a lot of recording and editing fire power for just $19.95, you are correct. I don't think you can find another editing recording studio that even comes close to the easy to use features in the all new DAK Wave & MP3 Editor & Recorder Pro v3.1

Tutorial Review Please.
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What do you want to know? What subject would you like me to write a tutorial about?
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