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Hear The Difference
A Short Tour Of Your FREE Click & Pop Filter.
Or, what to do after you record, but before you cut your CDs
One-Click To Click & Pop Free Perfection.

FLASH - See a new 'How-To' Instant Movie right here. Easy-view Instant on-line movie. Just click. No downloads. It plays right on your web page. See and hear all the action. Click To See The Click & Scratch & Hiss Filter Movie.
Clicks & Pops can really ruin your musical enjoyment of your old LPs and 45s. But the good news is DAK's new One-Click, Click & Pop filter really will knock your socks off with the incredible audio restoration it performs on your treasured music.
Hear Before & After
Note: This Sample was created with just the default settings. This is exactly what you can expect to hear yourself.

This new technology is new. I've put demos you can hear on a special full page review you can see and hear it all by Clicking Click, Pop & Hiss Assassin Demo.

Remember, all 7 filters (see below) are yours free when you buy either the Mixer or the Mixer and Turntable system above. OK here's your really short tour.

OK, here's all you do. Just select as many files as you want to restore in the screen above. You can restore WAV files, MP3 Files and WMA Files. And, you can output WAV and MP3 files complete with all their original tags.
Hear Before & After
Note: This Sample was created with just the default settings. This is exactly what you can expect to hear yourself.

Anyway, once you've got your music files selected you just want to decide what you want to do and then let your click and pop filter do its thing. Let's eliminate some clicks and pops.

Here's the option screen of your free bonus. The neat thing is that It's totally automatic. Just click what you want to do and it does it. If you do choose to click any of the setup buttons, a screen for each will pop up that lets you configure the restoration filter any way you want.

What do you want to do to restore your LPs, 45s and cassettes? Here a brief description of what you'll do. But get the whole story of your incredibly powerful Click, Pop & Hiss filter by visiting the whole review. Click to see and hear my review and demos.

  1. Minimize Big Clicks- This is for scratches and major clicks. You can probably see on the record itself the scratches, and clicks you want to remove.
  2. Minimize Small Pops- Here you can eliminate the small clicks and pops that you probably have hundreds of on each LP. This is very different than big clicks and is probably the most important part of restoration. It's the almost continuos clicks and pops that really tend to drive me crazy and I'll bet they bug the #%*#% out of you too.
  3. Stereo Modifiers - Use this if you have a mono track to better restore the orignal signal as you convert the mono to two channel.
  4. Filter Frequencies- Remove low frequencies (typically rumble and pulley noise) or high frequencies (typically noise from older vinyl records) from your LPs.
  5. Minimize Hiss - Get rid of tape hiss and other continuous noises. It's called a "noise floor" the hiss you hear in areas of the sound that should be silent. Now it will be.
  6. Normalize Frequency- Make all your tracks have the same bass and treble balance. Different tracks from different LPs or tapes can large tone differences, which can be very distracting. Now you can eliminate them.
  7. Normalize Volume- This Feature is important. If you copy tracks from different LPs and put them on a single CD, sometimes the volume will be different from track to track. This Audio Restoration tool will analyze then normalize all the tracks so you won't be fiddling with your volume control as you listen to your CDs in the car.
Oh, yes. Don't forget Preview- you can preview what you're doing before you do it. A preview is a very useful tool.

And one more very important point. You will create a NEW file like yoursong_NEW.wav for each track that you restore.

Check out my full product review (it's a good one) if you want more in-depth detailed info. This section is a very brief tour of your new Click, Pop & Hiss Assassin. Click to visit my in-depth Click & Pop Filter Review.

Remember, the difference isn't subtle. It isn't small. You will be blown away by how well the Click, Pop & Hiss Assassin can restore your music to its original splendor. Try it yourself. If you're read enough, just order the Mixer or Turntable & Mixer above and this one-click, to Click, Pop and Hiss free CDs is yours. This is a top of the line, state of the art way to restore your LPs, 45s and cassettes.

If you want to read more, check out my extensive review of our Click and Pop Filter and what it can do for you, CLICK HERE.

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