Here are the top 7 reasons why even tall travelers are choosing Active Noise Cancellation over Extra Legroom.:

Noise Cancellation Earbuds


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“I wear them whenever I workout. Even when the fitness center has the radio turned up to loud, my earbuds cancel it out just enough so that I can hear just what I want to hear!”

Hosia Towery North Las Vegas, NV

“I recently bought a set of your noise-canceling earbuds and was extremely impressed. The sound quality of these earbuds exceeds any other pair I have ever owned and the quality of the components far exceeds any of the others. They have nice thick wiring with sturdy connections. The noise canceling performance was accurately reported in your write up as they eliminate background noise. I do not experience any hiss from the noise cancellation circuit. They have greatly increased my traveling enjoyment and seem to reduce the stress of being on a plane. I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for earbuds. Thanks for a great product.”

Randall Van Der Aa Kingsport, TN