DAK’s Smartphone Memory Saver.

Hey there new moms and moms to be!
I don’t normally review products that cater to your exciting (exhausting?) stage of life, because most of DAK’s solution driven tech products are geared towards music lovers.

But, this time, I’ve found the perfect solution for young mothers who simply don’t have the time or energy to backup and manage their iPhone/Android photo galleries. And it’s only thanks to my darling wife that I realized that there are other young mothers out there that could really benefit using this solution.

It’s called DAK’s Smartphone Memory Saver and before you judge me for such a non-creative name, hear me out. And at least it gives you an idea of what the product does!
C’mon, what the heck is a “Bug-a-Boo” anyway?

Anyway, the story goes like this. I’d been selling DAK’s Smartphone Memory Saver for about 16 months as a super useful productivity tool. And it is. After all, it’s essentially a flexible flash drive that lets you plug into tons more devices than a standard flash drive. Come to think of it, I should have simply called it the Flexible Flash Drive. I used it to quickly transfer my files like photos and documents from my smartphone to  my computer and make backup copies on the go. It’s a convenience thing. Again, it’s just a flash drive with juiced up compatibility.

After my wife gave birth, she heeded the call of photojournalism and proceeded to document just about every waking moment of our little miracle’s life. It’s not that I’m not sentimental—I grew up with 6 sisters, so I don’t have much of a choice—but let me enjoy a moment of good natured sarcasm, please.

It only took about 3 seconds (that means a month) until my wife had an announcement. NO, not that kind of announcement, I mean she ran out of space on her iPhone, and her cloud was maxed out.

Now mind you, we’re already paying for tons of subscriptions that we can’t keep track of. We had just bought the UppaBaby (take that, Bug-a-Boo!). I wasn’t in the mood to splurge on a new phone or sign up for more cloud storage. I’m tired of it. Wouldn’t it be nice to save for the future, hun? 😝


So I brought home my aptly named Smartphone Memory Saver to my skeptical wife and demonstrated how easy it was to use. Plug in, transfer hundreds of pictures off of your iPhone, take hundreds more pictures on your iPhone, and repeat. At your convenience, plug it into your computer to upload the pictures there, or just keep them as a backup. It’s quick, convenient, and it’s tangible.



For some reason, my wife seems to be under the impression my products aren’t as good as the “premium” brands. I think it’s because they don’t cost over $600 (expensive = good, right?). I know, more sarcasm, but I really am enjoying myself. Of course, I never did get my Smartphone Memory Saver back, now that she’s learned how to use it.

And that’s when it hit me that I’ve been ignoring a whole bunch of people who probably have the same smartphone storage issue that my wife had. Yes, brace yourself, here comes the pitch.

Say goodbye to putting your favorite photos on the chopping block. No more deciding, “Do I delete the one where she’s finally smiling at the camera, or the one with applesauce all over her face?”

DAK’s Smartphone Memory Saver allows you to easily access and backup all that media on your smartphone or tablet so you never have to worry about running out of space.

Oh, if you’re an iPhone user like my wife is, you don’t need to deal with iTunes anymore to get your photos onto your computer. Once you copy your files to DAK’s Smartphone Memory Saver, it’s just like a regular flash drive when you plug it into your computer. It really is that convenient to use.

Be smart and always have a backup of the media that matters to you. Don’t be the person to lose your data to a misplaced phone, dropped phone or even a software update that crashes your smartphone.