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Remember these DAK 1 Products? You decide which products DAK 2000 pursues.
DAK Industries 2000 - Click - Name dialing phones and more. Click -Air ionizer sends out millions of negative ions for clean air. Click to remember smelling the aroma of homemade bread with this DAK 1 breadmaker. Click - Color CMOS and CCD wireless 2.4GHz video and surveillance video cameras from BSR. Click -"wireless marriage saver" 2.4GHz wireless stereo headphones and wireless speakers. Click - Radar detectors are a direct import wonder price example.
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DAK Industries 2000 - So, What's In It For You?
What are your benefits? Why would you want me back? Well, you'll find the best things you liked about DAK Industries 1, merged with the new technology available to DAK 2000. So, we'll be familiar yet new, but most of all informative. But, as they say, the proof is in the pudding. So check out the benefits of becoming an eDAKonian 2000 below, and decide for yourself.

1) Hands On Testing For Quality For You.
2) Incisive, Comprehensive Descriptions And     Theory.

3) Factory-Direct Pricing, Really.
4) No Fixed Markups.
5) It's All About Time, YOUR TIME.

6) More About YOUR Time.
7) Webcentric Wonders For You.
8) Promises fulfilled.
9) "Can You Be Bribed?"

1) Hands On Testing For Super Quality For You.

I love getting my hands dirty. I personally use and extensively test each product so you don't have to.
I refer to specification sheets but it's the products, not the 'promises' that I rely on. I've been known to literally destroy products to find out exactly what makes them tick.
I connect them to my stereo system and run tests. I install them in my computers and put them through their paces. I use sophisticated test equipment to evaluate exactly what they do.
I really do use and abuse these products before I share them with you. Finally our engineers tear a product apart to be sure that it's well made, reliable and won't wear out quickly. You are protected.
2) Incisive, Comprehensive Descriptions And Theory.
Then, and only then, do I write all about the product. For better or worse there's consistency with only one writer (me).
So you know how to gauge, how much weight to give what you're reading. I am known to rave about the virtues but if you've acquired a product from me in the past you know that I also outline in exhaustive detail each and every fault and problem I can find.
So, you get the good, the bad and the shortcomings, all detailed in my admittedly long copy. You know, one of my favorite quotes is from Thomas Jefferson. He said, "The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words where one will do".
Click - To remember the great smell and taste of 5 minutes to home made bread.
Click to see how we were first to learn about breadmakers. 91K
Albert Einstein said, "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler". My descriptions are detailed, but I hope you find them enlightening and a good mix of Jefferson's and Einstein's ideas.
I think that the web with my new ability to add definitions, theories and detailed caution notes in pop-up boxes to alert you, will allow for a much more thorough informational process for each product evaluation than ever before.
3) Factory-Direct Pricing, Really.
I bludgeon the manufactures into good prices. Want to know my secret? Most people go overseas and simply get a price from a manufacturer. At best, if there are several manufacturers, they'll get competitive bids.
Not me. I take a product apart piece by piece. I calculate exactly what each part costs and therefore what it costs to make the product and then I make my offer.
You DAKonians demand good prices and I get them. The manufacturers put up with me because if I do ultimately choose one of their products, they know they can count on selling massive volumes. So, don't worry about them.
4) No Fixed Markups.
I'm no banking expert. (Duh!) I guess I price products at what I would pay for them myself rather than some arbitrary 'Bank Induced' markup level.
Click - To see how we can challenge the Biggest to get you great products at great prices
Click to see one of our famous 'Challenge' Ads. 91K
So, you will save money big-time. Everyone promises discount prices. You check mine to see how I deliver them to you.
5) It's All About Time, YOUR TIME.
None of us have enough. I get to spend the time and effort that we'd all like to spend before choosing a product to include in our catalog.
It's the time I expend to acquire the knowledge that sets DAK 2000 apart from companies that sell hundreds of products and specialize in none.
I spend days and weeks reading about the technology and scientific theories behind a product so you won't have to.
I try every conceivable use for the product in my own home and in my own office. I beat a product to death before I ever even think of sharing it with you.
Virtually every other company either relies on the manufacturer's literature (Yuck) or a "hot sheet" of "selling features" to write about a product. I don't.
6) More About Time.
Bottom line, DAK 2000's mission is to save you time by helping you employ new technology to eliminate repetition and waste.
It's about time because we here at DAK 2000 spend it so that you can get clear, concise answers to your technological questions.
And it's about time because more than ever, how you use your time is the arbiter of your success. I put more time, more words, more effort into evaluating, explaining and describing what a product will do for us than anyone else I've ever seen.
To quote one of my favorite lines from Star Trek, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few". If I spend the time once, thousands of you fellow DAKonians won't have to expend the same trial, test, and failure efforts that take up so much of your time that I have.
I'm the electronics nut advocate for good useful products to improve our lives.

7) Webcentric Wonders For You.
I'll be trying new techniques because I don't think anyone has yet cracked web readability.
I'm not there yet but I'm going to get us a page turning experience right here on the web. If you come to DAK 2000 I want you to have a good informational, educational experience.
Right now I don't even have anything to sell you but I want you to be a comfortable and educated power consumer.
Top 8) Promises fulfilled.
When I introduced the Think Speak 49MHz communicators in 1983, they were great.
Now you can talk to friends and family with FRS radios from miles, not hundreds of feet away without license or hassles. But have you seen any that are VOX operated? Wait till you see what I've found.
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Well you will. Cassette decks have been replaced with CD players and now with MP3 recorder/players and boy do I have some neat additions coming.
Black and white CCD cameras are being replaced by tiny $50 CMOS full color cameras that can run for 12 hours on a single 9V battery.
Best of all the prices have plunged I just got back from another Far East buying trip. I've met with dozens of old DAK 1 suppliers while I was there and wait till you see today's versions of yesterday's products.
It's astounding how much better they are and how much cheaper they are. You'll see new versions of these products and new technologies I've seen that haven't even made it out of the labs yet that will blow you away.
9) "Can You Be Bribed?"
Click - To see How You Could Be Bribed In the Past
Millions of us were "Bribed" into trying DAK the first time. After that, the proof was always in the quality and delivery. 99K
To become an eDAKonian? Fun bribes are coming. "Can you be Bribed?" to let me share with you how much you can do by using today's latest technology?
If you remember my "Can You Be Bribed?" ads, you'll remember the $4 Remote Touch-Sensitive Lamp, the $5 Flash Camera (Wow how about a digital camera bribe?) and more.
But remember there's a catch. Well for new DAK I'm unleashing a whole new series of Bribes to round up our 4,300,000 fellow DAKonians.
The bonuses will blow you away with what they can do for you both at work to increase the productivity of your efforts and at home to maximize the enjoyment of your leisure time.

Oh, And A Final Thought -
Things Just Keep Getting Better!

In today's electronic age any of us can be successful. I have passion for electronic products. Engineers have passion for their products. Most salespeople only have passion for the money they can make.
You know I founded DAK 1 in 1964 with nothing but a $100, a typewriter and a dream. I didn't even have a garage.
I used to type your names on gummed mailing labels, 30 per page. I sorted the mail for bulk rate postage and hooked a trailer onto my station wagon to take the catalogs to the post office.
From taking the catalog pictures with a 4x5 camera to setting the actual type you saw, I leaned how to do it all. And, if I can do it so can you.
The key is doing it. I'm not into positive mental attitude. But I am into the EMPOWERMENT you get from knowing how to do something. So, I'm into learning how to do it and jumping in feet first "damn the torpedoes" full-speed ahead.
Become An eDAKonian
  We made open reel and video recording tape in the '70s. I learned about chemical engineering and how to operate manufacturing equipment.
When computers came out I learned how to use them and create my own programs. Now I'm obsessed with the Web.
The Internet has absolutely captivated me. It's the digital 'wild west'. Right now, we all have the same opportunity to successfully market our products or ideas on the Web. Let's do it together! If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!


Still On The Fence About Becoming an


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