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DAK Industries 2000 - Click - Name dialing phones and more. Click -Air ionizer sends out millions of negative ions for clean air. Click to remember smelling the aroma of homemade bread with this DAK 1 breadmaker. Click - Color CMOS and CCD wireless 2.4GHz video and surveillance video cameras from BSR. Click -"wireless marriage saver" 2.4GHz wireless stereo headphones and wireless speakers. Click - Radar detectors are a direct import wonder price example.
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DAK Industries 2000 - DAK 1 Postmortem
For over 30 years DAK Industries 1 was the most exciting, informative place to find electronic breakthroughs to enhance our productivity and our leisure time activities. So, what could possibly have gone wrong? Read on.

Here's the scoop
Dear Past DAKonian,

In 1966, when DAK One was about 2 years old I was running it from my dorm room at UCLA. I had so many customers visiting me that the dorm manager asked me to leave. I thought that was bad.
But, it turned out to be a real opportunity. I'll tell you why and how we can all benefit in a minute.
If you remember my 64 page catalogs - - I used to write to you that I had the greatest job in the world. And, from the fact that I was even mailing you my catalog, I was probably a lot like you. I was sort of the ultimate electronics freak.
Plus, I liked to be ahead of the crowd. That's why my job was so neat. I got to play with the newest electronic innovations, usually even before they hit the market. Doesn't that sound like the 'job' you'd like to have too?
Anyway, over the next 30 years, we did play with all the newest and greatest innovations. 250,000 of us added equalizers to make our stereo systems explode with awesome life, over 100,000 of us added subwoofers to inject thunderous rich bass to our sound and well over 150,000 of us connected on-line with what I called the 1200-baud Smart Duck Modem.
Over 450,000 of us took the radar challenge and showed that a Maxon Radar Detector I found in Korea could take on the biggest name in publicly held radar detector companies.
And more than 75,000 of us got our introduction to computers with BSR's 386 and 486 computers. Plus, over 350,000 of us benefited from the productivity gains we got from CD ROM drives and scanners, years before the general public could catch up with us.
I'd guess that the 900,000 of us who automated our breadmaking were some of the best fed, contented people anywhere in the country. And, air ionizers purified the air for over 150,000 of us.
During this time there were over 400 fellow employees at DAK 1. Each played an important role in the DAKonian experience. We had a whole team of engineers who made sure the products were technological marvels.
Over 100 of us worked in customer service and technical support. And we even had a team of technical writers who created step-by-step user manuals for the products we offered. (The manufacturers never do seem to get it right.)
Anyway, I primarily concentrated on 1) Finding products. I traveled to the Far East over 50 times to find just the right products at the right price. 2) For most of the years, I created all the ads you read and I even took all the pictures you saw.
I lived, ate and breathed electronics. In fact, for 7 years near the beginning, before I got married, I even lived in the factory. And 3) I established the banking relationship. Oh well.
Then, in 1994, after 30 years, I had to leave again. You know, my wife once gave me a T-shirt with a picture of a beaten-up knight on his horse, his lance broken with the caption, "Sometimes the Dragon Wins".
Well the truth is, in 1994 I lost DAK 1. And it closed. I really can't blame anyone but myself. I was behind the banking relationship.
It was the beginning of the Asian Meltdown. As far as I can see, my bank decided to retrench and we lost our credit line. I had never been able to find an American bank that liked the high volume/low margin business I had built.
And, it wasn't even profits. Thanks to your massive buying support I am proud to say that we were indeed profitable year after year. (Plus my accounting department had been looking for a new bank for years. They had wanted an American bank in the worst possible way. I fought them off. My fault.)
Only the Asian banks loved the high volume that we achieved through factory direct low prices that helped their exporting clients too. And oh yes, we did move a ton of products. Unfortunately for me, "the times they were a changing".
But there's an opportunity here too. I got to spend 4 years with my wife traveling, SCUBA diving, learning about the Internet and studying the pure 'basic science' of emerging technologies, something that in the 30 odd years I ran DAK 1, usually spending 90 hours a week I'd never had enough time to do.
But as much as I loved the time off, I got bored. I wanted back. I missed the products. I really did love my job. And most of all I missed you.
So when the Bank accepted my offer to buy back the DAK name, I jumped right back in with both feet. And like the Phoenix, now I've risen from the ashes with the all new webcentric
I promise to bring you even more neat new products at even better prices than I ever could do with DAK 1. It's going to be great.

Drew Alan Kaplan
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So What's In It For You?
What are your benefits? Why would you want me back? Well, you'll find the best things you liked about DAK 1, merged with the new technology available to DAK 2000. So, we'll be familiar yet new, but most of all informative. But, as they say, the proof is in the pudding. So check out the benefits of becoming an eDAKonian below, and decide for yourself.

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7) Webcentric Wonders For You.
8) Promises fulfilled.
9) "Can You Be Bribed?"
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