Easy Editing Demo Movie. Turn Isn't Into Is.
If you can hear it you can Record It and Edit It with the DAK Wave Editor/Recorder.

Important Dial Up Modem Note: If you have a slow dial up modem connection, or you'd like to watch the video several times on your computer when you're not connected to the Internet, you can watch this video right on your computer with no problems and no pauses by downloading the video by Clicking Here. There's nothing needed on your computer but standard Flash.

The movie will play automatically when you click it. You don't need to do anything special. Just save it to your desktop when you download it and then click it to play it.

Here's a quick example of removing HALF A WORD from a sentence so you can see how it's done. With the power of the DAK Wav & MP3 Editor PRO on your computer, there's really no limit to what you can do. In this case, I've effortlessly changed the meaning of this sentence just for fun.

Your computer is truly the most powerful recording and editing and post-production studio you can get. You really can do as much on your computer as many professional studios can do with all their fancy dedicated equipment and you can do it all with DAK's new Wave Editor/Recorder.

So while this example is just taking out part of a word, you'll do so much more. Don't worry about starting over when you're recording a song or speech if you make a mistake. Just start the measure or bar over again, NOT THE WHOLE THING. Or, start from the last paragraph or you name it. Then just paste the two parts together and nobody will ever be able to tell. You'll have the best parts from all your efforts as your final product.

And you'll have full 20-20,000Hz recording with no hum and noise. And there's so much you can do. You can effortlessly create sound on sound.

By the time you follow this short just for fun tutorial, you'll know how to do just about any type of live recording or editing you might ever want to do.

And Doing things like:
Recording Live Streaming Audio From the Internet
Separating Tracks
Copying LPs & Cassettes
Will all be child's play for you.

And this is just a short sample of our main tutorial that you get with the Wave & MP3 Recorder & Editor.
Mix from a file you already made. You can be a single voice, your own duet, trio or even chorus. It's all easy with DAK's new .Wav Editor/Recorder.

And by following my example below, you'll know virtually all you need to know to make any type of recording and edit anything from now on.

Of course this is just a sample of the FREE INCLUDED TUTORIAL you get when you down load DAK's Wave & MP3 Editor/Recorder.

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