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10-Band Graphic Equalizer Plus 4-Component Electronic Switcher & 1 Odd Addition - Brushed Silver
Item Number: 32115

Product Description: - - - - ->Click The Picture For The Full Story.
Obliterate the paper wall between you and the individual instruments in your music. Infuse your own stereo system's (or computer's) sound with a breathtakingly vibrant 30 to 50% perceived improvement in dramatic sound quality. Plus, electronically switch between any 4 audio components, plus feed the Equalized signal to 2 outputs like your stereo and your computer for just $99.90. Wow! And don't forget to check out the odd addition below too.

DAK Price Just: $99.90

DAK's Bluetooth Upgrade for Home Stereo Receivers make your stereo a Bluetooth powerhouse.


Item Number: 3502

Product Description: - - - - ->Click The Picture For The Full Story.
DAK's Bluetooth Upgrade for Home Stereo Receivers gives you the ability to wirelessly stream CD quality Bluetooth stereo audio to your current home stereo system. It doesn't matter how antique, archaic or ancient your stereo receiver is. Oh, and it isn't just for home stereo receivers. If it has a line or aux input, it is 100% fully compatible with the Bluetooth Upgrade. Period. That means your headphones, PC speakers, boomboxes and anything that you hook up directly to your audio source can now be upgraded to have Bluetooth capability.

Here's what Fellow DAKonians are saying:
"Dear Sol, I bought your Bluetooth Upgrade to hook up my iPhone-4 & iPad to my 15-year old Denon AVR-2500 receiver. Just plugged an old set of Monster audio cables into the front panel for video game audio-in and the other end to the Bluetooth thingamajig. OMG - the sound is fantastic. I have no sound distortion even as I crank up the volume. I want to thank you for coming up with this little device. It saved me several hundred dollars since I don’t need to upgrade my receiver. Keep up the great work. Thanks from a very happy customer."
C.D. Alexandria, Virginia

DAK Price Just: $69.95

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