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Bonus Price Ear Cushion Set. Must be shipped at the same time as the earbuds.
Item Number: 3309

Product Description: - - - - ->Click The Picture For The Full Story.
Extra Ear Cushions ONLY for BSR Earbuds. The dog might eat your cusions, does your grandson plays with them or you share? You get all 4 pair (8 ear cushions) Small, Medium Large plus the extra small.

DAK Price Just: $2.95

BSR 'They Fit' Super Bass 13mm Angled So They Fit, Studio Quality Earbuds. Plus get 4 pair of comfortable (including extra small) In-The-Ear cushions.
Item Number: 3308

Product Description: - - - - ->Click The Picture For The Full Story.
Forget earbuds that fall out of your ears every time you move because they simply don't fit in. Forget missing the richest deepest bass because the ear buds don't properly seal and the drivers aren't big enough to produce the super deep rich bass. Now BSR's revolutionary new earbuds use the biggest bass drivers, unique angled ear entry and smallest in-ear silicon cushions to deliver the music quality that will blow you away. Save Big.

DAK Price Just: $19.95

DAK's BuddyLink TrueWireless Bluetooth Speaker Stereo System: 1 Standalone Speaker
Item Number: 5390

Product Description: - - - - ->Click The Picture For The Full Story.
This premium portable Bluetooth Speaker will sound (and look) great on your bookshelf, in your bedroom or even in the backyard.

And, this may sound strange, but I wouldn't recommend getting just one of these. You're only getting market value if you get one. Not because of the discount when you order 2, but because of the ability to create the stereo pair and link 2 speakers together in a wireless Left and Right channel.

You get so much more value with a pair of DAK's BuddyLink than with one. But of course, it's up to you.

Retail: $149.95 | DAK Price Just: $119.95 | Savings: $30.00 (20%)

DAK's Super 36dB Active Noise Canceling Earbuds: Add an extra dose of peace and quiet to your home, office or commute
Item Number: 3305

Product Description: - - - - ->Click The Picture For The Full Story.
Tune out distracting, unwanted and downright irritating sounds with the flick of a switch.

DAK Price Just: $99.95

Ear Cushion Set. For BSR Earbuds
Item Number: 33095

Product Description: - - - - ->Click The Picture For The Full Story.
Nobody ever stocks extra ear cushions. And between the dog eating them, and sharing your earbuds with others, it's always handy to have spare cushions. And oh yes, truth be told, my 2-year old grandson just loves to pull them off. Sometimes we find them. Sometimes we don't

DAK Price Just: $4.95

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