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Spare PRO Magnetic Cartridge with Elliptical diamond stylus Pre-Mounted on PRO Head shell
Item Number: 2053

Product Description: - - - - ->Click The Picture For The Full Story.
Want a spare Cartridge and Easy Plug-In Head-Shell to use with our LP To CD system? This is the Dual Moving Magnet Phase II cartridge with a elliptical diamond stylus with a frequency response from 20hz to 20,000hz, that’s shipped with our turntable. And we’ve had it pre-mounted in the easy plug-in head shell, so you don’t have to attach the 4 fine wires and align the cartridge to the head shell. Just plug the head-shell into the arm and it’s complete and ready to reproduce your LPs and 45s flawlessly. It’s just $69.95 ($6.95P&H) Order No. 2053.

DAK Price Just: $69.95

Stylus - Extra/Replacement Elliptical Diamond Stylus Assembly
Item Number: 3057

Product Description: - - - - ->Click The Picture For The Full Story.
Here's an extra stylus assembly for the LP to CD turntable cartridge. It's the exact replacement Phase II stylus with an elliptical diamond with a frequency response from 20hz to 20,000hz, that’s shipped with our turntable. It instantly snaps on to replace the original. Order one or several. It's just $19.95 (6.95 P&H)

DAK Price Just: $19.95

Turntable Belt -Spare Belt for DAK's LP To CD Turntable
Item Number: 3236

Product Description: - - - - ->Click The Picture For The Full Story.
This is the exact replacement belt for DAK's BD-1600 Pro Disc jockey Turntable.

DAK Price Just: $12.95

Counterweight & 45 RPM Adapter for DAK's LP To CD Turntable
Item Number: 3237

Product Description: - - - - ->Click The Picture For The Full Story.
This is the exact replacement Counterweight & 45 RPM Adapter for DAK's BD-1600 Pro Disc Jockey Turntable.

DAK Price Just: $18.95

DAK AC Adapter - For 2800 Mixer Interface PC
Item Number: 3111

Product Description: - - - - ->Click The Picture For The Full Story.
Spare AC Adapter for the DAK 2800 PC Mixer Interface

DAK Price Just: $16.95

LP To CD 5-Tutorial eBook (Download)
Item Number: 2044

Product Description: - - - - ->Click The Picture For The Full Story.
Get All 5 LP To CD Tutorials In An eBook For just $10 It's Free With The Mixer or Turntable. 1) LPs To CDs Step-By-Step. 2) LPs To CDs Software Step-By-Step. 3) LPs How to find old LPs on the Internet. If you'd like to have all five of these tutorials on your desktop in one easy one-click eBook for easy reference 24/7, just click the buy button below. It's an instant download you can use and read right now. It's everything (all 5 tutorials) without the delays and inconvenience of being on the Internet.

DAK Price Just: $10.00

DAK Recording Equalizer 2-Plus - Hear What You've Been Missing - Special Price Order Bonus
Item Number: 2055622

Product Description: - - - - ->Click The Picture For The Full Story.
It's like the sound difference between a live concert and AM radio. Use DAK's new Recording Equalizer to ADD, PREVIEW and RECORD Dramatically Enhanced frequency response to everything you listen to and want to save.

The Recording EQ is normally $21.95. But when you buy one of DAK's LP & Cassette To CD systems, you can get it for just $14.95 as a special order bonus. But you must buy or have already bought the system to qualify for this special price. Otherwise please order the EQ in the Computer Audio Section for $21.95. It's really worth it.

Hear what you've been missing.
Harness DAK's Recording EQ. Your missing sounds from your LPs & Cassettes were Just Rolled Off. When you copy an LP, 45 or cassette to Digital, you get a pure digital copy that's as good as the LP or Cassette ever was. Actually it's even better because we remove the clicks, pops, scratches and hiss without hurting the sound at all. And you can safely stop right there and you'll be thrilled with the results.

But Digital can be even better. It can give you more. You can get crisper, clearer, cleaner higher highs and deeper, richer, warmer lower lows because of Digital's expanded frequency response.

The Missing Sounds Are Already There. On your LPs and cassettes the sounds are there, but they roll off at the very high end and the very low end of what you can hear. It was just a limitation of the analog system that's not limited in digital. Use the EQ to simply boost the deep rich bass that's really there but rolled off on your LPs and cassettes and boost the clean crystal clear highs that are rolled off too.

Your music will be much more dramatic than it ever was before. It's an exciting improvement you'll really appreciate. Just click the magic bypass button on the EQ to hear the difference for yourself. It's just that simple to do. And the difference is dramatic. It will blow you away.

In short, Digital gives you the ability to 'un-roll-off' what was missing on your LPs, 45s and cassettes.

DAK Price Just: $14.95

DAK's Carbon Fiber Anti Static Vinyl Record Care System - An Electron Microscope's View Where The Stylus Meets The Groove
Item Number: 3306

Product Description: - - - - ->Click The Picture For The Full Story.
Using both an Electron Microscope and Metallurgical Microscopes we'll explore how your LP records reproduce sound. Using a stylus's eye view of the groove, we'll better understand how the stylus interacts with your groove and how to keep the interaction at its best from now on. There's a lot more to cleaning and removing static from your LPs than meets the naked eye.

DAK Price Just: $24.95

Notebook Computer Requirement ONLY -Audio To USB Sound Card Adapter - Add To LP & tape To CD Systems –Silver PRO
Item Number: 20869

Product Description: - - - - ->Click The Picture For The Full Story.
Notebooks are great for converting your LPs, 45s, 78s and Cassettes to CD. But there's just one problem. Most don't have a 29-cent Line In Jack.

So you just need to add this Audio To USB external sound card adapter to give yourself the Line In Jack. As long as you are running Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP, there's no software to install or anything special to do at all. Just plug it into your USB jack, plug the cable from our Mixer Interface system into its jack and go.

Note: This isn't just a cable or passive adapter. It's a super high quality external USB Sound Card. You'll Get terrific sounding copies with DAK's systems and this USB Sound Card Adapter.

Add this Audio USB adapter for just $39 to our LPs and Cassettes to CD system and you'll be all set to make your flawless digital copies of your records and tapes.

DAK Price Just: $39.00

Turntable grounded Patchcord
Item Number: 3251

Product Description: - - - - ->Click The Picture For The Full Story.
Here's a special grounded cable with male RCA Plugs on each end and a ground lug on each end to ground your turntable. Turntables need to be grounded when they are connected to your preamp, amp or DAK's mixer interace.

DAK Price Just: $12.95

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