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DAK's Mini PC for Home Theaters and Casual Users
Blurs the Line Between Your TV and Computer
By Sol Harari

At what point does your computer need to be replaced?
There's no official lifespan for a computer, but when it starts behaving more like a stubborn mule than a computer, it's probably a good time to think about it.

But still, like the rest of us, you don’t want to pay for it just yet, so you try to push off the unforeseen expense as long as possible.
We've all been there. You'll bite the bullet when you're ready.

Meet DAK’s mini PC. This little beauty gives you full Windows PC capability, and it’s about the size of your wifi router. Our mini PC is here to help take the sting out of replacing your clunky desktop. It weighs less than a pound and costs less than $200.

DAK’s Mini PC: Not a tablet. Not a laptop. It’s a miniature PC.

Tablets and laptops both have the convenience of being super portable.
But, tablets don’t have the same computing ability as do full computers, while laptops lock you in to the built in screen size (video output ports aside).

That said, you can’t fairly compare a mini PC to tablets or laptops.
They serve different purposes and have different capabilities.
We’ll limit our comparison to full on desktop PCs and Android TV boxes.

How could a tiny mini PC compare to a full on desktop tower?

Well, it can’t really. Not to a top of the line tower designed for programmers, graphic designers and heavy gamers.

If you’re looking to test your computer’s limits by running multiple RAM intensive programs, a mini PC won’t cut it.

But here’s the thing.
If you’re a casual PC user, you won’t even notice the difference between a cutting edge monstrosity and our slim, space saving mini PC. But you’ll sure notice the extra legroom underneath your computer desk!

Casual PC users mainly spend computer time checking email, surfing the web and using Microsoft Office applications. You'll be able to stream your favorite YouTube channels and Netflix movies directly to your TV.

Personally, I’ve been playing Minecraft on my mini PC just to see how well it would perform. The computer was working hard, but it kept up just fine. But that’s off the record, because your mileage may vary.

You can say that our mini PC is a lightweight desktop.
It’s still fully functional, but it’s more entry level than professional.

And, hey, if you don’t need all that power, why pay for it?

How does it compare to an Android TV box or stick?

When comparing a mini PC to a full size desktop, we categorized it at the starter level for casual users.

But if you compare it to Android TV boxes, DAK’s mini PC really gives you much more freedom and control.

Android TV is like a mini PC that runs on an Android system. It's useful, but it's still more limited than the Windows OS; Windows is a lot more robust.

Plus, you’re already comfortable using it, so there’s no learning curve to get started.

Hook up your mini PC to your TV, and you have full access to your computer files and websites that you can share with the whole family.
You won ’t limited to specific apps and programs, because you’re using the full desktop version of Windows 10.

You might even consider ditching your computer monitor altogether and using your TV for all your computer needs.

Soon after that, you might decide you don't even need cable service anymore. It's called "cutting the cord", and people all over are subscribing on a channel by channel basis. You subscribe just to the channels you want by downloading their app and signing up. I'll discuss those details in a tutorial.

Advantages and disadvantages of DAK’s mini PC over a chunky desktop

The obvious advantage for getting DAK’s mini PC is its small design.
You’ll be able to fit it in just about any space and take it anywhere without any bother.

Perhaps the strongest use for DAK's mini PC is how quickly you can transform your TV into a massive computer screen.

Use your DAK mini PC in the office during the day, then pack up and take it home with you for the night. It’s hassle free.

You get the full, complete, pre-licensed Windows 10 operating system running on a solid state drive.

With 32GB of built in storage, mini PCs have about the same storage as tablet computers. But, you can expand the capacity by inserting a micro SD card of up to 64GB.

You can even pick up extra 16 GB microSD cards right here with your order.

And, of course, there’s no CD drive. That isn’t a problem anymore because even if you don’t backup your programs on the cloud, any software you own should be easily replaceable by the developers for free. That’s true for all DAK programs, and I tell DAKonians all the time that they don’t need to pay extra for the CD. But that’s a different story. ;)

Concluding Thoughts

Like I said before, if you’re a casual PC user, or need an extra computer for guests, or want a desktop that's totally transportable, get this mini PC.
It’s all the computing power that you normally use in the neatest little package you’ll see in any computer. You get fantastic value here.

Even if you’re a Mac user, it’s great to have an inexpensive PC hanging around for different programs not compatible with Mac OS.
(I know, I know, DAK’s Mac programs are still in beta… we're almost there.)

And, of course, there's the home theater functionality. You'll easily convert your HDMI ready TV into a massive computer monitor and stream videos, browse the internet and do away with the need for a computer at all. It's as quick as plugging in the included HDMI cable into the back of your TV.


Use DAK's Mini PC for your home theater, or use it to replace your oversized desktop.

It's about 3 or 4 pancakes high, but it's a full computer, not breakfast.

It hooks up to your HDMI TV in a matter of seconds.

Connect your mouse and keyboard to the 2 USB ports and you're in command.

The headphone output is also a mic input. Plug in earbuds with an inline mic to chat with friends and use voice commands for your Windows 10 personal assistant, Cortana.
Our BSR earbuds now have a built in mic. ;)

Bring the power of Windows 10 to your home theater.

It'll get you one step closer to cancelling your cable subscription.

Mini PC Specs:

Operating System: Windows 10 Licensed and Activated

Intel Atom Cherry Trail x5-Z8300 4C/4T(14NM) 2MB L2 Cache

CPU Frequency: 1.44GHZ
Turbo Frequency: 1.84GHZ
Core: Quad Core

GPU: Intel HD Graphic,12EU Gen8LP 500MHz

Storage: eMMC5.0 32GB
Expandable Storage: Micro SD card up to 64GB

wifi: 802.11b/g/n Wireless 2.4G/5G Double Band wifi
Bluetooth: BT 4.0

Ethernet: RJ45

1920x1200 HDMI Port

1- USB 2.0 Port
1- USB 3.0 Port

Audio: 3.5mm Line Out/Mic in

Power Adapter Input: 100V-240V 50/60Hz
Power Adapter Output: 5V 3A Micro USB

Dimensions: 5.40 x 4.80 x 1.40 inches

Weight: 8.8 oz.


The Power Adapter and a 4ft. HDMI cable are included in the box to get you started in seconds.

Did You Know?

Solid state drives (SSD) have no moving parts, as opposed to traditional hard disk drives (HDD).

That means DAK's Mini PC uses less energy, boots up faster and is therefore significantly quieter than a computer using a HDD.

DAK's Mini PC:
Oh, the possibilities!

Whether you're looking for a new and low cost entry level computer, or want to supercharge your home theater capabilities, DAK’s Mini PC is a no brainer.

DAK's Mini PC is backed with a full one year warranty against all manufacturers’ defects, and comes with our 30 Day Trial. If you don't love it after 30 days, pack it up like new and send it back to us for a full merchandise refund.

Just $249.95 - ($6.95 Shipping)
DAKonian Subscribers ONLY $199.95
Total Items In Your Cart Now: 0
Check Here to add a Kingston brand 16gb microSD card- class 10- to your order. The extra memory will come in handy. Adds 9.95 to your total.
Need an extra mouse and keyboard? Check here to add on a BIG and BOLD Lettered Keyboard to your order. Adds 19.95. No additional shipping added.
Get a pair of our famous BSR Earbuds that won't fall out of your ears. Includes inline mic so you can pickup phone calls and use voice commands on your mini PC. Adds 19.95 to your order. No additional shipping.

I only review products that I love to use myself, and I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do.

But, if you don't, you don't keep it. No hard feelings. We can still be friends.

Contact us within 30 days for return authorization. We'll refund the full merchandise cost after we get it back. Associated shipping fees aren't refundable.

Just email and say Refund within 30 days.

Warranty Info:

DAK's Mini PC is warrantied for 1 full year against manufacturing defects.

If it's our fault, we'll fix it. This excludes any damage from improper use.

I'll do all I can to make sure you know how to use your Mini PC, but I can't assume responsibility for damage or misuse.

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