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The DAK Cam: Creating Better Home Videos
By Sol Harari

Think of it like your toolkit: the more tools you have in the kit, the more handiwork you can do.
You can’t use a hammer when you need a screwdriver.
And you can’t use a Phillips when you need a flat head.

Same goes for capturing great video footage.
The more mounts and accessories you have at your disposable, the more options you have to capture unique, creative and shareable footage.

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What's in the Pro Pack Carrying Case?

Go Pro Accessory Pack

A- Chest Harness
B- Head Harness
C- Wrist Strap
D- Helmet Strap
E- Telescopic Monopod (Selfie Stick)
F- Floating Handgrip
G- Suction Cup Mount
H- Handlebar Mount (Up to 6 cm)
I- Clamp Mount
J- Flotation Foam
K- 2 Flat, 2 Curved Adhesion Mounts
L- 6 Anti-Fog Inserts
M- J-Hook Mount

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So here are 13 included accessories to help you get more out of your DAK Cam:

1. Chest Harness

Your new best pair of suspenders.
Mount your DAK Cam right onto the center chestplate to get a first person view of the action.
The benefit of placing your action camera on your chest is that you’ll see your arms in the shot. I’ve used it for waterskiing and basketball.
GoPro Chest Harness

2. Head Harness

This one’s just like a miner’s headlamp.
Instead of a light on your forehead, you’ve got a camera.
This gives you a more realistic first person viewpoint than being at chest level.
Head Harness  GoPro

3. Wrist Strap

Wear your DAK Cam like a wrist watch.
Not your most stable option, since you move your wrist a lot.
Nonetheless, it is a great option for capturing any shot on the fly, especially if you want to see yourself in the shot. GoPro Wrist Strap

4. Helmet Strap

You can’t wear a helmet over the head harness, so this help you get around that problem.
Your DAK Cam is secured through the helmet’s vents.

5. Telescopic Monopod

You might know it as a selfie stick.
Either way, it’s a handy way to get a more stable shot whether you’re capturing action or scenery.
Extends over 3.5 feet, or 110 cm to be exact.
GoPro Selfie Stick

6. Floating Handgrip with Wrist Strap

For underwater activities, this is a must have.
Not only do you increase your shot’s stability, but if your action camera does manage to get away from you, this bright yellow, hollow handgrip will float your DAK Cam straight up to the surface.

7. Suction Cup Mount

Want to secure your DAK Cam onto a smooth, flat surface?
Windows, tabletops and even dashboards are all good options.
The best part is that you don’t need to worry about an adhesive leaving residue on your countertop.

8. Handlebar Mount

Exactly how it sounds. It can easily handle any pole or bar up to 6cm in diameter.

9. Clamp Mount

The clamp opens up more mounting possibilities than the suction cup or the handle bar mounts. All you need is something that the adjustable clamp can lock down on.
Wooden planks, bunched up fabric, anything you can think of, is all fair game with the clamp mount.

10. Flotation Foam

A life jacket for your action camera, the flotation foam will keep your DAK cam bobbing on top of the water in case it somehow escapes your grip.
You can use it together with the floating handgrip.

11. Adhesion Mounts

Best use? Surfboards, boogieboards and rafts.
The brand of adhesive is 3M, so once you peel off the sticker and press it into place, it’s going to stay there for a long time.
It’s convenient having a mount where you can quickly attach and detach your DAK Cam.
It works great on dashboards, too (even better than the suction cups), if you don’t mind having the mount on your dashboard semi-permanently.

12. Anti-Fog Inserts

Place these inside the waterproof case on top and on bottom of your action camera. It prevents the lens from fogging up.

13. J Hook Mount

This is the mount that attaches to your waterproof case and slides into the Chest Harness, Head Harness and Adhesion Mounts.

You've already seen this video on the main DAK Cam page, but just for reference, these surfboard shots use the adhesion mounts, while I'm wearing the chest harness while I'm waterskiing.



Mount your DAK Cam just about anywhere to get unique and creative video footage.

Chest Harness

Head Harness

Wrist Strap

Helmet Strap

Telescopic Monopod

Floating Handgrip

Suction Cup Mount

Handlebar Mount

Clamp Mount

Flotation Foam

DAK Cam Pro Pack
Carrying Case + Accessories Kit

Open up the possibilities and enhance your DAK Cam experience with the Pro Pack Carrying Case and Accessories Kit.

You get 13 different accessories plus the carrying case.

These have all been tested with the DAK Cam and are, as usual, covered by our iron clad 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Just $69.95 - ($6.95 Shipping)
DAKonian Subscribers ONLY $49.95
In Stock Now

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Check Here to add a Kingston brand 16gb microSD card- class 10- to your order. These are the minimum recommended specs for recording video in HD quality- so I highly recommend grabbing this one. If you don't already have an extra microSD card- you'll need one to use your DAK Cam.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

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Warranty Info:

DAK Cam is warrantied for 1 full year against manufacturing defects.

If it's our fault, we'll fix it. This excludes any damage from improper use.

I'll do all I can to make sure you know how to use your DAK Cam, but I can't assume responsibility for damage or misuse.

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