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Easiest Studio Quality digital PC Recording
Turn your PC Into the easiest ever to use broadcast quality digital studio recorder, with just a few easy clicks. No need to learn to be an engineer to make perfect recordings.
By Sol Harari
It's true. Your PC will make studio quality digital recordings of you talking, singing or copying your records and tapes. But, often there are lots of arcane things you need to figure out and loads of menus to wade through to figure it all out. Till now.
Now with just your PC, you can record your voice, you can copy records and tapes and you can also record from the Internet.

See all you can do below with DAK's Easyquick PC recorder. It makes harnessing the recording power of your PC, hassle free.

Recording is as easy as 1-2-3. Hit Config to choose if you want to record from a microphone, line in like a tape deck or amplifier or from the Internet on most PCs. Then set your recording volume and hit Record. Hit Stop when you're done. And Play to play what you've recorded. It can't get much simpler than this.

DAK's new Easyquick Recorder along with my step-by-step tutorial makes it fast and easy to get going. The only thing you need to decide is do you want to record from a microphone, the line input of your PC or on most PCs you can record live from the Internet too.

But after you choose what you want to record (I show you how), you'll find no convoluted menus with dozens of things you need to figure out. You're done. The quick easy recorder is easier to use than a cassette deck ever was.

And like I said, it does make broadcast quality studio recordings right on your own PC.
Talk about simple. Hit Record to record, Stop to stop and Play to play what you've recorded. There's really nothing to learn.
Every PC made has a Microphone input, so you're ready to go. All desktop PCs have a Line In for recording from tape decks, amps and anything with a line output. Notebook PCs need an added USB adapter you can grab here.

Most PCs, have What U Hear, Stereo Mix or Wav Out for recording from the Internet. If yours does, you're all set. And that's all you need to know about what you can record.

After you make your recording, just give it a name and choose Save As to save if for posterity.

The only choice you need to make is if you want to save to WAV files, which are what you use if you want to burn CDs with your masterpieces, or MP3 if you are going to keep your recordings in an MP3 player, iPhone or iPod. Now wasn't that easy? Now you know all you need to know about WAV and MP3 files.

You can have lots of fun with DAK's Easyquick Recorder with none of the hassles. The important thing to know is that the Easyquick recorder uses the power of your PC to make broadcast digital recordings and if you pay $100 for a recording program or the $9.95 I'm charging for the DAK Easyquick Recorder, your sound will be 100% exactly the same. It's the power of your PC that gives you the great digital recordings.

Once you get going, the Easyquick recorder will give you the power to zoom in and edit if you like. Wow you can edit out words; you can add music and more. You can even copy and paste music or voice from one place to another. And you can Undo and Redo anything you've done. But mostly you won't be bothered if you don't want to be.

And for sure, you won't be encumbered by hard to find crowded menus. Just record, save and you're all set. Welcome to the new easy digital recording capabilities of your own PC.
Oh, There Is One Added Extra.
You'll No Baby-Sitting Unattended Recording.
I wanted the Easyquick to be the easiest PC Recorder ever. But there's one thing you've just got to have. This is an extremely simple timed recorder. Just 1, click the Red Timer Button. Then 2 Choose how long you want to record.

3 shows you that I've put in times for cassettes, records and general recording. And 4, just click start timer and the recorder will start recording automatically and stop at the number of minutes you've chosen. This is so simple, but it will set you free and keep to my simple mandate of hassle free, super easy PC recording. Enjoy. . .Drew
Try DAK's
Easyquick Recorder/Editor
Risk Free
It's small. It's easy and I give you a complete how-to recording guide in case you want to do more than simply record, save and play. But the main thing is how incredibly simple it is to use. And remember, no matter how much you pay for a recording program, it's your PC that gives you the broadcast quality digital recordings. So you'll be recording in style.

Try it on your own PC. See if your recordings are awesome. If you're not 100% satisfied for any reason, simply email us and tell us you'd like a refund within 5 days. If you don't we'll send you a permanent unlock code that will permanently give you access to the recorder. For the 1st 5 days, it will operate 100% with no restrictions whatsoever. At the end of the trial period, if you don't choose to keep it, it will simply stop opening. So you really to get a 100% free trial to see just how easy it is.

To order DAK's Easyquick Recorder and Editor risk free with your credit card, click the Buy Button Below. It's just $9.95, no P&H. NY Residents add sales tax.

You'll get an instant download so you'll be recording in minutes. And we send you a backup download link so you can redownload any time you like if you have a 2nd PC or just don't feel like downloading right now. DAK allows you to put our program on all your PCs as long as you are the user.

Most people don't really understand just how easy it is to turn your PC into a professional recording studio to make broadcast quality recordings. Don't be locked out of your music. Record and share. Digital music is the best.

Buy DAK's
Easyquick Recorder
Forget all the complex things you've heard about recording. Now you can make broadcast quality digital recordings right on your own PC, hassle free.
Just $9.95 - Order No. 3411- ($0 P&H)
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Check Here if you'd like a disc with the Holy Grail Song Splitter on it sent to you. Adds $6 ($3 P&H)

Minimum System Requirements
CPU 1Ghz Pentium 2, 3, 4, & Celerons and Duos & AMD Equivalents
Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP
RAM 512 MEG Win 7, Vista, 256MEGs XP
Desktop, Tower Computer, Laptop, Notebook computer.
Sorry No MACs

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