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Finally A Cheap Desktop Solution To Hard To Reach USB Ports.
Oh, my aching back. How many times do you need to get down on the floor under your desk to reach those D#%# USB jacks on the back of your PC?

It seems like I'm always futzing and fumbling to reach them. Now you can extend your hard-to-reach USB jacks by 5 full feet so it's easy to instantly plug in and unplug all your USB devices for just $9.95.
By Sol Harari
This isn't rocket science. But, it's a real lifesaver. It makes your jacks so easy and so accessible. It's simply a weighted universal extension cradle to extend your USB jacks.

It's all Rubber Coated Metal Tough. Use it as a hammer when it's not saving your back, protecting your computer or increasing your reception.
It's not a hub where you get 4-8 new USB jacks where you only had one, because lots of USB devices don't work with hubs.

This is simply a universal USB cradle that fits any USB Device so you can easily plug in any of your USB Flash drives and jump drives, dongles and transmitters and so much more without crawling under your desk or reaching behind your PC.
I use Flash drives all the time and until now I needed a flashlight to see the USB jack I needed to plug it into. Now it's so easy. No more fumbling. And now I don't have to crawl under my desk.

It simply does what it says. It's a USB 2.0 (or 1.1) high-speed extension from your rear USB ports to a convenient on-your-desktop-location so you can swap USB devices instantly and easily.

This is a super useful, cheap, PC Accessory we all need. Why, well, I got one of these for myself for 4 reasons and I loved it so much, I went direct to the manufacturer and imported them for you too.

Why did I need it? Reason 1 my back. Reason 2 not breaking my computer. Reason 3 increased reception. And, Reason 4 cameras and other devices that are too big to plug in directly because they get in the way of adjacent USB jacks.

Oh, and again, it's not a hub because not all USB devices work with hubs. And you really don't need to use it for permanently installed USB devices like your printers, scanners, modems and devices you never change or move. It's not that these devices won't work with the cradle, they will, it's just that you really don’t need it because you don't plug and unplug them all the time.

But do use the cradle for your USB Drives like jump drives and flash drives and cameras, dongles, transmitters and things you plug in and take out all the time.

Note To USB Hub Users. If you already have a USB hub or 2, no problem. You can plug Universal Cradles into any of the hub ports so you can have easy desktop access. If a device works with your hub it will still work with the Universal Cradle. The cradle works with all USB devices. It's just that some devices like audio adapters don't work with some hubs so that's why I warn you about hubs.

Drew's 4 Reasons In Detail.
  Reason 1, my back. I have 8 computers set up at my desk. My main computers are on the floor and several are on a table behind my desk. There's no way I can reach the USB jacks on any but 3 of my computers without really becoming a contortionist.
No More Hurt Back & Fumbling

It just sits by your keyboard or monitor. Now there's no more reaching to plug in your Flash drives and other USB devices. Plus it's weighted so it won't move around. It's oh, so easy to use.

Now I keep mine right behind my keyboard. I must plug in Flash drives and other USB devices 5-10 times a day. Actually I have 3 of these behind my keyboard and I'll bet you will too. This may be a basic idea, but it sure works great.
OK it's messy, but this is one of my main computers. I can't tell you how many times I hit my head trying to plug in a dongle or flash drive. Plus it was hard on my knees and back too.
I'll bet your setup is a lot like mine in that you can't reach your USB jacks either. I can't tell you how many times I've been under my desk and hit my head getting up or pulled my back as I reach way behind my computers.

Now I have several of the cradles right behind my keyboard. It's so very cool. It's easy and I'm not hassling and fumbling to plug in my USB devices any more. And make no mistake, I really was to the point of keeping a little LED flashlight right behind my keyboard so I could see the jacks I was trying to plug into.

Reason 2, not damaging your computer. So how can you damage your computer? Well I did and it was long before I thought of using this cradle. I plugged in a jump drive and then one of my desk chairs got swung around breaking off the drive in the USB jack.

Now I'm careful, but it really did happen and I'm not alone. Now my jump drives and dongles are kept in a safe (easy to use) position out of the way so they won't be knocked out of the computer ever again.

Now all my USB devices are right on my desktop where I can instantly plug them in and unplug them. Easy.
Reason 3 Better Reception. Stay tuned. Soon we'll have a new transmitter that will transmit your PC's music to a wireless receiver digitally. The sound is awesome. But, when the transmitter is stuck into a jack on the back of your computer on the floor, it doesn't go nearly as far as it does when it's plugged into the cradle up on your desk.

And if you have any problems with your wireless keyboard or wireless mouse, the new cradle will keep your receiver up high for better reception. Plus you don't have to plug it in the front of your computer so it will work and where it was far too tempting for my grandson to pull it out of my front panel port.

Reason 4 Cameras and large USB devices don't fit. If you have a Flip or any other camera or device as I do that doesn’t use a cable, but rather has the USB plugs as an integral part of the device, you know that when you plug it in, you often lose the adjacent USB ports because it covers them.

Or it won't plug in because there's no room because of the adjacent port's wires. Now just use the cradle and any USB device will fit perfectly without blocking any other device.

Here's the cradle. You get the USB jack on top, plus a charging only USB jack on the front. And, it just plugs in with a normal USB cable you see on the right. It's so easy.
Small - Easy - Fast. It's got a really small footprint. I keep mine right next to my keyboard. It keeps my dongles, jump drivers facing straight up so they are out of my way and instantly simple to plug in and take out. And it's weighted so it won't move around as you swap USB devices.

Not A Hub - But You Get An Extra Jack. Because so many of our USB Devices now need to be charged, we've added a 2nd USB charging jack to the front of the cradle.

So, you don't have to worry about hub incompatibility issues, this 2nd jack on the cradle is wired to charge your USB devices, but not connect them to your computer for data. So, it's just like a wall charger. All charging and no data.

In short, this is a product is a lifesaver if you hate getting on your
Grab several of these universal cradles. It's so much easier to use your USB devices.
knees or reaching way behind your CPU to plug in a jump drive, flash drive, dongle or any USB device. I really love using this cradle and I'm sure you will too. It's just about 1.8" wide and 2.5" deep. It has a 5' USB cable that simply plugs into any USB jack. It's backed by a 1-year standard limited warranty.

Save Your Back - It's Fumble Free
Try My USB On-Your-Desktop Cradle
Risk Free
My new Universal USB Cradle is great looking, and stays in place better than any hub because it's weighted. It's just so darn easy to use. If you're like me, you'll want several to use on your PC. You can use one for each USB jack on your computer.

There's nothing you need to do. Simply plug one in and then see how easy it is to plug in all your USB Flash drives, dongles, cameras and more. It's just such a simple easy to use PC Accessory.

Try it risk free in your own home or office or use these cradles in both places. Plug in any USB Device you own. See if you don't love having its instant, easy plug-in ease as much as I do. If not, return it to DAK, within 30 days, in its original packing for a courteous refund to the credit card you used when you ordered. We refund 100% of the price of the product, but not P&H.

To order your own Universal USB weighted Cradle to plug in any USB Device you own fast and easy with 5' cable risk free with your credit card, click the Buy Button Below. It's just $9.95 ($6.95 P&H) NY Res add tax.

Now you won't be fumbling behind your computer any more. Now you won't have to get down on your knees under your desk and behind your computer. Now that 3.5" drives have been replaced by Flash Drives, use them and all you plug in USB devices the easy way on your desktop from now on with DAK's super easy weighted Universal USB Cradle.

Universal USB Weighted Cradle
Save Your Back - Stop Fumbling

Now you'll never have to climb under your desk or reach behind your PC again. Now you can simply plug in and pull out any USB Flash drive or device right up on your desktop. Grab several for the devices you plug in and out all the time. You don't need these cradles for printers, scanners and devices you keep plugged in all the time. But you'll love the easy, effortless access for all your USB devices that you plug in and take out every day.
Just $9.95 - Order No. 3312 - ($6.95 P&H)
Save Big On P&H. Buy 1, 5 or 10 and pay only $6.95 total.
Plus, if you buy a USB Gateway or other DAK USB device, on the same order, you won't be charged additional P&H at all.
$6.95 is all you pay.
Grab several cradles for family and friends and save. $6.95 is the minimum UPS charge, but we can get 5 cradles, dongles or any combination in the box. Your discount will show in the cart.
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You wouldn't think it could happen but 3 of my computers are right at the edge of the return of my desk. And, when I swing my chair around, I could hit them. Actually I did and it ruined the port. I don't know about your office layout, but this either won't matter at all to you or this will be a real lifesaver as it has been for me.

See how easy it is to put in drives and dongles. Just push them in. You'll never have to reach for a hard to get at USB port again. Super simple. Super easy.

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