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Crossfade your way to an exciting and even romantic uninterrupted musical evening of fun, dancing and passion. Forget hiring a professional DJ to mix your tunes. Now you can automatically mix live tunes or be able to burn CDs and MP3s with each song fading into the next so you'll have no mood destroying breaks at all.
Crossfading Automated.

Finally, an automatic crossfader that anyone can use that really works. Make your music fade perfectly uninterrupted from one song to the next and the next and the next and the next.

Totally automated or used manually, now you can forget paying an expensive PRO DJ to come in and mix your tunes. Now you can effortlessly do it yourself. Just load up your tracks and enjoy. Great for parties, an evening's entertainment or even a wedding. And wait till you Make fully crossfaded MP3s and CDs to take with you wherever you go. It's never been so easy.
By Sol Harari
Forget mood destroying pauses. Forget the normal 2-second pauses between songs.
In short The Crossfader automatically fades one song into the next for uninterrupted enjoyment.
Forget having to stop dancing when the songs change. And forget paying big bucks to a DJ to mix your tunes.

Now you're just like a PRO DJ, you have the power to mix one song into the next and the next and the next and the next, with DAK's all new DJ Crossfader Wizard PRO. And best of all, it's totally automatic.

Here's what the DJ Crossfader does.
It fades one track into the next for non-stop uninterrupted musical enjoyment.
There's absolutely nothing you need to learn or do. Just load the songs you want to hear. Load them individually or load a playlist. Load MP3 or Wav Files. Then Click the Auto Fade Master Button and all the tracks that are loaded will crossfade one into the next into the next into the next forever. And, at the end of your loaded playlist, the Crossfader will start the list over again fading the last song into the first till you turn it off.

Plus Make Crossfaded CDs & MP3 Files Too.
Now you can crossfade with CDs Too. If you have DAK's no pause CD burner (Part of DAK's Wav & MP3 Editor PRO, you can create fully crossfaded CDs that will still respond to all programming and random track selections but play your fully crossfaded playlists wherever you are.

So, It's not just live Crossfading on your computer. You can play your CDs or crossfaded MP3s on the road, in your iPod or anywhere you have a CD player or MP3 player. Crossfading really does make your music more enjoyable.

Crossfade Manually Too.
You control the fade. Just choose anywhere between 5-15 seconds and the DJ Crossfader will do all the fading for you.
OK, automatic crossfading is great. But there's so much more you can do. You can set the crossfade mix to suit your mood. Want a 5 second crossfade mix? No problem. Want a 15 second crossfade mix? No problem. Just grab the crossfade slider and choose anywhere from 5-15 seconds and let the program do the rest for you.

What if you'd like to crossfade when you're not near the end of a song? No problem. Click the fade now button and your crossfade will start instantly. You'll move on
Want to fade manually? No problem. Click the Fade Now Button and you'll instantly engage the autofade at the exact point you click Fade Now. Then it will fade to the next track, but you will still be in full Autofade mode, even though you chose a manual fade.
to the next song in your list with the same DJ PRO crossfade you get when it's totally automated.

Match The Pitch & Beat - It's easy. Just use the beat counter and then match the beat rate of one song after another if for dancing. It's easy. It's just an easy slider. Want to change the key or pitch? Just another slider. You can also adjust the volume manually if you like. In short, you can control just about everything. Or just let the Wizard crossfade your songs.

What To Add effects? No Problem. Instantly all or any of the effects by checking a box. You can even do it live as the music plays. Choose Chorus, Distortion, Echo, Flanger, Gargle or Waves Reverb. You've got instant access to these DJ effects. But only if and when you want them

What's Crossfading and
Why Do I want it?
In short cross fading is simply the fading out of 1 song, as you fade in a 2nd song so there's no break or pause between songs. And in fact at the centerpoint of the crossfade, the two songs are fully merged at the same volume level.

It gives the music a continuity that you can't get with the customary 2-second track pause. It's normally handled manually with special fader sliders. And it's a learned skill that takes quite a bit of concentration to perfect.

But with DAK's new Crossfade Wizard PRO, all the mixing is done automatically for you, so there's nothing you need to learn. Of course you can always take over and change fade any time you like, change the fade parameters and more.

So, at a club, at a party or just for fun, DJs get paid big bucks to Cue up the next song and fade it in as the last song ends. They match the beat if you're dancing. They match the type or artist if you're just listening.

They control how much overlay there is between songs. It can be 2 seconds, 10 seconds or even more. As they fade one song in, they fade the other out, so there's never any break in the music.

With DAK, now on CDs Too. With DAK's no pause CD burner (Part of DAK's Wav & MP3 Editor PRO, you can create fully crossfaded CDs that will still respond to all programming and random track selections but play your fully crossfaded playlists wherever you are.

Record Your Crossfaded Masterpieces.
You can record your crossfaded masterpieces with one click. Then take them with you. Burn them to CDs for MP3s
Enjoy an evening of crossfaded pleasure from any songs you load. It's so easy, you'll use it all the time. Want to keep the crossfaded playlist?

No problem. Click Playback Recorder and out pops our MP3 recorder. Just choose to record Stereo Mix, Wav Out or What U Hear and you'll get a digital recording of your mix.

Then burn it to a CD or MP3s and you're all set. Either Way use DAK's Track Tracker and no pause CD Burner included in DAK's Wav Editor and you'll be all set. Or just keep and replay the recording any time you like.

So Simple To Use.
I've said it above. But let me say it again. All you need to do is load the songs you want, slide the crossfade slider between 5 and 15 seconds and click the Autofade button. There's absolutely nothing you need to do except enjoy your music. The DJ Crossfader Wizard PRO will do the rest for you automatically, forever.

Of course you can always take over manually, or just crossfade a song in the middle without even coming out of the autoplay mode. It's all just super easy to do.

Try DAK's DJ Crossfader Wizard PRO
Risk Free
Load up 10 or even 100 tracks. Choose 10 seconds on the fader and click auto play. Sit back and enjoy your crossfaded musical masterpieces. It's really like having a PRO DJ right there without paying the big bucks or having a stranger in your house.

Try it out. Load up different types of music. See if it's not a great new way to enjoy your music. After all, it's all about the music. And this makes it even better. Try it out for 5 full days. If you're not 100% thrilled with the live mixes, the CDs and MP3s you make, just email us before we send the unlock codes and will issue a 100% refund to the credit card you used when you ordered. But I'll bet you never let this new music enhancer go.

To order your DAK DJ Crossfader PRO v2.1 with automatic and manual crossfading, effects, tempo and pitch control plus recorder risk free with your credit card, just click the Buy Button Below. The DAK DJ Crossfader PRO v2.1 is just $12.95 as an instant download. NY Residents add sales tax.

It's great crossfaded music from now on for an evening at home live, in your car or portable or anywhere you want no pause non-mood breaking music for a great evening, a dance party or any time you don't want those awful pauses between your favorite musical tracks.

DAK's DJ Crossfader Wizard PRO v2.1
Instant Download
Just $12.95 - ($0 P&H)
Total Items In Your Cart Now: 0
5-Day 100% Refund - Free Trial.
If you don't love it you don't keep it. Just email and say Refund with 5 days.

Minimum System Requirements
CPU 1 Ghz Pentium 2, 3, 4 Plus Duos and Quads & AMD Equivalents
Windows 7, Vista and XP
RAM 256MEGs XP 512 MEGs Win 7 & Vista

Sound Card Must Have Standard - Stereo Mix, Wave Out, Or What U Hear recording Functionality.

Sorry No MACs
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Important: DAK's DJ Crossfader Wizard PRO v2.1 is not intended for use in circumventing copy protection mechanisms or for making illegal copies of copyrighted content. Just because you have the ability to copy anything doesn't mean you should copy everything.

HACKER SAFE certified sites prevent over 99.9% of hacker crime.

You can record your crossfaded masterpieces with one click. Then take them with you. Burn them to CDs for MP3s

Just check as many effect boxes as you like to get really powerful DJ effects. There's one Effects interface for each deck. And these are real-time effects. They play the instant you check the box.

You can set the tempo/beat to beat match two tracks. Just slide the slider. Plus you can adjust the pitch/key of the music if you want to sing along too.

Load a track or load a playlist of tracks. It's fast and easy. You can remove a track or clear all the loaded tracks.

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