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The Animations Load Slowly. But, It's Worth The wait.Personalized Desktop Wallpapers, Animated eCards & Screensavers.
Lot's Of Great Animations To See. Hang On - This Page Will Load Slowly
By Sol Harari
Don't let them take your music away. We may have grown up with LPs, 45s, 78s and cassettes, but we love our music even more than today's MP3 generation. And we're moving our music to digital no matter what they say. Plus, many of us are musicians, singers and speech givers. So, we really do love our music.
Now every time you look at your computer you can have Barney our animated skeleton DJ, talking entertainer and passionate singing performer entertain you and anyone within eyeshot of your computer.
Plus send animated eCards with Barney doing his thing to your friends and family. These cards and their 'I love my music' themed sayings will blow them away. Plus load full-size animated screensavers of Barney doing his thing on your computer.
And finally, choose from dozens of desktop wallpaper colors and poses to show you love your music. Plus we personalize the desktop wallpapers for you with whatever sayings you want. From Play it again Drew, Dick or Sam, to This One's For Mary, Jean or Sara. If you can think of it, you can personalize it. It's all included free. It's fun. It's exciting. And there's never been anything like Barney before

So, be a DJ and, "Don't let them pry your music out of your cold dead hands." or "I Only Take My Own Requests", or "Here's A Blast From The Past", or "Yo Ho, Yo Ho, It's A DJ's Life For me". Get the idea? What 'I love my music' saying do you like?
And if you sing, "Sing Hallelujah, it feels so good." or "I Have A Song In My Heart", or "Let Me Sing A Song For You" or "You Put A Song In My Heart."
If you're a speaker, "Words are the verbal swords of persuasion." or "Words Matter." And don't we all have friends who we can't keep away from the microphone? Well think of all the sayings you can send them in one of our eCards.
There's so much to choose from. Choose full-size screensavers with the saying you love and change them any time you like. I've created lots of screensavers for you to choose from. Send eCards that are animated, fun and hysterical to your friends and family. These cards and the slogans and sayings are unlike any you've ever seen.

And all the screensavers, eCards and desktop wallpapers are included in the 'I Love My Music' Collection. You get the DJ, The Singer, The Talker screensavers, eCards and desktop wallpapers. It's a massive collection and they are all yours.
You Get The Complete Library.
Send animated eCards Fast & Easy. Wait till you see some of the messages.

This is one of your Animated eCards. Just choose the movie or still image with the message you want and send it to your friends and family. They'll love you for the great animations and exciting messages.

Personalize Your Desktop Wallpaper

Your desktop has never looked so good. Choose a personalized message. Anything you like. It's fast and easy. Choose a color and choose the pose you like. Download a bunch of them and give them as gifts. These images are awesome. And you can choose any slogan or saying you like.

Singing Barney eCards, Screensavers & Desktop Wallpapers

Do you sing? Do you speak to groups? Well, I've created a whole line of singing and talking Barney Desktop wallpaper for you to personalize, Animated screensaver movies and animated eCards.

Just check out Barney above singing out his little heart. Well, I guess he doesn't have a heart. But you'd never know it with the passion he puts into his singing.

A true story about the creation of Barney. Well most of you already know I'm a bit crazy, but I want to share one more thing with you. When I started creating Barney as a DJ, I made sure that the turntables were perfect, the scratching action was accurate and everything he did was just right. Just the way I did when I was a DJ. And he came out just great, at least I think he's awesome. Think of me without my skin.

But when we got to the singing Barney, my animators just couldn't get Barney going the way I wanted him to act. They said they just couldn't capture the excitement.

So, finally after about 10 days of back and forth, I picked up a microphone and we videoed me talking to an audience and signing. (You're really lucky you didn't have to hear me.) Anyway, then I edited the video, just like I do for my underwater adventures and turned it over to them.

Well, to say they were hysterical would be an understatement. They thought I was beyond crazy. I'm still taking quite a bit of ribbing. But, in the end, that did it and Barney the singer was born.

What's really neat, is that after all the problems getting the singing animation to work, I think it's one of the best animations in the whole library. But you decide. And I hope I haven't ruined it for you. I mean, don't visualize me singing. Barney's much better looking. :)
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Personalize Your Desktop Wallpaper

I love blue. But you can use red, pink yellow or just about any color you can think of. Then choose our DJ mixing his music, or listening or talking. It's all up to you. Then just put in a message like, "This song's for (your name)". Wow, it's the best desktop wallpaper ever.

Personalize Your Desktop Wallpaper

Will you choose a funny slogan? A heartfelt slogan or one with your name, your spouse's name or a friend's name. Say anything you like. It's your desktop or give them as great gifts. Wow, now you can give the ultimate gift for your music lover, singer or speaker. Check this out.
OK, Here's The Detail On What You Get.
I've Broken It Into 3 Sections
Section 1) Personalized Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds
Section 2) Send Personalized eCards
Section 3) Full-Size Screensavers.

And, A Word About Sound
There Is No Sound To Bother You.
I really hate the 'oh so cute' inane sound you find on so many eCards and screensavers. I hate having to mute my sound and then remember to turn it back on again. So, I've decided not to do that to you. I've decided not to include sound with any of the eCards or Screensavers.

If you do want sounds or music that you decide you like, there's a great sophisticated playlist manger built into the screensavers. Just go to settings and add any music you like, not that you're stuck with from me. So, you won't have to mute your computer when you send and receiver the eCards. And I just wanted you to know it's not a mistake.
I planned it this way.

So, if you do want music just load your playlist. You can choose repeat, shuffle or just about anything you want. Or frankly for a screensaver, I don't use any sound at all. But, that's up to you.

Here's Section 1. Your Personalized Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds.
Say, 'I Love My Music' In So Many Ways. First Choose from rows and rows of Barney poses and colors. There are so many. You'll be changing your desktop every day with new colors, new poses and new sayings.

There's a radio button below each picture. Just click on the one you want and it's yours. Then go back and choose another, another and another. You'll quickly and easily choose lots of backgrounds and use them for your desktop or send them to friends for their desktops or just as JPG pictures they can enjoy.

This is really a kick. And don't forget you can personalize each one with any saying you can dream up. You're not limited to my sayings. Personalize a bunch of them. You, your family and friends will be glad you did. What great gifts these make.

Here's the fun part. What would you like your desktop saying to be?

Plus remember, these are great for desktop wallpaper or just JPG pictures to send to friends. Here are some examples.
But remember, you can say anything you want to make your point.

You'll have to pry my music from my cold dead hands
I only play my own requests.
Play it again (Your Name)
Beam me up (Your Name)
Coming to you live
(Your Name's) Still spinning the hits that make you happy
Are you ready to party?
This one's going to rock your clock
Here's a flashback to . . . .
You are in the mix with (Your Name)
Turning back the hands of time
It's DJ (Your Name) In the Mix
Your DJ is in the house.
Here's a blast from the past
Here's one for (Your Name)
Your DJ is out cold.
So are you getting the idea? You can put in 1, 2 or 3 lines of any slogans, text or names you want. You can totally personalize your desktop background instantly and easily. Just type it in. It's all included and there's nothing else you need to do or buy.

Plus there's more. 1) You can put your text in any corner of your desktop. Top, bottom left or right. It's up to you. 2) You can choose from 12 different font/type styles to suit just the mood you're in and 3) you can choose the size of the type you want as well.

Just click the buttons and you'll have just the text you want, where you want it on the image and color you want. You'll love your new personalized desktop. These are really awesome. And we have everything in both normal and widescreen desktop sizes.

Here's Section 2) Send Personalized eCards
If you're like me you love to send eCards, but it's hard to find cards that aren't, well stupid. I mean they are cute and all, but they don’t say what I want to say, till now.

Just check out my 'I love my music' eCard Collection. Not only have I put up a bunch of cute sayings for you, but you can then write anything you want in the card. So send a Barney DJ skeleton movie to a friend or family member.

Or if you've got relatives like I do who you can never keep away from the microphone, send them one of our talking Barney cards that fits what you want to say. They are all in good fun. They are quick and easy to send. And of course, you can send them free.

So send a bunch. You, your friends and family will be glad you did. These cards are a blast. And I have them in both movies and stills. And I have a bunch for you to choose from. Just choose the movie or still you like, with the saying or slogan you like and you're all set. It's all up to you.

Here's an example of what an eCard looks like as you fill it out.
Your friend will love this sentiment, "You put a song in my heart."
So will you send an 'I love my music' eCard that says You're a blast from my past, You put a song in my heart, I only take my own requests, Let me sing a song for you, Sing Hallelujah, it feels so good or something else.

These eCards are a blast to send. They are a blast to receive. Send a bunch. Everyone loves getting Barney doing his thing with great slogans and of course great sentiments from you. Enjoy the eCards. They are the best. Everyone will laugh till they cry as they watch these great little movies.

Here's Section 3) Full-Size Screensavers.
OK I know I can get a little excited. But it's not hyperbolic to say that these full-size screensaver movies will blow you away.

If you've been watching movies and TV shows over the Internet you know that Flash has come a long, long way. It's amazing how great the movies look and yet how small their file size can be. My endless loop playing 'I love my music' Flash animated screensavers will blow you away.

Watch Barney the DJ as he scratches a record, mixes a tune or just sits back and enjoys the mix. It's awesome. Check him out as he walks in, belts out a song, takes his bow and exits stage left. This is blow-away animation like you've never seen before.

Even when he's talking and he points people out in the audience, makes 3 points and more it's a thrill a minute, E-ticket ride.

So hang on. These screensavers are perfect for virtually any Windows XP, Vista or new Win 7 machine. We have them in both normal and widescreen. And you can download a bunch of them and instantly change them with your normal Windows Screensaver selector.

Don't know how? No problem I'll show you how. Your computer is made to do this. Put 10 in and switch between them.

You'll love my 'I love my music' slogans and sayings. They are a laugh a minute. So whether you choose It's a blast from the past, You'll have to pry my music out of my cold dead hands, I only play my own requests, Yo ho, yo ho, it's a DJ's life for me or any of my other slogans, it's a laugh a minute.

Choose Words matter, or Words are the verbal swords of persuasion or I'll sing a song for you, Let me sing for you or Sing Hallelujah, it feels so good, or so many more. Just choose the color, the movie and the saying you want and you'll never look at your computer in the same way again. It's simply a ton of fun to watch the never ending animated movies. If your friends are like mine, they'll stare in disbelief as Barney does his thing.

The Animated Screensaver movies are small easy downloads.
But if you have a fast Internet connection, you can actually preview one movie right here, right now. Till you've seen Barney full size, you haven't experienced the awesome shock and fun.

Click Here if you have a fast connection. But don't worry. The screensaver will play perfectly on any computer with a 1.5Ghz or faster CPU. It's just the Internet connection that makes watching a movie this big hard to do. OK here we go.

Don't Let Them Take Your Music Away.
Get Your 'I Love My Music'
Personalized Desktop Backgrounds, Animated eCards & Animated Screensavers.
It's All Risk Free.
So now you've seen samples of the personalized desktop backgrounds where you choose your color, pose and whatever personalized saying or slogans that fit your mood. These are a ton of fun and great gifts that show you love your music, and I'm sure that nobody has ever been given anything like this before. If you've got one of a kind friends and family like I do, these are the perfect answer to your prayers. The perfect techie gift.

Plus send 'I love my music' eCards that nobody has ever seen before. I've never seen anything like Barney and your friends will get a kick, a thrill and a hilarious laugh with every eCard you send. Send them for birthdays, anniversaries and well, because it's Tuesday. Cheer up a friend. You'll both be glad you did.

And the big bold full-size normal and widescreen screensaver animated movies will blow everyone away. They are fascinating. They are fun. And they're so easy to use. You'll be watching your computer all the time with these new animated wonders. Don't miss out. These are a ton of fun. And you'll be the only one in town showing just how much you love your music. The intricate animations will keep you spellbound for hours.

I want you to try the eCards, the backgrounds and the screensavers on your own computer for 5 full days. Send some eCards, download some desktop wallpapers. Load up a few screensavers. If you're not 100% thrilled, just let us know by email within 5 days and we'll give you a courteous refund to your credit card. You can keep all the desktop wallpaper backgrounds you've made as a gift for trying out our system.

To order your own complete library of Desktop Personalizeable Wallpaper backgrounds, plus use our eCard system to let all your friends know you love your music and give them thrills and chills as they watch the animations, the still images and read all the slogans and finally add all the Barney I Love My Music animated screensaver movies to your computer for DJing, Singing and Talking, risk free with your credit card, just click the Buy Button Below. The entire library access to everything is just $12.95. You'll get an instant access email to the sites for the Desktop Backgrounds, eCard mailing and Screensaver access. It's a ton of fun, a ton of content. And it's all yours for just $12.95 (NY res add tax).

I Love My Music
Personalized Desktop Backgrounds
Animated Screensaver Movies
Animated eCard System
Just $12.95 - Order No. 3250
Instant Access
To eCard, Backgrounds & Screensaver Libraries

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If you love your music like I do, tell the world. And let's not let them take our music away from us as we convert our LPs, 45s, 78s, cassettes and open reel tapes to digital. I know we love our music more than than the MP3 generation. So let's have Barney make our case. And we may be older, but they'll have to pry our music out of our cold dead hands if they want to kill off the really great music from the 40s, 50s and 60s.

Get An Even Better Deal
We love our music and while I'm introducing Barney, I'm going to include access to our library when you buy a few of our major products and systems. So, If you want to get Barney, doing everything you see here, just buy one of our programs or systems below and you'll get everything included free.

DAK's LP, Cassette and 78 to digital systems. When you order any of these systems you'll get the complete access to the library and everything in it just as if you'd paid the $12.95 here.
All our systems are the same, but you can buy the systems on these pages.
LP to CD
Cassette to CD
78 to CD.
All these systems are the same, but you can order any one you like.

DAK's Wav & MP3 Editor PRO version.

I may add more later, but for now, Enjoy, Barney is a real blowout kick. . .Drew

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