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New Doorbell Plays Your Music, Effects & Lots, Lots More.
You love your music. You've built your music collection. Why settle for an old dingdong doorbell when you can enjoy your favorite music every time your doorbell rings? Now you can record up to 6 of your favorite musical passages to enjoy, entertain and amaze your friends and yourself. It's like ringtones for your home.
By Sol Harari
It's a fact. If you're like me, you've spent years building a collection of your favorite music. Think of a favorite
Just hit record to grab any melody you want from your LPs, tapes, MP3s or the Internet.
melody that makes you feel happy every time you hear it. That's the first melody I'd record in our new record every-tune doorbell.
You'll hear the real music. No chimes or synthesized MIDI. You'll get an actual recording of your music, instantly recorded into the RAM of this new electronic doorbell so you can have just the music you love whenever the doorbell rings.
This new electronic recording doorbell is a perfect marriage of your love for music and the songs and music you've copied from your LPs, cassettes, CDs and MP3s.
How about the 'Sting' for a poker party? 'Happy Birthday'? 'Amazing Grace'? Or 'There's a Meeting here tonight'?
Just flip the switch to change to any of the 6 songs you've recorded or use any of the built-in songs, sound effects and seasonal favorites that are prerecorded into the doorbell when you get it. Plus I've added a super bonus that will give you hundreds of sound effect choices, see below.

First, It's Virtually Installation Free.
2 Wires And You're Done.
I'll bet you're thinking, "OK Drew, the doorbell idea sounds good, but I don't want to get into installing stuff. I'm busy and it's a pain. And what does the virtual in virtually installation free really mean?
Just 2 wires is all you need. Or add a 3rd for the back door or even add extra speakers.
Well, this time there really is just about nothing to it. All you do is simply replace your current doorbell. Just 2 wires is all it takes.
Doorbells are all the same. They use a 16V power supply that's universal and all you do is unhook the two wires that run your current dingdong doorbell and connect those same two wires to this musical doorbell and you're done.
Plus, It has 4 holes you can use to hang it so chances are you can use the screws that are hanging your old doorbell for this one too. And that's it. There's nothing else you need to do except enjoy your songs.
Want to do more? No problem. If you have a backdoor, then there's a 3rd screw terminal for that and if you want, you can add extra speakers and there are screws for that too. But that's really all there is to do. About 2-5 minutes and you're done.
Forget Dingdong Doorbells
Now Play The Songs You Love.

Imagine having your doorbell play your favorite songs whenever someone presses the button. It sounds great. It can be louder or softer than normal doorbells and it can play long or short melodies you record from your LPs, cassettes, MP3s and from the Internet.

Choose any of the dozens of built-in songs and sounds (see list below) or play any 6 of the recordings you've made. It sounds great and it's super easy to use.

Louder And Longer. Shorter And Softer.
You get 4 levels of volume control so this isn't like any other doorbell. Set it from very, very soft to very, very loud so you'll have just the level you need.
Set it the way you want it. Forget your old dingdong doorbell. You have 4 volume settings from a very soft, let's not wake the baby to wow, a very loud, why is that so loud?
And while most doorbells play for just a few seconds, with this doorbell you can record up to 10 seconds of your favorite song (actually 6 songs, 10 seconds each) which for a doorbell is really, really long.
Or record just a short musical moment. Or anywhere in between. You're finally in complete control.
Special longer Recording Note: You can record longer. There's a total of one minute split between the 6 recording areas. But if you want, you can record some songs at up to 20 seconds each. Then you won't have 6 recording areas, you'll still have the total of 1 minute so that would leave 40 seconds for the balance of the recording areas.
But, once you hear 20 seconds you'll see that that's a long time for the doorbell to play so 10-15 seconds is probably as long as you'll normally want to use. Of course it's up to you.
Special Undocumented Extra. You can set this doorbell to sequence through any group of the prerecorded sounds. But I was talking with the engineer and I told him it sure would be nice if you could sequence through your 6 recorded songs too if you wanted to.
And he said, "Funny you should mention that. I just programmed in that ability. Just hold down the play button after you play any of the songs you've recorded for about 8 seconds and then it will sequence through all 6 songs you've recorded till you tell it to stop". If you've only recorded 2 or 3, it will sequence through just through those. Wow, now it's perfect.

College Fight Songs & More
It's the most asked for doorbell feature. Everyone wants to play their college fight song for their next big party. Well now it's super easy. Often you can just go to your college website and record the fight song playing right off the site.
Then it's yours for the big game. In my house it's the UCLA fight song, which is an anathema to a few of my relatives, but heck, it's my doorbell and honestly everyone really does love it, especially my father who's 94 and was at UCLA in 1931. I was there in 1964.
Wow, it really brings back memories for him and I'll bet the songs you record in your new doorbell will bring back lots of memories for you too.

How about your favorite Elvis song? How about Martin Denny? Remember Duke Ellington, Lena Horn? Heck what about Dean Martin? It's a White Christmas coming for me. (Oh and if you're a Bing Crosby fan, I think he sang White Christmas first. But I love all of them. I'll Be Home For Christmas, Deck The Halls and Santa Is Coming To Town. I hope my grandkids have been good.
Just open the doorbell door to access all your built-in sounds and the Record Button to record your own. It's fast and easy. It sounds awesome. And now your favorite songs will be your doorbell sounds too. No more dingdong boredom. Now it's exciting music.

It's So Easy You'll Change it every Day
or Every Week. Musicals Anyone?
OK, I love musicals. I keep changing our doorbell to match the most recent musical that we've seen. So far it's been Pirates of Penzance, Bye Bye Birdie, The King and I and Fiddler On The Roof. It's a ton fun and heck, it's your doorbell so you can change it every day if you like.
And in-between I've got 'There's a Meeting Here Tonight' from the Limeliters, (my favorite folk group). I'm Going To Maui Tomorrow (we're off to go diving) and It's A Small World, the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room and Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me) because we're taking our grandkids to Disneyland Christmas week.
Will you be playing 'Take 5' from Martin Denny, 'I Want Some More', from Oliver, or whatever really floats your boat? There's a refrain from "Those Were The Days" that I just love. Maybe I'll put that in next. What will you put in next?

How Do You Record Songs?
Just click record to capture any song melody you want.
There's a record button. Just hold it down and it makes great recordings. And here's the trick. The doorbell isn't actually attached to the wall. It's mounted in a bracket that attaches to the wall, so it simply slides out anytime you like. So just slide it out, put it in front of your computer or stereo speakers and record.
OK, so normally I'd say recording from the speakers sucks, but hey, it's a doorbell and it has a really good Mic and a full range speaker. Recording from the Mic is really fine. But, if you want I've added an optional cable that you can use to come out of your computer's speaker jack, but frankly in this one case, the Mic really does a fine job. It's super easy.
Hold it up to a speaker or use the optional cable to plug into your computer's speaker out jack to capture any sound to use as your doorbell ringtones.
You can simply hold down the record button to get just the part of the song you want, or if you have DAK's WAV & MP3 Editor PRO, simply highlight the refrain you want right on your computer and click record on the doorbell and play on the editor . Wow it's so easy and you can choose any part of song you like.

Copyright Note: In the past we couldn't even give you the traditional Happy Birthday Song because like just about everything else, it's copyrighted. But you can copy any song you like just like you'd copy it to cassette or to MP3. Of course you should always check to see that there are no restrictions on your copying music, but if not, go for it. Now you can use everything from Elvis, to the Beatles, to today's latest songs as your new doorbell ringtones. Great sound. Great fun.

169 Bonus Sound Effects From Drew
This Is A $659 Value
There's no limit to what music or effects you can load in the doorbell. Any song you like, any sound effect. You can even record your singing, talking or playing an instrument. Record your child or grandkid. It's ton a fun. And well, all you need to do is push record. How easy is that?
169 PRO digital sound effects to use for your doorbell ringtones and more.
There are lots of built-in songs and effects. But nothing like my 169 professional sound effect library. So, to give you the best of the best I'm going to include a download link so you can download them on your computer and use them or parts of them or combine them to get just the effects you want.
You really will amaze all those who hear your doorbell, even yourself. If you already have DAK's editor, then you may have some or all of these effects. If not, what you can do with them will blow you away. Remember, You can mix, match and combine these pro sound effects to get literally thousands of effects to get just the sound you want.
Ringtones for your home. I'm also including the 15 Ringtones I created for everyone's phones. These are full frequency MP3 Ringtones that sound great. This doorbell will blow you away. It will amaze your friends and if you have grandkids like I do, this will help you be the gadget guru for them from now on.
Here's a list of the 15 ringtones I created. They are beyond awesome. And you'll use them for your doorbell, your phone and you'll easily make more by combining effects.

Drew's Doorbell Ringtones.
Click To Hear It!
Here's just a sample of what you can do with the sound effects bonus I'm including. My last example is the best.
I_Cant_Come_to_Work - Passed On
Drew's Christmas Doggie Jingle Bells
You get them all. I made them as MP3 Ringtones for phones, but they have great fidelity and you'll love them all when you load them in your new Recording Doorbell,

It's All Included In our NEW Recording Doorbell.
$659 Actual Cost. You Get 169,
Professional Digital Sound Effects.

No P&H. No Service Charges. No Extra Changes. No Come-Ons. No Nothing.

You Get 2, Compiled By Drew, Collections
Collection One Has 62 Sound Effects - $194 Actual Cost

Collection Two Has 107 Sound Effects - $465 Actual Cost
Not Cheap 1 Bark Wonders!
Extra – Extra – ADDED Bonus.
OK, I know that Nobody Is Going To Believe that you really are getting $659 worth of anything as a bonus with our systems.
But You Really Are.

I purchased these effects from just like you can today. And if you do, you'll pay $659 just like I did. Plus I paid a lot more for the right to give them to you. Read how I pulled it off here.

Click To See
1.) Your List Of Effects and
2.) How Much They Cost Here.

Look At All You Can Do:
Personalize your computer's system sounds.
Use sound effects in Your Movies.
Energize PowerPoint Presentations.
Combine Several With Your Voice & Make Cell Phone Ring Tones.
Great for Halloween, Christmas and other holidays.
Great fun in emails.
Amaze your friends.

It's now super easy with our 169 professional royalty free digital sound effects or extract just the parts you want or mix them with other effects. With DAK's recording and editing programs, you're not locked out of your music or effects any more.
Get Them BOTH Free With EITHER System On This Page.
It's All Included In The System.
Collection One Gives You 62 Digital Effects.

You Get All These Sounds And More. See The List of 62.

It's All Included In The System.
Collection 2 Gives You 107 New Digital Effects

You Get All These Sounds And More. See The List of 107.
Yes, get 169 professional digital, royalty-free, sound effects that I paid $659 for, absolutely free. Not Short 1 Bark Wonders. These are complete sound effects some over 1 minute long that you can edit, extract from and use to personalize your computer's sounds, your live recordings, PowerPoint presentations, movies, with your LP & Cassette copies and so many other ways.
See The List Of Your Sounds & My Actual Invoices

What Sounds Are Built Into The Doorbell?
Here's a list of the songs and sounds built into the doorbell when you get it. Just switch to the one you want. Or you can have the doorbell play them in sequence so each time your doorbell button is pushed, you'll hear a different tune. The doorbell will cycle through all the sounds and effects in any one section depending on how you've set it. Plus you can choose to have only one song played and even to have one song played twice. You are in complete control. Here's the list.
Westminster 1, Arpeggio Bells, St. Michaels,
Ding Dong 1, Westminster 2, Ding Dong Song,
Whittier Chimes, Ding Dong 2

Good King Wenceslas, O Christmas Tree, Jingle Bells,
Joy to the World, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Carol of the Bells
Deck The Halls

Sneaky Organ Music, Scream with Music, Sinister Laugh & Music,
Beethoven's Fifth, Witch "Come in", Woman Screaming,
Thunder, Wolf Howl, Witch Cackle,
Butler Answers Door

La Cucaracha, Dixie, Yankee Doodle,
Call to the Post, Reveille, The Marine Hymn

Dog Bark, Hello Hello Hello, Rooster,
"I'll Get It!", Cuckoo Clock, Cow Moo,
"Some Ding-A-Ling", Horse Whinny, "Someone at the Door!",
Duck Quack, Jazzy Music, Vicious Dog Bark,
Siren, Police Arriving

Pomp & Circumstance, Happy Birthday, Wedding March,
Auld Lang Syne, Happy Anniversary, Star Spangled Banner,
Valentine's Song

Wow it looks great on your wall. But the best part is how great it sounds playing your favorite melodies in full fidelity loud sound that you'll hear and enjoy, just about anywhere in your home. Remember, you can turn it up way louder than other doorbells and it will play any song for up to a full 20 seconds.

The doorbell is just about 8" wide, 5" tall and 2" deep. It runs on 4 AA batteries that last a long, long time. It requires a standard 16V bell transformer. In short, it needs the exact same circuit as your current doorbell. I works with both lighted and unlighted doorbell buttons. It's backed by a standard limited warranty. Note: If you have an intercom system that incorporates a doorbell, then you can't use this doorbell. If it's a normal standalone dingdong doorbell, then just swap the two wires and you're done. 3 wires if you also have a back door.

Listen To Your Own Songs Doorbell
Amaze Your Friends, Kids, & Grandkids
Be The Neighborhood Electronic Guru.
Risk Free
What's your favorite music? Is it Folk, Gospel, Jazz or Classical? Just play the part of the song you want to use for the doorbell while you hold down record button and that's one of the 6 recorded sounds your doorbell will play from now on till your change it.
Just hold down record again to erase a song and replace it with a new one. And change it every day, every week or just keep your favorite tune playing forever. It's your music. It's your doorbell. You're going to love the feeling you get every time it rings.
I've been having a ball, and if your friends are like mine, they will be standing by the door pushing the button lots of times as they experiment with your new toy. This new electronic doorbell seems to bring out the kid in all of us.
Try the doorbell in your home for 30 days. Hear how loud you can set it. Hear how soft. Choose long musical recordings or short. Try it out. Really put it through its paces. See if your friends, kids and grandkids aren't totally amazed. If for any reason you're not 100% thrilled, simply return it within 30 days to DAK in its original box for a courteous merchandise refund to your credit card.
To order your Record & Play your favorite music doorbell with its built-in songs, built-in effects, the ability to record any music or effects you love in up to 6 memory banks, plus remember that installation just involves attaching 2 wires. Plus you get all 169 of DAK professional digital sound effects. It's all yours risk free with your credit card. Call toll free or click the Buy Button Below. This Play Any Song Doorbell is just $89.95 ($6.95 P&H) Order Number 3235. CA Res add sales tax.
Imagine hearing your favorite songs playing every time your doorbell is pushed. Hear that favorite refrain. Grab your college fight song. Be a Yellow Submarine or a frog, chicken, goat, cow or anything you want.
And remember LPs & Cassettes To CDs. If you've copied your LPs, cassettes, CDs and MP3s, now you can hear the best parts every time your doorbell is pushed. It's your music. It's your way. And it will make you happy every time your doorbell is pushed.

Recording Doorbell
Records Your Favorite Music from your LPs, Cassettes, MP3s & From The Internet.
Just $89.85 - Order No. 3235 - ($6.95 P&H)
In Your Cart Now: 0

The built-in Mic works incredibly well. But if you want to connect the recording input on the doorbell directly to the green speaker output on your computer, this cable will allow you to make the direct connection. While the doorbell is connected, you'll hear all your computer sounds playing through the doorbell. Just play the music or sound effect you want to copy on your computer and hit Record on the doorbell. When you release the record button, the doorbell stops recording and it's ready to use.
6' Doorbell Recording Cable
Records Both Channels To The Doorbell
Just $6.95 - Order No. 2074 - ($2 P&H)
In Your Cart Now: 0

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