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Great 10-Band Dramatic Sounding, 4-Component Switching Equalizer and WHAT?

Obliterate the paper wall between you and the individual instruments in your music. Infuse your own stereo system's (or computer's) sound with a breathtakingly vibrant 30 to 50% perceived improvement in dramatic sound quality. Plus, electronically switch between any 4 audio components, plus feed the Equalized signal to 2 outputs like your stereo and your computer for just $69.90. Wow! And don't forget to check out the odd addition below too.
By Sol Harari
Close your eyes. Touch a button. And you'll hear your stereo system literally explode with new found life.
You'll hear the gentle brushes on a snare drum, the startling bone-jarring realism of a thunderclap, or the excitement of a full cymbal crash.
You'll hear string basses and other deep low instruments emerge from the bass (that will sound murky by comparison), with such clarity and such definition that you'll feel you can almost touch each instrument. How? Really? >>>>>>Continued Below.
EQs are my favorite component. I grew up in the orchestra pit playing cello. And frankly there's just nothing like the music you hear in the pit. It's so much more dramatic.

Each instrument is distinct. The impact is so much more powerful that what the audience ever hears that I've always used equalizers to bring it back to my conception of what Live Music should really sound like.

What's great about an EQ is that you can sculpture individual frequency bands without messing up the music. When you add deep bass at say 63Hz, you aren't making the midrange muddy and indistinct like you are with a bass control. >>>>Continued Below.
Available In Your Choice Of Black or Brushed Silver - See Below.
>>>>>>Continued From Above. .
This astoundingly distinct yet powerful bass adds a never before experienced full-bodied warm feeling of depth to your music.

First The Equalizer
Your Stereo's Hidden Sounds
Your stereo can sound incredibly better. Just a 5db roll-off at the high end, up around 14,000hz to 16,000hz can just decimate the harmonics that give you the open feeling you'd experience at a live concert.
A similar roll-off at 40hz or even 60hz causes the fundamental bass notes to just fade away into the murk.
The Magic Button
Adjust the sliders till your music sounds great. You can't do it wrong. Then push this button to hear your music with and without EQ. The massive difference will blow you away.
Equalizers Aren't Magic. An equalizer isn't some magical device that manufactures sounds that don't exist. Most of the frequencies that will make your music really vibrant, are actually already recorded in your music.
You see, certain frequencies like deep bass and crystal clear highs are simply not reproduced with as much volume as are the midrange frequencies which stretch from about 800hz to 2,000hz.
An equalizer simply lets you establish accurate and INDIVIDUAL control of all the frequency bands to fit your equipment, your recordings, your taste and your listening environment.

It's your room and your speakers. If your speakers are against a wall, they will tend to boost bass because of the standing waves.
If you have couches and carpets in your listening room, they easily knock 10db or more off your highs. If your room is 'hard', with no coverings or furniture, your highs will be strident and harshly overwhelm your bass.
With an equalizer you can INDIVIDUALLY sculpt EACH frequency for EACH channel to EXACTLY match and compensate for your listening environment. Even with headphones, the EQ will make a dramatic improvement in the music you hear.
The difference isn't small. It isn't subtle. It will absolutely blow you away. An equalizer is bar none, the single most powerful musical improvement you can make to your listening enjoyment.
I guess that's why over 280,000 DAKonians acquired equalizers from me in the past. You will love owning and more important listening to this equalizer for what it does for your music from now on.

Total Musical Control
It's totally unlike bass and treble controls which simply boost everything from the midrange down for bass, or everything from the midrange up for treble. You can boost the low-bass at 32hz, 63hz and/or 125hz to animate specific areas or instruments. It really makes individual instruments come alive.
And when you boost the part of the bass you like, you don't disturb the midrange frequencies and make your favorite singer sound like he has a sore throat.
The high frequencies really determine the clarity and brilliance of your music. The problem is that 'highs' are very directional.
Wherever you move in your listening room, you'll find a big difference in high-end response. Try listening to some brushing cymbals and move off access from your speakers. Normally you might not notice the difference, it just seems like your music's just not as exciting. Now you will see just how incredibly much you've been missing.
You see, no recording engineer or equipment manufacturer can even begin to control your listening environment. And till now, neither could you. Now you can.
You can control the highs at 4,000hz, 8,000hz and/or 16,000hz to bring crashing cymbals to life at 16,000hz while at the same time you can cut hiss and noise below.
But there's more. Don't leave out the midrange. You can boost trumpets at 300 to 500hz, or a clarinet at 1,000hz. You can boost or cut any part of the frequency spectrum a full ±12db.

Easy Hookup 3-Ways
Just Plug it in. Way One - Use your tape monitor circuit but don't lose it. Just insert the equalizer in your tape monitor/CD Record loop (whichever you have) and then you can listen or record with or without equalization.

Way Two - You can insert the equalizer between your preamp and amp. Either way, you'll have startlingly improved musical sound from now on. And don't forget you can record equalized sound to take with you in the car, portables and anywhere you go.

Way Three - Run a cable from the output (green jack) of your computer to the EQ then a cable from the EQ to your computer speakers. You'll be amazed just how much of an improvement you'll hear in the music and sounds from your computer. And once you set up the sliders, you can put the EQ in back of your computer and just enjoy the new great sounds of deep bass and clear highs you never got from your computer speakers before.

A Caveat to Computer Speakers. The EQ will make more of an improvement than anything else you can do. But if you have tiny, tinny speakers with no tweeters or woofers, while it really will improve the sound, it's still not going to sound like a concert hall, but it honestly will be a whole lot better than it ever sounded before.
A note about recording. Think of your car, your office or your bedroom. They have different sonic positives and negatives.
I tend to like to add bass for CDs I make for my car and highs for the CDs in my portables. If you make CDs, MP3s or still make tapes for that matter, you can easily equalize the signal before it goes into your sound card for perfectly sculpted sound the way you want it from now on.

It's A 4-Way Electronic Switcher Too

Truth be told, I'd buy this EQ just for the electronic switcher. I've actually been looking for an electronic switcher because so many of us have multiple components we want to listen to and no place to plug them all in.

I only want electronic switchers because they are totally quiet. There's no pop when you change and no noise from dirty contacts like you get with manual switchers.
Heck, a 4-way electronic switcher is worth $69 by itself.

Switch anything, NOT JUST DVD, Tape, Tuner or Aux (marked above the jacks). The 4 inputs are marked, but these are line level inputs and you can switch tape decks, DAT decks, cassette decks Satellite radio cable TV, or even the output from your computer.

As long as it's a line level device you've got, which is just about every device you can think of except a turntable which needs a phono preamp, with this Switching EQ, just push the input button to move onto the next of your 4 components.
Here are the buttons on the EQ. See what they actually do to the left.

More buttons Too. The control buttons are located on the left and right side of the meters.

Input Button - This lets you step through the 4 inputs electronically. It's a very quiet all electronic switcher.

Scan Button - OK I wish they'd take this off, but some people actually like it. What this does when you choose 'Scan' is to have the lights on the 20 Frequency sliders act as chase lights like in a disco. One LED lights, then the next then the next and so on. I hate the effect, but it's 'cool' I guess. Just turn it off.

Power - Obvious. It turns the EQ/Switcher off and on.

High/ Low - This gives you two choices for the sensitivity of the meters. High and Low. It's useful when you are monitoring room sounds and for of course, low level listening.

EQ - The Magic Button - This is my favorite. People who haven't used EQs much really don't understand just how powerful the dramatic sonic improvement in their music is going to be. When I say it will blow you away, I really do mean it.

I love EQs and wouldn't have a stereo, portable, car or anything that plays my music without one. And I hope you will try it too. Anyway what this button does is let you set up the equalizer (and you really can't do it wrong, it's 100% subjective) and then just push this button to switch the EQ in and out. You'll hear the exact difference. And I promise you, it won't be small. Just click the magic button and you'll instantly hear it for yourself.

Oh And The Odd Addition Too.
Do You See What's Odd?
If Not, Mouse Over The Picture So I Can Point It Out For You.
OK, this is part of the main EQ circuit board. Can you spot what doesn't belong? Just roll over the picture and you'll see what it is. If you're not sure after you see it, click on it and you'll get the whole story. It's really not an important addition, but I like it a lot and I was shocked that they did it at all.

The Final Facts
There are 20 slide controls each with a bright Blue LED to clearly show its position, even from across the room. Each control will add or subtract up to 12db. (That's a 24db range!)
There are separate sound detonation slide controls for each channel at 32hz, 63hz, 125hz, 250hz, 500hz, 1,000hz, 2,000hz, 4,000hz, 8,000hz and 16,000hz.
GLI backs this 10-Band Graphic Equalizer and Switcher with a standard limited warranty. It's 19" wide with the included rack mounts, 17" wide if you don't put the rack mounts on, 2.25" tall and 9.5" deep. It's a really powerful addition to your stereo system or your computer.
You're Just A Few Sliders Away
From Truly Dramatic Sound

Available In Black & Brushed Silver - See Below.
It's super easy to use. Think of it as bass and treble controls on steroids. There's nothing you need to learn. Just slide up some of the lower sliders (Left) for rich deep bass without muddying up the midrange. Then slide up some of the higher sliders (Right) to clear up and give air to your music. You'll hear the change as you slide the sliders.

It's fast. It's easy and the difference is astounding. Just click the EQ button in and out to hear the difference you've made. Like I said you can't do anything wrong and once you've played with it for a few minutes, you'll never want to go back to dull, un-dramatic un-equalized sound again.

Did You Check Out The Tutorial
On Using Frequencies
Making Your Stereo Better?
Click To See

Make Your Music Explode With Drama
Switch 4 Audio Components
Risk Free
It's startling. Music so vibrant with life you'll swear it's 3-dimensional. Sculpture your music any way you want it for dramatic deep rich bass and crystal clear dramatic highs. Plus you can electronically switch any 4 separate audio components and feed the signal to 2 separate components like your stereo and your computer. If you're not 100% thrilled for any reason, simply return it to DAK within 30 days in its original box for a courteous merchandise refund to your credit card.

To order your Switching 10- Band Per Channel Graphic Equalizer with 4-Input Electronic Switcher and 2 outputs Risk Free with your credit card Click the Buy Button below. It's just $99.90 ($8.95 P&H) Order Number 3211 for Black and 32115 for Brushed Silver. NY residents add sales tax.

The sound of your stereo or your computer will explode with newfound life as you detonate each individual frequency band. It's NOT a small or subtle improvement to your music. This equalizer will transform excitement into your music like no other component you can add.

Plus you'll be adding a 4-way electronic switcher so you can connect all your components and easily switch between them and send you equalized music to two places at the same time.

EQ In Black
Switching 10-Band Graphic Equalizer
Just $99.90 - Order No. 3211 - ($8.95 P&H)
In Your Cart Now: 0

EQ In Brushed Silver
Switching 10-Band Graphic Equalizer
Just $99.90 - Order No. 32115 - ($8.95 P&H)
In Your Cart Now: 0

Want Dramatically Enhance Your Computer Speaker's Sound Too?
No problem. The green jack on the back of your computer is actually a line out jack. The amplifiers are actually in your speakers. The only problem is that the jack and computer speaker cable are 3.5mm.

So all you need to do is use DAK's special 3.5mm cable to plug into your computer. The other end has RCA plugs that plug into any of the 4 inputs on the Switching EQ. Then we provide a 2nd cable that has RCA plugs on one end to plug into the EQ's outputs and a female 3.5mm stereo jack that you plug the 3.5mm plug that's attached to your speakers now and that currently is plugged into your computer's green jack and you're all set.

It will take you just a few seconds. And you'll be amazed just how good the music from your computer really can sound.

EQ To Computer Speaker Cables
Just $6.95 - Order No. 32112 - ($2 P&H)
In Your Cart Now: 0

Here's How You Can Dramatically Enhance
& Bring Out The Instruments In Your Music.

My chart above shows the approximate frequency ranges of various musical instruments and the human voice. The black boxes represent their fundamental frequencies and the yellow boxes represent their harmonic frequencies. It's much easier to understand and enhance the instruments you want to hear when you know what frequencies they cover.

Just slide the sliders on the EQ that correspond to the instruments you want to enhance. It's really easy and the dramatic sound you'll hear will really blow you away.
>>>Continued From Above. .
And I do love my bass. But not boomy kid boombox bass. Sitting in the pit I was in the cello section.

To my right were the violas and behind me the string basses. The sound was awesome. Then across the pit you pick up the violins and woodwinds. And just wait till you hear the soft brushes on a snare drum or a triangle being struck.

Anyway, try an EQ. You'll be so glad you did. It will bring back the sound you remember from your favorite music if as I have you've aged a bit. You do lose the highs as you age. With an EQ you can bring that back too.

EQs are all good sound with no negatives. And this one at just $99.90 with a 4-way electronic switcher is a winner. Enjoy.

EQ In Black
Switching 10-Band Graphic Equalizer
Just $99.90 - Order No. 3211 - ($8.95 P&H)
In Your Cart Now: 0

EQ In Brushed Silver
Switching 10-Band Graphic Equalizer
Just $99.90 - Order No. 32115 - ($8.95 P&H)
In Your Cart Now: 0

HACKER SAFE certified sites prevent over 99.9% of hacker crime.

EQ In Black
Switching 10-Band Graphic Equalizer
Just $69.90 - Order No. 3211 - ($8.95 P&H)
In Your Cart Now: 0

EQ In Brushed Silver
Switching 10-Band Graphic Equalizer
Just $69.90 - Order No. 32115 - ($8.95 P&H)
In Your Cart Now: 0

EQ In Black
Switching 10-Band Graphic Equalizer
Just $99.90 - Order No. 3211 - ($8.95 P&H)
In Your Cart Now: 0

EQ In Brushed Silver
Switching 10-Band Graphic Equalizer
Just $99.90 - Order No. 32115 - ($8.95 P&H)
In Your Cart Now: 0

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