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Personalize Your Computer's Sounds – Plus Videos, Presentations & More.
Get 107 professional Digital Sound effects as a free order bonus. Don't pay $465.60 for these effects like I did. Plus get a step-by-step tutorial exploring how to
Sound Effects Demo. Hear It!
personalize all the sounds on your computer, how to email sounds and how to use them for Power-Point Presentations.
Don't be locked out of your sound effects. From Sleigh Bells to a Laser Guns firing, you can easily extract the parts you want and combine parts from different effects with just a few clicks and I show you every step of the way. And forget the $465 price I paid. These Royalty Free Effects are yours as an Order Bonus. See My Actual $465.60 Invoice At The Bottom Of This Page.
DAK's Collection 2 Contains 107 Professional Full Length Digital Sound Effects.
You Get ALL These Sounds And A Whole Lot More. See Below For The List.
Can you find the 38 sounds I was able to fit pictures of into My Collage?
Click Here To See.
By Sol Harari
Did you know that your computer has 40 or more sounds you can personalize. Now in just a few minutes you can take control of your computer's sounds. Customize one sound or lots of sounds. I show you how.
Don't be stuck with Microsoft's boring beeps and dings. Personalize the sounds in your computer, and amaze your friends and family with your computer mastery. It's fast and easy. When you get an email, forget the Windows Beep.
Use an air raid siren, beast growling, a crowd chanting or a dog howling. Check the tutorial to see how to take control of start up, shut down and 40 other instant change Windows system sounds.
Add pizzazz to your Power Point and other presentations and podcasts. Add realistic sound effects (because they are real) to your home videos, slide shows and live recordings. And use great sounding CD quality sound effects as transitions between tracks on the CDs you burn too.
It's amazing how exciting sound effects can add a dramatic new element to CDs you burn from your LPs and cassettes that you digitize.
Now if you want a splashy fountain or a horse neighing, you've got it. Want a machine gun firing or a fly buzzing? No problem. How about a crowd at a football game, an audience at a theatre or the sound of talking in a cafeteria?
Not Cheap 1 Bark Wonders
Forget the free effects you find around. They're not for us. Many are noisy, low bit rate very short excerpts.
Most of these sound effects are really complete sequences. So you won't get one dog bark, one church bell, one cat meow.
You'll get a whole series from which you can then extract just the part you like from. Most are quite long. See the times in the list below. They're yours as a Royalty Free Order Bonus.
Don't pay the $465 you'd have to pay like I did. Click to see my actual invoices. See how you save! You get the $465 Library as a FREE Order Bonus!
Want a Viper passing by, Whoosh, a Jet ski passing by or an ice cream truck going by? From a military heavy truck to a motorcycle all the sounds you want are here too.
Note: this is so much fun, you'll want to just burn a CD and listen to all the sound effects as entertainment. It's really a gas.
And use the backgrounds like rain forest sounds, a storm or wind howling as the backgrounds to your movie sound tracks, vocals and more

1. Use The Full-Length Sound Effects As You Get Them.
I've given you a terrific collection of 107 professional digital sound effects that you can use right now as your computer starts, as you get emails or with any audio, video or presentation project. It's the best of the best. I've hand picked every single effect in the collection.

What's Royalty Free?
What's Royalty Free? It sure doesn't mean these are public domain. These are not free sound effects. (But, they are for you).
What Royalty free means is you can use them in your presentations and anything you make without paying additional royalties.
You can sell what you make, broadcast what you make and do just about anything you like with these effects except, you can't sell them separately or group them as effects and sell that.
They can only be used in something you make. And that's fair. And they cost you nothing because you are getting all 107 that I paid $465.60 for, with a DAK product as a free order bonus. Pretty Sweet.

2. Extract Just The Heart, The Center, The Main Theme(s) To Use.
You don't have to use the whole effect. Just grab the part you want. Only want one harbor buoy ring, one cat meow, 3 cartoon booings, no problem. Just grab what you want.
Continued Below
Click Here For Big Pictures

Don't be locked out of your sound effects or your music when you are choosing sounds. Here I've first laid down a sound effect track of a dog barking. Then I've mixed in from a file, a cat meowing. I do hope they get along. And you'll get along with any combination of sound effects and music you want to mix.

Here (1) I've laid down a Kiss. Then look at arrow 2. That's where I put my cursor. Then I've Pasted from a file a Woman laughing (3). It's just this easy to append or join two effects or parts of effects. And you can also paste into the middle of another effect too.

This is the simplest and most often used way to use parts of effects. Just highlight the part you want. In this case it's 1 of 4 church bell rings plus the reverberation that goes with it. Then you can click play to be sure what you have selected is exactly what you want. Finally just go to File/Save Selected as to save just the selected part without changing the original file at all. It's just this easy to go grab the theme or any part you want from your effects or any music too.
Your Questions Answered -
My Say.

Your Questions Asked -
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Here Are Your Collection TWO
107 Professional Digital Sound Effects
 Effect Name  Length  Effect Name  Length
Alarm Wobble
Horse Neigh
Alarms AhUga AhUga
Horses Gallop
Alarms Radar
Animals Donkey Braying
Kids Group Wow
Animals Wolves Howling
Kids Laugh Giggle
Applause Auditorium Big
Kids Playground Background
Baby Fussing
Laser Gun Firing
Baby Gurgle Coo
Laugh Female full
Backgrounds Jungle
Laugh Man Heh Heh
Ball Bounces
Lightning Strike
Balloon Inflate
Machines Heart Rate
Banjo Finale
Machines Sci Fi Space
Beast Growl
Mike PA Feedback
Bee Buzzes
Monsters Dinosaur
Bell Boxing
Motorcycles Revving
Bells Sleigh
Muisic Kids Sing Twinkle
Board Diving Splash
Music Carousel Calliope
Boat Row
Music Ice Cream Truck
Boings Bounce Loop
Music light Jazz Background
Music Logo Woodwind
Cafeteria Crowd Ambiance
Music Loop Rising
Car Goes By
Oboe Scale Descend
Car reving On Gravel Road
Organ Hockey
Car Viper
Planes WW2 Heavy
Cartoons Boings
Rain Forest Day Ambiance
Cartoons Bubblin
Cartoons Giggle
Cartoons Grow Ding
Ship Gun Firing
Cartoons Kiss
Shovel Dig
Cartoons Rubbery
Siren Wooping
Cartoons Sprung
Sirens Air Raid
Casino Music Rock & Roll
Soda Pour Fizz
Cat Meow Earnest
Telephone If You'd Like To Call
Clocks Cuckoo
Telephones Tone Dialing
Cow Moo
Thunder Rain
Crowd Chant USA
Truck Military Heavy
Crowd Chant We're Number 1
Vocals Coughing
Crowd Men Cheer Whistle
Vocals Laughing
Crowd You Suck
Vocals Laughing Mixed
Crowds Hooting
Vocals Laughter Group
Dogs Wolves Coyotes
Voice Male Ambulance
Dogs Wolves Coyotes 2
Voices Mixed Couple Laugh
Flies Buzzing
Watch Ticking
Fountain Splashy
Water Bathtub Splashes
Glass Shatter Pane
Water Drips
Golf Cart
Water Pour Bottle Glass
Guitar Tuning
Water pouring Large
Guns Bullet Ric
Whisper Female The End
Guns Gunshot Big
Guns Laser
Guns Machine Gun
Winds Strong
Harbor Buoy Bell
Witch Laugh
Horns Car
Witch Laugh Distorted
Next column Please
Yawn Male
After You Buy One Of the Programs Below,
You'll Click Like This To Get Your Sound Effects Downloads.
Note: All effects are available for download in either or both MP3 & Wav formats. I may add additional Sound Effects from time to time and make changes to the effects listed. See the download page for the most current effects.
Continued From Above
3. Join Or Append Different Sound Effects Together Or Join Parts Of Sound Effects.
Combine a cow mooing with a wolf howling. It's easy. Blow up a balloon and have a child say wow, then have an adult laugh. Have a truck go by then a motorcycle then have a car honk its horn. All the effects are here and you can combine any of them and your music too. It's all fast and easy.

4. Mix One Sound Effect Over Or With Another.
Load one effect or part of an effect. Then lay another effect or part of an effect or music over the first. You can choose where to start each and add 10 separate layers if you'd like. It's very powerful Lay some music over seagulls at the beach. Have a dog howling over a fountain, or someone laughing in a rain forest or by a fountain. No limits and you'll love the effects.

5.+ I know this might sound lame, but burn yourself a CD of the 107 effects.
Then, judge for yourself.
You'll be amazed at how much fun it is to just listen to all these effects in your car or living room with your friends. It's sure to blow them away. And, it really is great entertainment. I kid you not.

More About Your Free Sound Effects Below
OK, I needed some sound effects for a project. And although I have an extensive collection of sound effects I've created myself (more later), I went looking for sound effects.
You've asked for them too. And yes, I've gotten literally hundreds of requests over that last year or so for sources of sound effects for those of you wanting to personalize the sounds on your computer, copying your LPs to CDs and creating your own videos and slide shows.
But they've been expensive. Usually you'd pay $1.83- $7.34 for a good sound effect. And, that's fine if you just want one or two. But I wanted to provide you with a whole library of only the best 100% digital, 100% professional effects.
And, I wanted PROFESSIONAL DIGITAL SOUND EFFECTS, NOT the low quality, low bit rate super short 1 Bark Free ones that I've been seeing around.
Anyway, I checked in with my friends at SoundDogs and I cut them a massive deal.
What I did was: First, I paid the same price you'd pay for the sounds if you went to them or any of the other licensed sound effects companies right now.

Really if you go there right this minute, you'd pay at least the $465 I paid.
That's how I got the $465. I didn't make it up. It's the price I actually paid. Here's a link to my actual invoice.
BUT then, I paid them a ton more for each and every sound effect so that I could buy the rights, not just for me to use, but so I could give them away to you.
Oh, and even with what I paid, I can't actually sell these sounds. I guess I didn't pay enough for that. But, I can give them away to you with the DAK products I've listed below.
So, no lie, no exaggeration, you're getting for free, what I paid $465 for (and that's before I paid many times more than that for the rights to give them away to you). And that's how this whole free sound effects library giveaway came about.
But, it's really the quality and depth of this collection I picked by hand that's so special. I went through over 100,000 sounds to pick these. I paid from $1.83 to $7.34 per sound. (before I paid for the rights to give them away to you).
But you can get them all for free as an order bonus. I didn't pick cheap sounds. I didn't pick short effects. I picked the best of the best. I made a list of what I wanted to use myself and what I thought you'd like to have. Then I picked the best sounding for each item on my list.
And now, they are all yours to use from now on in any creation of your mind. Use them as your computer sounds. Use them in your videos, PowerPoint or other presentations and as great and exciting transitions on the CDs you create.
Like me, the only restriction is you can't sell them by themselves either. But even if you'd paid the first $194 like I did, you couldn't have done that anyway.
Look at my actual invoices for over $465 by clicking here.
OK, Back to using the sound effects.

Your sound effects won't be static, boring out of the box canned effects. These are live and dynamic. Effortlessly choose just the part you like best or just the length you want.
Just open any effect in the DAK Wave editor and you're just a few clicks away from extracting just the part you want.
And don't forget, you can alter it. You can speed it up. You can slow it down. You can add echo and more.
For your email, why not choose a Witch laughing, a monster growling or a man yawning. Those sure are better choices than the ding that came with your computer.
To start your computer in the morning how about a Sci Fi Space Machine, Calliope or ship gun firing. Grabbing just a few seconds is just a few clicks of your mouse.
To end your computer day, how about A scary woman whispering "The End", or a baby gurgling and cooing or an air raid alarm?
I give you heart rate monitors, WW2 heavy planes and whooping sirens coming into your computer room that will blow you away and a glass shattering that will shake your rafters. It's all in the collection with a whole lot more as you can see for you to use.

Personalize Your Computer's Sounds
& eMail Sounds To Friends eBook Tutorial
This is a major eBook Tutorial. I really do take you through the process in pictures and words. And like my new tutorials it's indexed to make it easy to follow and review.
You'll learn how to get to and change all of your computer system sounds.
You'll learn how to save sounds so your computer will recognize where they are and what they are.
You'll learn how to edit sound effects to grab just the main theme or the heart  so you have just what you want.
You'll learn how to find and save your college fight songs for use in your computer too.
You'll learn how to take any music and extract just the parts you want to make your computer totally personalized and sound like it's yours, not Microsoft's.
Finally you'll learn how easy it is to send sounds to friends and family using Outlook and Outlook Express to easily share your sounds.
Now you really can take ownership of your computer's sound. Now your computer will sound like you want it to, not how it sounded when it left the factory.
Your friends and family will be amazed at your computer skills and you'll get a great feeling with every system sound under your easy and effortless personalized sound control.
Here's A Link to Your On-Line Version of
the Using Sound Effects & eMail Tutorials

These audio abilities never existed before you started using music on your computer. You'll find so many uses for these effects once they are on your computer, you'll wonder what you did before.
All in all, this is a simply fabulous collection of Professional Digital Sound Effects. Your Computer Sounds - Personalize any one, some or all of the more than 40 computer system sounds in Windows XP And Vista.
Your videos- Make them exciting and lifelike. If you're on the beach, use the seagulls sounds. You have telephone tone dialing and even off the hook sounds. If there are birds and a forest, or a WW2 plane is taking off, they are here too.
Your presentations- Get your audience's attention and make your points. Boredom is your worst enemy when you're before a group. Judicious or unexpected uses of sounds may be just what you need to keep your audience glued to your message. You have your pick of the best effects in this collection.
Your audio CDs – make great transitions between tracks. Or use effects when you fade out an entertainer talking, replace it with up tempo music, applause or any of the other sounds. You can do wonders for the CDs you burn from your LPs, Cassettes or live efforts.
Honestly in this review, there's not as much as usual for me to say, because it's all in these great sound effects. They speak for themselves far more eloquently than I could ever do here. Once you have all these sounds on your own computer, you'll be using them to enhance and personalize everything you do from today on.

OK, as I said above, I couldn't get the rights to sell them to you. So I went one better for you. All you need to do is buy one of my inexpensive, one might even say 'cheap' products or programs below and you get all the sounds for free.

SO, WHAT EXACTLY DO I GET? You get my step- by-step how to personalize your computer and the how to email your sounds eBook Pictorial Tutorial Guide.
I worked really hard on this tutorial so there would be absolutely nothing you'd have to figure out for yourself. In fact if you were to print it out it would be over 49 pages long. And I can sell the guide and if you just want to download the guide, it's yours for $10. Of course you don't get the sound effects with the 'how to personalize your computer's sound and email sounds to your friends eBook tutorial. Only with one of the products below.
Then you get all 107 of these professional 100% digital sound effects. I've made them available BOTH as .Wav and MP3s so you can download whichever you want. The 107 sound as .Wav files are 280megabytes. (I told you these weren't cheap 1 bark effects.) And as MP3 files, they are just 43 megabytes. If you want a CD rather than downloading it's just $6 plus $3 P&H and it will also have the program you've bought on the CD too.

1.) The DAK Wave & MP3 Editor Pro with optional Playlist CD Burning Program for $29.95. Here's a Link to the page.

2.) The DAK LP To CD Perfection Systems for $69.90 Or with the Pro DJ Turntable for $219. Here's the Link.

3.) The DAK Cassette To CD Perfection System for $69.90
Here's the Link.

4.) The DAK PC To Stereo Perfection Interface System when you choose the optional Playlist CD Burning Program for $34.90
Here's the Link.

5.) The DAK No Cable Wireless Microphones with DAK Wave Editor Optional Software with CD Burner Option for the microphone plus $16.95 for the Wave Editor Upgrade. Here's the Link

That's it. You'll get all 107 Professional Digital Sound Effects AND my super all new Personalizing The Sounds In Your Computer And Emailing Sounds eBook Tutorial absolutely free with any of the products or programs above.

Enjoy. . .Drew

Order Only if you want a disc mailed to you.
You are not paying for and cannot buy the sound effects themselves separately because I couldn't get the rights to sell them to you.
Paying for this disc is just for us to create & mail a disc to you if you don't want to download the sounds and the tutorial yourself. Order the product you want from the appropriate pages, then click this link and we'll mail you a disc of the 107 effects with BOTH the 280 megs of wave effects and the 43 megs of MP3 effects on it plus the full tutorial ebook for you.
Just $6 - Order No. 20923 - ($3 P&H)
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Drew's Quick Take Review

At a Glance:
This is a sound effects library with 107 individual professional 100% digital sound effects.

•CD Quality Sound
•Whole sequence evens, not short 1 bark wonders.
•very broad choices
•Music Loops and intros are included
•Well it's free, not the $465
I paid.
•Tutorial about How To Personalize your computer and email sounds covers music, and getting and using your college fight songs too.

•I couldn't get the rights to sell it to you cheap. It's only available as an order bonus.

Quick Conclusion: Or Why This Product
Now you can take control of the sounds your computer makes. No need to be a slave to Microsoft's bells and chimes. This is a very broad collection of effects, music extracts and backgrounds you can use for your computer, for when you burn CDs and for presentations and slide shows too.

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Here's My Actual $465.60 Invoice.
You Get Every One Of these
PRO Sound Effects Included FREE.
Here's the actual story. I bought these effects, just like you can if you go to for $465.60. Then I paid them a ton more for the right to give them to you with my products. I can't sell these to you, I can only give them to you as a bundled order bonus. That's the deal I made with SoundDogs. But you get these same 107 digital effects that I paid $465.60 for, free with our products and they are the exact same as if you go to and buy them yourself right now.

You can see the SoundDogs order numbers on the left. Check out the prices yourself. Of course if you do need more effects, SOUNDDOGS is the best of the best and I'd recommend you go there right now and buy any other effects you need.
But you get these $465.60 of effects just as if you had bought all 107 at SoundDogs yourself.

Above Is My Actual $465.60 Invoice.
You Get Every One Of these
PRO Sound Effects Included FREE.
Here's the actual story. I bought these effects, just like you can if you go to for $465.60. Then I paid them a ton more for the right to give them to you with my products. I can't sell these to you, I can only give them to you as a bundled order bonus. That's the deal I made with SoundDogs. But you get these same 107 digital effects that I paid $465.60 for, free with our products and they are the exact same as if you go to and buy them yourself right now.

You can see the SoundDogs order numbers on the left. Check out the prices yourself. Of course if you do need more effects, SOUNDDOGS Is the best of the best and I'd recommend you go there right now and buy any other effects you need.
But you get these $465.60 of effects just as if you had bought all 107 at SoundDogs yourself.

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