A Thousand Words
It's true. A picture really can be worth a thousand words. And it's especially true with DAK's New Label Printing Program. As you look below, I hope that you'll see the parts, angles and buttons clearly so that you'll have a 100% clear understanding of just what this product can do for you. Products don't get reviewed unless I think they're good. I hope my pictures help you determine if you agree or not. . . Drew

In short, all you need to do is:
1. Click to select one of our 2000 gorgeous original artwork label backgrounds.
2. Click one of the instant Track Layout Templates for the layout of your tracks.
3. Click to load the tracks from your WAV, MP3, iTunes CD or other.
4. Click Print to print your labels.
But check below to see all the other neat incredible things you can do.
Look at all you can do. It's easy and you have total control.

Arrow 1.) Layout Tab. Click this to get to the 1 Click Track Layout Templates. I've provided all you probably need, but you can alter them or make your own and when you save them, they will be here for you to use anytime with 1 click. Arrow 1a.) This is a template with all the tracks on the Left. You can click it and it will load all your tracks on the Label you see on screen. It's just that fast.

Arrow 1b.) Here's a template I setup of my dive pictures. I'm burning more than 1 CD with this label so it was easier to just make it a template. So you see you can do templates of pictures, layouts or anything.

Arrow 2.) Shapes and boxes. Often when you are doing a label you'll want to have different colored geometric shapes. Just click any of these buttons to create squares, rounded corner squares and rectangles, round or even diamond shapes. Plus you can use any color you want with just a click.

Arrow 2a.) Here's a rounded box I made and I made this one red. You can put type on them or I often put a picture over them and just leave them a few pixels bigger than the picture to get an instant frame.

Arrow 3.) Layer your pictures-. This is great. You can put pictures behind or in front of other pictures so you only see part of one or the other. I often have 6-8 pictures on a label and this way I can control where each is and what part shows.

Arrow 4.) Everything is straight and balanced. I can't draw a straight line with a ruler, but look at all you can do with these 9 controls. Select as many of your pictures or elements as you like. Then with one click, make them all flush left, flush right, centered horizontally and centered vertically. It's all easy. It's all straight and your labels will look great, just like mine do.

Arrow 5.) Zoom in or out. You have 6 levels of easy zoom to see the detail of what you are doing.

Arrow 6.) Import Pictures. I've detailed this below, but in short, click these buttons to open a new Picture Grabbing box. If you've got a picture on your computer, now it can be on your labels. And of course the 2200 wonderful original artwork images.

The main picture above is showing the Disc layout. Just click these tabs to move to the Front of the Jewel case, the Inside, or the back. It's all super easy.
Arrow 7.) This is just one of your 2200 images. You see it just like it will look on the label.

Arrow 8.) Text on your labels is super important. You can select to add regular text that runs across the page or circular text that goes around the label (Very sophisticated and not available on most label programs).

Arrow 8a.) Regular Text. For tracks most of the time you'll just use one of our templates, but if you want to write something on the label, just do it like this

Arrow 8b.) Circular Text. This is great and I love using it. Your circular text goes around the label and you can do multiple lines of text. I use it all the time for album titles and more. Just click the circular text button and type all you want. Then click it again for a 2nd line. And what's neat is you can grab them and move them in or out so they go anywhere you want them on the label.

Arrow 8c.) Make your Text look like you want it to. This is what you'd expect to be able to do. Use any font on your computer. Make it any size you like. Make it Bold, underlined or Italic. Make it any color you like. Center it, or flush left or flush left. You can even flip the circular text so it reads from the outside of the label. Very cool.

Arrow 9.) Awesome Shadows Super White Layout. OK this may be my favorite. I've never seen anyone do this before and it will blow you away. The white part of the label with the drop shadow coming from the beautiful background ISN'T WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE. IT'S PHONY.

This is a Drew special. This is one of my backgrounds, but you choose it as an image and then you slide it over the background. I've actually put the shadow your eye expects to come from the picture to the left onto the white. It's phony, but you can't tell.

This way you can cover the part of the label where you want to put the tracks so you can print on white. Sometimes I just use reverse type on the label and that's great. Sometimes I like to use these special drop shadow covers. They really do look real and they make the labels look really dramatic.

I've included 2200 original artwork background images for you to use. All you need to do to use them OR USE ANY PICTURE ON YOUR COMPUTER is:
Arrow 1.) Choose the folder where you have the pictures

Arrow 2.) Click on the picture you want to use.

Arrow 3.) Click the Set as Background Button to have it automatically sized and put in as your background. That's it. There's nothing else you need to do.

Arrow 4.) Insert Image. OK this is the same as the background but the program won't set this image for you. It will load it into the view screen and you can move it around , you can instantly resize it in proportion, or make it taller or wider. It's up to you and you have awesome control You can still use it as the background as the program just prints it as a picture. It's the control you get that makes it different.

Great and easy image control. Here's how:

Arrow 1.) Here's a Limeliters Album cover I grabbed. I wanted to resize it so I just grabbed the corner and dragged it in to make it smaller. You can drag the corner and make it bigger too. Or grab the spots in the center to increase the height or width to change the proportions/aspect ratio. Arrow 2.) When you are resizing pictures you can control if you keep the proportions/aspect ratio the same or different by checking or unchecking this box.

Arrow 3.) You can flip the images to make them mirror images or move them around the label with these arrow controls

Arrow 4.) You can lighten or darken the images by clicking the sun buttons.

Arrow 5.) You can sharpen the label or make it softer with these controls.

Much more. You can make them Grayscale or inverse. Plus you can choose part to be transparent on some PNG and WMF files

Text control is complete. There's so much you can do and it's all right in front of you so you don't have to go looking through menus to find what you want to do. Here's how:

Arrow 1.) You hit the Text Button and you'll get a text box like this. Drag it to make it any size you like. Arrow 2.) Choose any font you have on your computer. Make it any size you like and make it bold, underline or italic.

Arrow 3.) Click the Enter/Paste text button.

Arrow 3a.) In this box you can type or copy the text you want to put on the label.

Arrow 4.) Then just choose your preferred layout, Left, Right or centered.

Entering Track Info is a Breeze. Use My 1 Click Templates, or set your own track layouts and or make 1 click templates from them too. Here's how:

First the concept. To make it really easy, this program is totally automated to understand that when you type (or click your choice here) <title01> my program will display on screen and print the 1st title of the 1st song you want listed. So <title02> will show the 2nd title. Got it? It's easy.

You can all show <artist01>, <Playtime01> and all the other things you see in the picture above. We do this so you never have to type the titles or other info as you move from album to album using templates. It's just that simple and oh, it's really so easy.

Arrow 1.) When you click the highlighted choice in arrow 2, this is what you'll get. When you load your tracks, you'd get the 1st artist, 1st title and 1st playtime. Just click for each one and you're all set. And of course you can simply type them if you prefer.

Arrow 2.) These are your preset choices of what you can print automatically. Don't like this, use any combination or type the, no problem. Do it once, use it always.

Collages are really easy to do and they look simply great. These are a few of my SCUBA pictures that I've shot. Now I'm shooting video so this is actually the label to one of my DVDs.

A collage is made up of any number of pictures. In this sample, which is actually the real label for some of my underwater videos which I burn to DVD. So this is actually one of my DVD labels you're looking at. So this collage is made up of 5 of my SCUBA pictures and two of the program's instant shapes.

You can resize each pictures separately, no problem and put them anywhere you like. Then, and this is up to you, you can either have the pictures actually touch each other, or as I've done here, use one of our geometric shapes as a frame. I like to use the shapes as I think they vive me a neat and organized look.

Arrow 1.) This is the actual frame of the Turtle picture. This is where I resize it and
I've put it behind the pictures on above it and below it. Not only can you put your layers of images to the top or bottom, you can effortlessly move them anywhere in between

Arrow 2. & 2a) You have a Make Shapes and Boxes of any color, many shapes and any size set of buttons in the upper right. For my frames, I chose the rectangular tool and I choose black as my color. Then I just stretched them across the label and made them nice and thin. Now I have my neat organized look and it just took a few seconds. You'll do this too and you'll love the results. No artistic talent is needed. The tools do it all.

This is key to your success. Any label program can let you type in your track names as you can with ours. In fact you can effortlessly edit track names to abbreviate them or do anything after they are loaded. It's easy, it's fast and YOU CAN NOW TAKE YOUR WAV, MP3, iTUNES AND M3U WINDOWS PLAYLISTS TO LOAD THE TRACKS RITGHT FROM YOUR HARD DRIVE. Here's how:

Arrow 1.) Click Import to open the Get Track Info Dialog you see on top of the main track window. You can also click the Query CD Info from CDDB to get the tracks from a CD if that's what you are going to create a label for.

Arrow 2.) Choose the folder where your tracks are stored.

Arrow 3.) This is BIG. OK, you can select all the tracks, some of the tracks next to each other or random tracks. So you have total control. You can even go to another folder and add more tracks later.

Arrow 4.) Just click Open and all the tracks you've selected will open in the program ready to go on your label. There's nothing else you have to do.

Arrow 5.) I just wanted you to see your choices. We Get the Wav files. That's the one that's highlighted. These are the format that you get when you copy your LPs and cassettes to CD. So it's really important that you can get them to all load.

You also can get MP3s, MP4s, BOTH normal iTunes and Protected iTunes. Oh and what's really neat is you can go right into your iTunes Library and grab the tracks right from those folders. No playlists or anything like that are needed. Plus you can load all the tracks in a standard Windows playlist (M3U) or from a WinAmp playlist (PLS). We get them all.

You get Clip art too. It's fun, it's useful and all you do is drag any of these And a lot more pictures onto the live label area. Resize them as you like. Flip them, alter them. In short do anything you like with these fun, fanciful images.

You get 100 images in the screensaver and 100 desktop wallpapers too. Plus the powerful 1-click to install screensaver gives you total control over more than 100 transitions, sound and much more. It's all YOURS FREE WITH the DAK Label Program or just $12.95 by itself.
Now each time you boot your computer you'll see incredibly beautiful original artwork parading before you. It really is a kaleidoscopic panorama of shapes, sizes and colors. Each of the 100-images is more stunning, more beautiful and more dramatic than the last. If you're like me you'll sit transfixed in front of your computer.

Above you can see 10 of the images in my small movie. On your computer they will be full screen size and you can control the speed, the transitions and even add music if you like.

Check out the 100 thumbnails here.

You'll get them as 1024x768 breathtaking images on your computer screen. Plus you also get each image as a separate 1024x768 JPEG image to use as your computer desktop wallpaper. Just right click the image, choose 'set as desktop image' and you'll have that image as your desktop.

It's great. But don't just take my opinion, you can see the images for yourself in the above sample and here are 3 for the images for you to see full size.
Click To See 1024x768 Samples

CLICK HERE to see 3 of your 100-desktop images full size
Your computer is made for multiple screensavers and our totally automated program is super easy to use. Just double click our program icon on your desktop and it will install.
Nothing to it at all. And you can go to your computer's Screensaver center and change among screen savers with just three clicks. Click 1. Right click your desktop. Click 2. Choose properties. Click 3. Choose Screensavers. That's all there is to it. Chose any you have and you're done. Have a great journey.
Microsoft designed your computer for instant desktop wallpaper changes. All you do is right click on the Original Artwork image of your choice and choose 'Set as desktop' from the pull down menu.
That's it. It just takes a second
I could go on and on with all the extras and capabilities of the all new DAK CD & DVD Lapel Printer PRO. But by now you must be getting the idea that this is one terrific program with more added features and well, there are the 2200 original art background images, there's the free screensaver and 100 Desktop Wallpaper Images. Your desktop will never look the same. The pictures really are Terrifically exciting and visually pleasing. Enjoy. . .Drew

A Quick NOTE About My Pictures.
Some of the pictures aren't as sharp as I'd put in the print catalog. You see I have to cut back their files sizes or this page would never load (especially if you're on a dial up modem).
The technical side is that I'm shooting JPEGS at 80-100 percent quality and I cut them back to 50-60% and pretty much limit them to 600 pixels in width or less so that they'll fit on your monitor and load reasonably fast. In short, each picture is about 450,000 bytes when I shoot it and 20-40,000 bytes here on the page. A picture for the catalog is about 6,000,000 bytes.
I've created this page using separate tables for each picture so that you don't have to wait for everything to load in order to start looking. The picture captions will display first and then the pictures (usually starting at the top, but not always due to the way your computer interprets the web).
BUT HERE'S THE BOTTOM LINE. I don't feel you can really know about a product unless the pictures are big and clear enough for you to really see (almost touch). Then you'll know what you're getting. So in my print catalogs the pictures can be sharper, but on the web I can show you a lot more angles, sides and parts of each product. I hope this helps. If I ever forget to show you some part of the product that you want to see, Email me at DrewKaplan@DAK.com and I'll do my best to add it to the page quickly.