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Awesome Original Art On Canvas
Drew's Original Artwork On Canvas
Now you can enjoy this great artwork on canvas in your home, office or anywhere that dramatic, thought provoking artwork fits in. I've hung these both in my house and office. And my kids, my wife and I just love them. We don't necessarily agree on which we like best :) but we do agree that they look great.
Here is a close-up of the canvas so you can see the texture. It's real canvas, not paper. And your artwork comes READY TO HANG. It's prestretched and mounted on wooden frames.

The technique is called Museum Wrap. You can actually see the image continues around the edges. It's great art, lovingly reproduced on canvas at frankly, a very cheap price. But there's nothing cheap about the effect you'll achieve when you hang these pictures in your favorite room. And canvas is so much more impressive than paper. These really are great works of art.
"Floating Power"
Just - $89 ($8.95 P&H)
This artwork just resonates power. You can feel it in the heavy massiveness of the structure. Then the use of the yellow with the space-like background will move you. I think the use of red creates the 3-d like floating effect. No small wonder this made the top 10. And it can be hanging in your home on 16x20" Museum Wrap Canvas for just $89 ($8.95 P&H).

Earth Infinity On Canvas
"Earth Infinity"
Just - $89 ($8.95 P&H)
It's Earth Infinity. Take a minute and look at this picture. Relax, close your eyes and look again. There's a depth and a feeling of infinity filled with rich shades of brown and golden-brown. All in all it's not dramatic. But it has a feeling of continuity and completeness. This one really does grow on you over time. It will make a great addition to your office or a room where you tend to do heavy thinking. Get it on16x20" Museum Wrap Canvas for just $89 ($8.95 P&H).

Galactic Mouth On Canvas
"Galactic Mouth"
Just - $89 ($8.95 P&H)
Galactic Mouth is certainly an odd name. But it's the mouth leading into the galaxy of the future. It's a rich super dark midnight blue leading into the red entrance to the galaxy. Then into the depths you can see the never-ending depths of the galaxy within. It does seem to go forever, as does space and time itself. Get it on 16x20" Museum Wrap Canvas for just $89 ($8.95 P&H).
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