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Get your MP3 tracks ID tagged, labeled and organized in bulk.

By Sol Harari

Duplicated Artist Names in your Music Library

It's anarchy.

Check your MP3 library. Whether you use iTunes, Windows Media Player or an app on your smartphone, look through your artist names.

There's a good chance you'll find duplicate artist entries, like I did. And it's annoying. All it takes is a tiny variation to create a separate Artist entry.

"Beatles", "The Beatles" and "Beatles, The" might mean the same thing to you.
Not to your PC. Not to your smartphone.

DAK's Batch ID Tagger: Get Organized Faster

Outsmart your smartphone by editing your MP3 files in bulk. Fill out the info once and apply the new artist info to every song in the album.

A neat, tidy, and correctly tagged music library is just a few clicks away.
Oh, and now you can even add Album Art automatically.

AutoGrab: Add Album Art to All Your MP3 Tracks

You'll love this one.
With its AutoGrab feature, DAK's Batch ID Tagger will automatically search a music database to find and add the right cover art for your album.

It's the easiest thing to do. Enter the Artist and Album name, click AutoGrab, and that's all it takes.

Finally, you have the ability to fully tag your tracks with title, artist, album art, track number and more.

Because your spelling needs to be consistent for digital music libraries to properly organize your tracks.

Save hours of work by using DAK's Batch ID Tagger to label your tracks, leaving you with more time to enjoy your music.

DAK's Batch ID Tagger
The Easiest Way to Edit Your Tags

Instant Download
Just $14.95

Check Here if you'd like a disc with this program sent to you. Adds $6 plus $3 to ship (total $9 added). You don't actually need it but just in case you prefer the hard copy- here it is.

-Dion and the Belmonts is not the same artist as Dion & the Belmonts, as far as your computer and your smartphone are concerned.
Use DAK's Batch ID Tagger apply a single spelling to all of the artist's tracks.

Three easy steps:
1. Load up the mp3 tracks you wanna tag.
2. Fill out the info, AutoGrab the album art.
3. Apply the tags to all the loaded tracks.

-DAK's Batch ID Tagger is the fastest and easiest way to add the right album art to all your tracks!

-Say goodbye to multiple entries of the same artist, and hello to organized, sorted music.

-Enhance your musical experience by adding cover art to all of your songs.

-Backed by our 100% Statisfaction Guarantee. Risk free 5 day trial period.

DAK's Batch ID Tagger

Our fastest and easiest tool to edit your MP3 and WMA ID tags.
Manually adding cover art is a thing of the past. Use the brand new 'AutoGrab' feature to save even more time tagging your MP3 files.

Instant Download
Just $14.95 - ($0 P&H)
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Check Here if you'd like a disc with this program sent to you. Adds $6 plus $3 to ship (total $9 added). You don't actually need it but just in case you prefer the hard copy- here it is.
5-Day 100% Refund - Free Trial.
If you don't love it you don't keep it.
Just email and say Refund within 5 days.

Minimum System Requirements
CPU 1 Ghz Pentium 2, 3, 4 Plus Duos, Quads Intel i3, i5, i7 & AMD Equivalents
Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and even XP!
512 MB RAM

Sorry No MACs



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