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The BIG and BOLD Keyboard: Rest Your Tired Eyes
By Sol Harari

It doesn't matter how well you know your keyboard. Unless you're an advanced typist, you'll often glance down at your keyboard and double check you're hitting the right keys.

Or, if you're like me, you spend more time staring at the keyboard than you do at the computer screen while you type.

Since you're relying on your vision to properly use your keyboard, why don't we make it as easy as possible to see the letters without the eye strain?

Every other keyboard I've seen uses thin, faint and narrow letters that I can barely see.

Maybe they're trying to be artsy, stylish or post modern, but whatever it is, I'm not looking for a keyboard that makes a fashion statement, because I don't live in the Museum of Modern Art.

I just wanted a keyboard that makes it easier for me to type, and helps me type faster. That's why I started using the Big and Bold Keyboard.

The big, bold, black lettering that contrast sharply against bright yellow keys will dramatically improve your typing experience.

No more staring at the keyboard to make sure I type the correct letter.
It may not be an artistic masterpiece, but it's much more functional and comfortable to use than any other keyboard I've tried.

The USB cable connection gives you full Windows compatibility, even for Windows 10.

5 foot long cable is perfect for most desktop setups.

There’s not much else to say about a keyboard, but if you want to take it easy on your eyes and improve your typing experience, get yourself the BIG and BOLD keyboard.

The BIG And BOLD Keyboard

You shouldn't have to strain your eyes just to read the letters on your keyboard.

Type faster and more accurately thanks to the contrast of yellow keys and bigger, bolder letters.

It's time to give your eyes a well deserved rest. Start using our Bigger Bolder Keyboard today.

Just $19.95 (6.95 Shipping)
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Not for MAC Computers
Windows Only

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Warranty Info:

The Big and Bold Keyboard is warrantied for 1 full year against manufacturing defects.

If it's our fault, we'll fix it. This excludes any damage from improper use.

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