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New Stereophone Technology.
Sorry, Sold Out

Slip on these unique Open Air Style but closed bass enhancing 20-22,000Hz stereophones and enter 10th row center audio paradise like never before. Using rare-earth Neodymium Magnets you'll thrill to detailed transparent highs and rich, deep, resonate distinctive bass. Plus I've added an adapter so you can plug them into your computer without loosing its speakers.
By Sol Harari
Slip them on. These just may be the best 20-22,000Hz headphones you've ever plugged into your stereo system, CD player or mp3 player.
And they easily outperform most home stereo speaker systems. Even with subwoofers.
Plus with their super-comfortable padded ear surrounds and fully adjustable design, they are a joy to wear. And you sure won't get numb ears wearing these audio wonders even after several hours of use.
But they are now needed for your computer too. Today we are using our computers for music. And frankly, most computer speakers are, well awful.
And I have yet to have heard even good amplified stereo speaker systems that sounds even remotely like my floor standing 3-way towers with 15" subwoofers backed by hundreds of watts in my stereo system. So great quality stereophones are now virtually a computer requirement.
Actually your computer's sound quality is nothing short of fabulous. So, hear what you’ve been missing with these all new stereophones.
Oh, and if you're copying your LPs and Cassettes to CD, and especially if you're using the DAK Recording Equalizer, don’t wait till you burn a CD to hear how great, or not great your settings are. Hear it for REAL as you record and as you digitally adjust the sound.

People say you get headphones for privacy and so that you don't bother others. Well that's really less than 1/2 the story.
First, there are very few home stereo speaker systems that can come anywhere near reproducing the quality of good quality headphones (let alone these 20-22,000Hz with 115db S.P.L. at 1kHz +/-3db).
So you get stereophones because the sound BETTER than your stereo speaker systems and your car speaker system. That's why I wear headphones.
And frankly the privacy that's meant is your privacy. With enclosed headphones like these, you can enjoy your music without YOU being disturbed by others.
Now you really can enter audio paradise and escape into your music. With perfect sound staging and the broadest frequency response you'll really let your music transport you to total enjoyment and relaxation.

Plug in the INCLUDED headphone/computer speaker adapter ONE TIME ONLY and then just listen to either or both your computer speakers and/or these new headphones.
The adapter his here on the site for $6.95 ($2 P&H) But, I've added it to and included it with the headphones for free. Enjoy.
If you record LPs and Cassettes to CDs and especially if you're using the Recording Equalizer, your computer speakers really don't do your music justice.

Padded ear surrounds and a fully adjustable headband make these stereophones a joy to wear all day. And a with 20hz-22,000hz frequency response, you'll escape to audio paradise every time you slip them on. Super comfort and great sounds for your stereo and now your computer makes these a must have

Open air stereophones usually sit on your ear which can get old after awhile. These open air/close stereophones give you all the advantages of open air, but they don't' rest on your ears, and they enhance the bass with acoustic cups that let air in but help keep bass in too.
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Why wait till you burn your CDs to hear what your astonishing sonic improvements really do sound like. Digital music is awesome. Now you can hear it right on your computer. You don't need floor-standing speakers with subwoofers and hundreds of watts of power.
Just plug in the new Digital Ear Escape 7s and you'll thrill the super detailed, airy highs and rich, distinct tight bass like never before. You've got to hear the sound yourself to appreciated just how much you've been missing.
I'm not exaggerating. Chances are your computer speakers don't go much below 100hz or above
12-14Khz +/- 3db. This really is awful. But it's the reality of most computer speakers. The difference you'll instantly hear will be nothing short of astounding.

The design really is unique. And I don't mean visually unique. The dynamic 'you are there live' sound will blow you away.
You see, most of the latest really good headphones use a sensitive Mylar diaphragm that really does deliver astonishingly clean, detailed highs.
This design really does do justice to the capabilities of digital sound. But it can be lacking in the bass and particularly the deep bass that I think gives music its heart and soul.
I really do think that it's the deep rich bottom that's so soothing and comforting.
Well these headphones do indeed use a super thin Mylar plate, but they also use a semi enclosed padded environment that seems to make the dynamic, detailed, rich, but not sloppy bass envelop you.
They look like they are closed but the mesh allows air in, but forms an acoustical closure for great bass. There's just no matching the results. So you get the best of the open-air design with the rich bass that comes from an enclosed design.
And talk about tight flawless controlled reproduction. The magnets are made from Neodymium.
OK, all headphones use magnets. No big deal. But till now, the best headphones have used Samarium Cobalt.
Now by using Neodymium Magnets there's a new level of detail. What's Neodymium?
It's a bright, silvery rare-earth metal element, found in mostly in monazite and used for doping some glass lasers. The atomic number is 60 and the atomic weight is144.24. These headphones sound great.
They are super-comfortable. They have an extra long 9-foot cord. They come with BOTH a gold plated 3.5mm jack that fits most modern stereos, portables and yes computers.
They also come with a 1/4 Jack for all pro audio applications. And remember I've added the $6.95 dual use computer adapter cable so you can keep your computer speakers and headphones plugged in. They are backed by a standard limited manufacturers warranty.

Getting 20hz to 22,000hz with great detail and clarity isn't easy. Here's the exploded view of what goes into each of the ear cups to deliver the great sound. Click on pictures to see the detail part by part.

The center two gold plated jacks let you plug into virtually all stereo systems and portables. You get both the 3.5mm (1/8") and the 1/4" jacks. PLUS, you get the $6.95 adapter cable that let's you plug BOTH your computer speakers and the headphones in at the same time.

It's easy. Plug in the adapter 1 time into the green speaker/headphone out jack on your computer. Then plug both your computer speakers and your new great sounding stereophones into the adapter's two jacks. Now you'll hear the true fabulous potential of your computer audio. You will be amazed at how good it is. NO more waiting till you burn a CD to hear the great digital sounds.
Digital Ear Escape 7
Just $34.90 - ($6.95 P&H)
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Slip them on. Start your music. Audio paradise really is yours. From your stereo. From your portables. And from your computer, you'll thrill to newfound stereo drama like never before.
Stereophones really are my favorite way to listen to my music because they really do put me 10th row center for the best sound and the best stereo imaging.

Try these new 20-22,000Hz padded adjustable sound wonders over your own ears. If you don’t think your music sounds better than it ever has before, just return them in their original box within the 30-day trial period for a courteous merchandise refund.
To order your Digital Ear Escape 7s with unique padded open-air/acoustically closed design, super comfortable padded ear cups and fully adjustable headband, with 9-foot extra long cable, plus both 3.5mm and 1/4" jacks plus my included computer adapter risk free with your credit card for just $34.90 ($6.95 P&H), click the Buy Button Below. Order No. 2080. CA Res add tax.
It's the digital thrill of flawless digital reproduction you'll get from now on with all the music you play through these remarkable new headphones. You will escape into your own audio paradise every time you slip them on. It really is all about your music. This is one time you sure won't be disappointed.

Digital Ear Escape 7
Just $34.90 - Order No. 2080 - ($6.95 P&H)
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Drew's Quick Take Review

At a Glance:
These new stereophones represent a breakthrough in combining the design of both open-air and closed bass enhanced 20-22,000hz stereo sound.

•super comfortable padded ear cups
•20-22,000hz flawless sound
•really great bass response

•no on cable volume control.

Quick Conclusion: Or Why This Product
I thought I'd hear them all. These new design headphones really deliver the best of both open-air and closed pro headphones. They really do sound great. And they will blow you away when you plug them into your computer using the dual use adapter I've included. Your computer really is becoming your best possible stereo sound system.

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