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Play 78s On Your 45 RPM Turntable

Drew's 78 RPM Tutorial
Play 78s
On Your 45 RPM Turntable

It's easy It's Fast. And here's all you need to know.

Play 78 RPM Records On Your 45 RPM Turntable
Like Magic.
If you're like me, you have a bunch of 78s that are just sitting around. And your really good turntable doesn't play 78s. So, until now, you've no way to copy them to CDs let alone listen to them at all.

Now you can. DAK's all new 78 Automatic Converter lets you copy your 78s to your computer and then with a single click, listen to them again. It's great. It's easy and yes, you can easily restore them and burn them to CDs too.

Here it is step by step.
OK, here's all you do. Get out your 78 RPM records. And put one on your turntable.

Select 45 RPM and your set.

Click the Record Button on the Wave Editor/Recorder and then put the needle in the groove.

Just choose 45 RPM on your turntable and your 78s will soon be flawlessly copied to your computer and on CDs for you to enjoy from now on.
After you've played one side of the 78, Click Stop, name and save the file.

OK, now the fun begins.

1. Click The Effects Menu
2. Choose Speed Decode
3. Click 78 RPM Converter.

And like magic, the 78 RPM record that you played at 45 RPM will be converted to the correct speed. Click Play and you'll see how GREAT it sounds.

Oh, and don't worry, when you play the 78s they will sound very slow. That's because they are being played at 45 RPM, not 78. They will sound perfect after the conversion is finished. Just wait till you hear your 78s again on your own system.

78 RPM Perfection. They Never Sounded This Good, Even They Were New.
Clicks, Scratches & Surface Noise Are Gone.

Just Load your converted 78 tracks into the DAK Click, Pop, Scratch & Hiss Filter and choose the Options Menu.

Here's The Options Control Center Menu.

So, how good are your 78s? How good will they sound? Well they will sound really good.

Virtually all the scratches your 78s may have had can be eliminated with the Click & Pop filter that's included with our LPs to CDs systems. And it does a really terrific sound.

Just Check The Two Top Boxes, Minimize Big Clicks & Minimize Small Pops and your 78s will be virtually, Scratch, Pop and click Free.

Then Check The Box Marked Minimize Hiss. If the records have what's called crackle, you can virtually remove it with the Minimize Hiss Selection. In short, you should be able to get the best possible recordings and from the results I've had on about 35 of my 78s that I've converted so far. I You are going to be thrilled.

Why do I think the sound is even better then when the 78s were new? Well, when you remove the clicks and scratches, you really do virtually your 78s to their pristine new condition without hurting the musical sound.

But 78s always had surface noise. Now they won't.
When you engage the hiss filter the crackle and surface noise goes away without hurting the sound. That's why I think you'll like them even better then you did in the 40s or earlier when they were new.

What about your Cartridge and Stylus? In a perfect world, a 78 record should be played with a spherical needle that's somewhat wider than the Elliptical Styluses that we use today. But, I've tested the two side by side and really haven't been able to determine any difference. I guess that conventional wisdom would say that if you have 100s of 78s, you might want to get a different cartridge, but if it's any less I don't think you'll notice any difference at all.

The playing at 45 RPM is really good. In fact, I've found 0 loss of quality in any of my tests between playing at 78 and 45. It really is amazing.

You will finally be able to listen to and copy to CDs all your 78s without investing in the space or expense of a 78 RPM turntable that's not very good for playing 45s and LPs anyway.

Enjoy your 78s and Enjoy them as you copy them to CDs.

Now all the great music from:

Glen Miller,
Tennessee Ernie Ford,
Bing Crosby
Nat King Cole
and so many more,

won't be lost to you and future generations of music lovers. Our new 78 RPM Converter is a real musical breakthrough.

. . .Drew

This 78 RPM Tutorial is very short because it's so incredibly easy to convert your 78s. Just click the 78 RPM Convert Button. But you won't be short on great music once you start listening to your 78s again after you copy them to your computer and CDs. It's amazing just how great the music was in the early part of the 20th century.

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