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A Thousand Words
It's true. A picture really can be worth a thousand words. And it's especially true with technology. As you look below, I hope that you'll see the parts, angles and buttons clearly so that you'll have a 100% clear understanding of just what The 2030 No Cables No Compromises Wireless Microphones can do for you. Products don't get reviewed unless I think they're good. I hope my pictures help you determine if you agree or not. . . Drew
Pick it up. Switch it on. It feels great. It's nice to have real mass with a handheld Mic. Just put it up to your mouth and sing or talk. Your audience will appreciate the clear, crisp static free sound. You'll be totally free to move around from now on.

Just clip it to your tie, or your lapel. The lavalier Mic is so small and light that you'll never know you have it on. It also comes with a small windscreen you can put on it too. Just run the wire inside your shirt and put the body pack in your waistband or pocket. Talk to a small group or a large audience totally hands-free from now on.

Just slip it behind your head or over your head and you can dance, sing or do calisthenics while the Mic stays perfectly placed right in front of your mouth. It's really comfortable to wear and the sound is flawless

It's so small and light that you'll never know you have it on. Just run the wire inside your shirt and put the body pack in your waistband or pocket. Talk to a small group or a large audience totally hands-free from now on.

Here's the body pack for the Lavalier lapel Mic. It really does fit in just a regular shirt pocket or put it on your belt or back pocket like the pros. Just turn it on and everyone will hear you. You can talk or sing as you move totally hands free. It sounds great and the freedom is just terrific.

Here's the receiver base. The AC adapter is included. Plug it into any Mic in on your stereo, Karaoke, PA system or tape deck. That's it. You're ready to go. It's the most hassle free wireless system you can use. And with its 170-216MHz transmission it's virtually noise and static free. You'll just love using it.

What do you do when you're outside or walking around with a camcorder? Now you can be wireless on both sides. Our other No Cable No Compromise systems include an AC powered receiver with a range up to 500 feet. This system uses the same frequencies and has the same frequency response. But, it is totally portable. It operates on one 9V battery for up to 8-10 hours and has a range of up to 250 feet. You get a standard 1/8" (3.5mm) cable that plugs right into the Mic jack of your camcorder. Now you can have perfect sound using either the Hand Held or Lapel Mic (or even the HeadMic below) as you and the subject you are videoing wander around up to 250 feet apart.

Just plug in the cable between the receiver and the camcorder and you're set to go. There's even a headphone jack so you can monitor the sound on the receiver if you'd like to. There's really nothing to set and because it's VHF, it won't drift. You'll have really great sound with no hassle when you record with your camcorder from now on.

A Quick NOTE About My Pictures.
Some of the pictures aren't as sharp as I'd put in the print catalog. You see I have to cut back their files sizes or this page would never load (especially if you're on a dial up modem).
The technical side is that I'm shooting JPEGS at 80-100 percent quality and I cut them back to 50-60% and pretty much limit them to 600 pixels in width or less so that they'll fit on your monitor and load reasonably fast. In short, each picture is about 450,000 bytes when I shoot it and 20-40,000 bytes here on the page. A picture for the catalog is about 6,000,000 bytes.
I've created this page using separate tables for each picture so that you don't have to wait for everything to load in order to start looking. The picture captions will display first and then the pictures (usually starting at the top, but not always due to the way your computer interprets the web).
BUT HERE'S THE BOTTOM LINE. I don't feel you can really know about a product unless the pictures are big and clear enough for you to really see (almost touch). Then you'll know what you're getting. So in my print catalogs the pictures can be sharper, but on the web I can show you a lot more angles, sides and parts of each product. I hope this helps. If I ever forget to show you some part of the product that you want to see, Email me at and I'll do my best to add it to the page quickly.

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