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How Much Do You Know?
It's a fact. The more you know about technology, the more you can harness it to help you catapult your professional life to new highs and to dramatically enhance enjoyment in your personal life. Why not take a few minutes and test your electronics knowledge quotient to see just how much you really know? It'll be great fun and great learning. So, let's get started.
Fun Quizzes To Test Yourself
Test Your Electronics Quotient
By Sol Harari
Hey, if you're like me, you love to put yourself to the test. Well now you can challenge yourself with: Audio Quizzes, Computer Quizzes, How Does That Work Quizzes, Can You Really Do That Quizzes? and more.
I've even included Rollover Hints you can use to help you. But that might be cheating. :)
These self-scoring Digital Camera Quizzes and MP3 Quizzes let you anonymously test yourself as you go. Now you'll see what you really know, and if you really earned that fancy degree or not.
I find these quizzes humbling, but you might do much better than I did.
Of course, since I write the quizzes I really do see how much I didn't know in the first place or remember 30 years later.
So, I guess I'm putting my UCLA education and my 30 years in electronics right up against you. Good Luck. :)
Each quiz consists of 10 questions. Each question is worth 10 points. So, I expect you'll see lots of 100% scores appearing on your monitor as you work/play your way through all my quizzes.
So are you up to the challenge? Are you knowledgeable enough? Can you beat my quizzes? Do you know how to use MP3 Files, or Where the best place to put a subwoofer really is? Let's have a blast and find out what you know.
Important information
OK, I admit it. I was a geek growing up. I read electronics manuals, dictionaries and encyclopedias for fun (Britannica).
Anyway, fun really can be interspersed with learning. That's when I think fun is best. So, look at what you get.
1) Learn as you go. For every question, after you answer it, you'll see the full question and the answer on the page. Why? So, you'll have a visual memory of the question and the answer together. Multi-modal leaning is best.
2) What if you don't know an answer? Easy, Click the Answer Button and you'll see the full question and correct answer on your screen. Then you'll know the answer for next time and for use in your daily life.
Remember harnessing technology is our Goal.
3) Rollover Hints. OK, yes it's fun, and maybe I've been playfully accusing you of cheating. But, if you really don't know an answer, take the hint. It's better than clicking the wrong button. You don't want to reinforce incorrect answers.
4) You're the winner. So, either you get a great score or you get a great score.
Well, it's like this. If you don't get the right answer to a question I tell you as soon as you click your answer.
This is good positive reinforcement. Then you can click "Try Again". This way you will get the correct answer 'eventually'. :)
So, you'll get the positive reinforcement of knowing the correct answer and seeing it displayed along with the original question right on your monitor.
And, you also get the full 10 points for getting the question correct. So, you win twice.
You only lose your points if you don't go back and answer a question correctly. And that's a good thing.
So, now you can test your electronics knowledge. Take an audio, computer, video digital camera or wireless quiz,

It's a DAKonian interactive contest. And, it's all just a single click or button press away.
So, why not take the interactive Audio quizzes, 2.4Ghz Quizzes and Digital Camera Quizzes above and put yourself to the test?
Now, go take some What Can A Digital Camera Do Quizzes, A What's A JPEG file Anyway Quiz or any of the electronics quizzes I'll add each week to put us all to the test. Have fun!!!!!!
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More Coming Soon. Check Back To See. . .

Note from Drew. . . Check the two Shakespeare quizzes. They're from my Free books 5000 site. Do you know your literature? It's really FUN.

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