DAK Recording Equalizer Make It Live Demo 1
Here’s Part 1 of the Recording EQ 3 part autoplay demo.
Important Note To Dialup Viewers: This demo will only play if you download it. Here are the 3 parts so you can enjoy the demo too. Just click stop below and then click to download these files. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.
This demo shows you the dramatic difference you can make by simply sliding a few of the sliders you see above. It’s easy. There’s really nothing to know. Just slide up the sliders till the music sounds really dramatic and alive.

It’s a really day and night difference that you’ll hear. It’s not subtle. It’s dramatic. Of course you can’t hear much of the improvement in this on-line demo because it’s limited to just about 8,000hz or it would take all day for it to download so you could see and hear it. Anyway please enjoy, and if you’d like to download it so you can watch the demos on your desktop, just click on Part 1, Part 2 and part 3.

Great Music from the Limeliters. Alex Hassilev is the founding member and a good friend of mine. I’m a Limeliters Groupie and have been for years. Being a cellist, I was raised on fine music. And the Limeliters have always brought true musicality to folk music. They are the best.
Check out some of their records and CDs at www.Limeliters.com You’ll be glad you did. The song I used on this demo is the very patriotic, The Power And The Glory from their CD Harmony.

Enjoy . . .Drew
This Video is new. Please take a minute and tell me what you think Is it good? Is it bad? Does it help you understand how to use the equalizer and what it can do for you? Any comments at all are greatly appreciated. Please CLICK Here to tell Drew (me) PERSONALLY what you think.

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