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Don't get rid of your home stereo system, upgrade it!
Add wireless Bluetooth technology to your classic hi fi stereo system with DAK's Bluetooth Upgrade adapter.
By Sol Harari

Drew's stereo system may be prehistoric, but it really puts out great sound. Yet, for all the effort he put into converting his LP's to MP3's, tagging the artist, album and album art and then loading the files all to his iPhone, it's a shame not to be taking the final step and stream all his audio wirelessly, directly from his iPhone to his home stereo, using Bluetooth. Now with the Bluetooth Upgrade For Home Stereo Receivers, he can do just that!

It's no wonder that wireless Bluetooth technology has now become a standard feature in so many audio and electronic devices today. Everyone wants the freedom to flawlessly stream their music wirelessly.

And why shouldn't we? The technology is there to make our music more conveniently accessible.

But let's face it. Some mighty fine home stereo systems were manufactured before Bluetooth took the world by storm. Replacing them requires time to shop around for the right system to suit your needs, energy to set it up, and money to pay for it all. And, to be frank, most Bluetooth speakers (and probably all of the affordable ones) on the market today don't hold a match to the stereo systems that we already own. If you're like me, you don't see the logic in getting rid of an excellent sounding system in favor of an inferior stereo system that happens to have a Bluetooth feature.

Why junk a well built, fully functional and classic stereo system?

Still, my Samsung Galaxy S4 android smartphone is fully loaded with all of my favorite tunes. But keeping it plugged in to my stereo receiver whenever I want to listen to my playlist takes a lot of the fun out of it. I can't use my phone unless I sit wthin a few feet of my stereo. There's got to be a better way...
And the Bluetooth technology is really solid, really easy to use, and really high quality. So we're missing out big time if we aren't able to take advantage of the standard Bluetooth feature that comes with virtually every smartphone, tablet and laptop. Especially if we've been using them to build up our sizable digital music library!

Finally, The Overdue Solution.
Turn Your Home Stereo Receiver Into A Bluetooth Powerhouse.

DAK's Bluetooth Upgrade for Home Stereo Receivers gives you the ability to wirelessly stream CD quality Bluetooth stereo audio to your current home stereo system. It doesn't matter how antique, archaic or ancient your stereo receiver is.
Oh, and it isn't just for home stereo receivers. If it has a line or aux input, it is 100% fully compatible with the Bluetooth Upgrade. Period. That means your headphones, PC speakers, boomboxes and anything that you hook up directly to your audio source can now be upgraded to have Bluetooth capability.

Easily move the Bluetooth Upgrade from one stereo to another stereo to your earbuds. Upgrade ALL of your systems with just one Bluetooth Upgrade.

What I love about the Bluetooth Upgrade is that it can be moved around so easily from system to system. So, if you wanted wireless Bluetooth music at home, but you also wanted Bluetooth earbuds for when you travel, you really only need one of these Bluetooth Upgrades for both uses. Just unplug it from your home stereo, and plug in your earbuds when you're on the go. It's a useful bonus- just one Bluetooth Upgrade can be used with any device that you want to upgrade.
And speaking of bonuses, that brings me to the Bluetooth Upgrade's coolest bonus feature:

Don't Have an iPhone, Android or iPad?
Don't Have A Smartphone With Bluetooth?
Don't Have A Bluetooth Ready PC or Mac?
The Bluetooth Upgrade Has Got You Covered

Not only can the Bluetooth Upgrade be used to upgrade your old home stereo receiver to stream music via a Bluetooth connection, but it can also be used to transmit Bluetooth signal from a music source that doesn't have Bluetooth capability. All with the flick of a switch.
The Bluetooth Upgrade is equipped with a Send Mode (aka Transmit Mode- it's the same thing) and a Receive Mode.

If your smartphone, or any audio source you are playing your music from, doesn’t have Bluetooth capability, the Bluetooth Upgrade can send your music directly to a Bluetooth ready receiver (or to those tinny Bluetooth speakers or a Bluetooth headset).
The important part is that you can send your music over a Bluetooth connection from any computer with a headphone output (Windows or Mac- it makes no difference), any generation iPod, any MP3 Player and any other audio source that has a line output (aka the headphone jack).

Food for Thought:
Sending your audio wirelessly via Bluetooth eliminates 60 cycle hum problems. Think about it- the 60hz hum is caused by a ground loop. Going wireless just avoids that.
Oh, and this is the best part:
You can pair 2 Bluetooth Upgrades together!
So even if you don't have ANY Bluetooth devices in your home, you can still be FULLY upgraded to enjoy your music with a wireless Bluetooth connection.

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How It Works
(and Understanding the 2 Different Modes)

Bluetooth has been so successful partly because of the secure connection it forges between two devices. This is called pairing. The downside to having such a secure connection is that you can only pair two devices at a time using Bluetooth. You can only pair with a new device if you unpair the first connection. It's not really a big deal, but it's something to be aware of.

Using the Bluetooth Upgrade is really simple. You just have to understand the difference between Send Mode (TX) and Receive Mode (RX).

Here’s the rule for Send Mode: The Bluetooth Upgrade's 3.5mm jack is like a line input. It picks up the music from the audio source's line output (like your MP3 player’s headphone jack, or even your turntable output), and it sends the signal to the other end of the Bluetooth pair.

Here's the rule for Receive Mode: The Bluetooth Upgrade's 3.5mm jack is like a line output. It receives the Bluetooth signal from your audio source (like your Bluetooth capable smartphone or iPhone, or even another Bluetooth Upgrade in Send Mode) and it outputs the music to your stereo system using its 3.5mm jack.

You can easily toggle between the two modes by flicking the switch when the power is off.

The given range for most Bluetooth devices is about 30 feet. I've found that to be true as an average range, but it does vary on how many walls and obstacles the signal needs to break through. I can walk down the warehouse aisles for about 65 feet before my signal drops out. But if I seal the Bluetooth in a metal toolbox, I can only get about 15 feet (I know that's an extreme case, but I was really curious!).

DAK's Bluetooth Upgrade has a built in rechargeable battery that should last between 8-10 hours per charge (depends on the volume you are listening at), and it takes about 2 hours to fully charge it up. Yes, the charging cable is included, but it isn't a wall charger. It plugs into a USB port to charge.

Oh, and there's an advanced Bluetooth feature that's supported by DAK's Bluetooth Upgrade. It's called aptX codec and it enhances the the quality of the Bluetooth signal even more. I'll discuss it at the end of this review with the other technical specs. But for now, just know that it's supported with our Bluetooth Upgrade.

Turn your smartphone into a full access audio remote control. Roam around your home, office, patio, plane, train or bus. Now you'll have flawless Bluetooth audio. It's actually loads of fun. I use it with my Android all the time. I just browse through my playlist, select whichever song I want, and there it is. I can also adjust the volume using my smartphone. I'm confident that you'll enjoy the Bluetooth Upgrade as much as I do.

Of course, if you're not 100% thrilled with the sound quality, the ease of use or the range, simply return the system within 30 days for a courteous merchandise refund to the credit card you used when you ordered. And with DAK's Bluetooth Upgrade, you get a full year warranty against manufacturer defects.

*Read on at the bottom of the page for some technical specs and a note about aptX codec.

DAK's Bluetooth Upgrade
For Home Stereo Receivers
(And Almost Any Audio Device)
May 2017: Now with Low Latency Technology
Don't be locked out from listening to great quality wireless Bluetooth audio. Nor should you be limited to buying audio components that only have Bluetooth capability.
The Bluetooth Upgrade will receive Bluetooth signal to ANY audio device with a line/aux/headphone input. It can also send Bluetooth signal from ANY audio source with a line/aux/headphone output.
You only need to get one Bluetooth Upgrade if your smartphone, iPod, or computer already has Bluetooth capability.
But if you don't have an audio source with Bluetooth capability, you aren't sure or you just want to get maximum flexibility and pair any two devices together, you'll need to get two Bluetooth Upgrades and pair them with each other. (Of course, there's no additional shipping charge if you order 1, 2 or 5. It's all going in the same box).

Just $69.95 $54.95 Exclusive for DAK subscribers + Free Cable Pack Bonus - ($6.90 P&H)
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If you don't love it, you don't keep it.
Just email and say Refund within 30 days
for a full cost of merchandise refund.
DAK's Bluetooth Upgrade comes with a
full one year warranty.

Not Sure You Have The Right Cables?
Get the Cable Pack Bonus
DAK's Bluetooth Upgrade uses a 3.5mm jack to connect to the component that doesn't have the Bluetooth capability. Most of us already have the rightcables lying around the house somewhere. But in case you don't, you can get this cable pack bonus just to make sure you're covered.
This Cable Pack Bonus gives you 3 different cable connectors.
1) RCA to 3.5mm female cable
2) 3.5mm to 3.5mm male-male connector (connect this with the RCA to 3.5mm female)
3) 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable
Add to your cart. Only $3.95 with your order.

Technical Specifications and a Word About aptX Codec

DAK's Bluetooth Upgrade:
-Uses Bluetooth v2.1+EDR
-Uses A2DP and AVRCP Bluetooth profile
-It supports aptX and SBC codec
-Is Class II with and average operation range of about 30 feet (10 meters)
-Uses a 270mAH rechargeable lithium ion-polymer battery
-Takes between 2 and 3 hours to charge
-The charge lasts for 9-10 hours (or 400 hours in standby mode, if nothing is connected and you just keep the power on)
-Takes a charging input voltage of 5V
-Frequency response is 20-20,000hz using standard SBC codec (which is full bandwidth), but is 10-20,000hz when using the aptX codec.

So, what is aptX codec?

The Bluetooth signal was designed to transfer information through little wireless packets at high speeds. However, as wireless transmissions go, there is a slight delay or lag time between one wireless terminal to the other. It's physics, and it's really not a big deal, unless you are trying to sync audio with video, or are trying to mix wired and wireless speakers. With standard SBC bluetooth codec, there will be a slight, but still slightly noticeable, delay between the audio track and the person talking on the screen. AptX codec significantly reduces that lagtime. Using Bluetooth to watch TV using headphones or earbuds is now feasible considering this advanced feature. There will still be a very minor lag, but I can't really notice it unless I'm concentrating to notice it. Not only is it a good solution if you want to watch TV without disturbing anybody else, if you use it with a good set of earbuds (yes, I'm thinking about the BSR earbuds with extra rich bass) it's like a personal surround sound system. You get to hear the differences between the left and right sides resulting in superb audio imaging (which is nothing more than the way your brain perceives the sounds).

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--Copyrights are the property of their respective owners--

DAK's Bluetooth Upgrade will enable any audio device to receive a Bluetooth signal: Think of it like a pocket sized, rechargeable, wireless line output.

So, if you want to wirelessly send music from your smartphone, tablet or computer (PC or Mac- no difference) to your stereo receiver, our Bluetooth Upgrade will act as the middle-man: it receives the Bluetooth signal from your smart phone, and then you connect from the Bluetooth Upgrade's line output into your stereo receiver's aux/line input.
Read on to see how the Bluetooth signal flows from a music source to an output device.

Here's my Samsung Galaxy S4 android smartphone- my audio source. I've paired it with a Bluetooth Upgrade, as you can see on the screen (The arrow is pointing to the connection).
The smartphone will now send the audio signal to the Bluetooth Upgrade. The pairing process is very similar across all devices (even though the layout may look a little different.)

The Bluetooth Upgrade receives the signal being sent out by my android smartphone.

Using the Bluetooth Upgrade's 3.5mm line output, the audio is sent into any line or aux input of your choice.

Stream wireless audio to anything that accepts a line input, like your amplifier (above image), or even your earbuds (below image).
Remember - when the Bluetooth Update is in Receive Mode, it is functioning as a line output.
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